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Your mental health

It requires from you full honesty

If you struggle with depression, or anxiety, or any negative pattern of thinking. If you sometimes feel unworthy, or less than another, or somehow unable to reach certain goals or dreams for yourself. Ask yourself why this is.

But seek the real answer. Don’t blame your genetics fully. Or your childhood fully. Or your surroundings fully. Human beings tend to look outwardly for answers to their issues–from their doctors, from drugs, from genetics, from other people who suffer the same issues, etc.

It requires from you full independence

And that’s what, unbeknownst to you, makes you addicted, and adds to your feelings of inadequacy. If your mind seeks answers outwardly, it becomes dependent on what’s out there. Always.

It becomes an addiction, an obsession, a source for you to seek excuses for your own lack of health. Don’t deny this. By denying it, you are making yourself worse. By denying it, you are dumbing yourself down and neglecting yourself.

It requires from you real change

By neglecting yourself, your psychological and emotional issues grow bigger. So, they grow bigger. You deny some more. You keep seeking answers on the outside.

You keep suffering with no health. And then, because of all this, the cycle continues, your DNA and your subconscious patterns never change. So, avoid yourself all that nonsense. Seek the real answers. Not out there.