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To be able to inquire into one’s thought, into one’s beliefs, into one’s philosophies, is to…




To follow ideas, philosophies, beliefs, just because you heard it somewhere, or because the scriptures say it, or because it fits your vainglorious search for entertainment and fantasy is no more and no less than being sheep and escaping your own emptiness, running away from your own capacity for awakening.

To be able to inquire into one’s thought, into one’s beliefs, into one’s philosophies, is to illuminate yourself, which is to cut the attachment and begin critical thinking into freedom to KNOW instead of just believing.


Do you believe in an entity which you must worship and put above you because scriptures say you must do so…??  Are you thinking for yourself entirely??  What is the FACT for that belief??

Do you believe The Earth is flat because it is a conspiracy theory and you like whatever goes against the establishment…??  Is there any SCIENTIFIC evidence, or just science-wannabe people writing articles out there??

A mind must be free of blind beliefs and non-factual theories or ideas, because illumination and wisdom cannot be in that same mind if there is thought based on fear and unbalanced ego.

And, needless to say, thoughts of fear are those which have no factual base, which have no deep contemplation and self-inquiry, which seek always for an escape from reality through mysticism and fantasy.

Thus, to educate yourself in the path of all prosperity in life, your mind must be pristine, healthy, confident and based on facts, reality-based thinking, such being the great mark of constant critical thinking and rationalization in man and woman.




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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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