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Room to grow

“Could I be wrong..??”

This is a question most of us fail to direct to ourselves. Most people think that they know what they know. They trust their opinions, philosophies, judgments, ways of seeing issues in life, and especially when it comes to judging and labeling other people.

But the wisest among us know that life is different at each turn, and it is a different experience for each one of us. We cannot stay rigid in our minds and expect everything to be white or black. We must be psychologically prepared to be open, to question ourselves and understand that there is much to learn.

Question yourself

By questioning yourself, you expand your awareness, you free yourself from attachment and find true psychological freedom. And this, of course, comes with success in terms of your life in general. Others see that you remain open-minded and they respect you for it more, they trust you more and they connect to you more.