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Who are you…??

Most people walk around using their minds so much, and for so long, every day without breaks, that they actually…

Are you your name…??  Are you your appearance in the mirror…??  Do you know who you are by the people around you, by your relation to them, by your past with them, by the education you have, by your ideas…??  So, who are you…??
And the problem is that people seek their value, their identity, themselves, in what they do, in what others say, in their constant thinking, in the ideas and traditions, the beliefs and memories of a past.  Constantly thinking thus makes one a slave of thoughts, such a mechanical thing bound to stress and anxiety, to many forms of confusion; consequently, man lives in frustration and confusion.
Most people walk around using their minds so much, and for so long, every day without breaks, that they actually believe they are what they think; so, whatever thought pops up, whatever feeling is created by their minds, they believe it is them, so they follow it, they praise it, they even receive instructions through it by God or by some “Heaven”, and thus they believe that truth is intellectual, rationalized, pondered and created by the mind.
The brain is under the powerful conditioning of its past, of society, of family, of what happened, of what was, of what other people did, of the beliefs and traditions instructed into it; thus, it is not a free mind, it cannot think clearly.

This is the greatest corruption of the world, the ignorance which creates wars, prejudice, animal killing, rape, political subterfuge, religious blindness, famine, etc. etc. 

But is this the real human identity…??  Are human beings then just a thought of confusion, hatred, jealousy, pleasure, and the rest which brings agitation to the mind…?? …  Not.  To know yourself is to go beyond this petty surface, past the glamour and darkness of thinking; and so, the wonderful trip is without effort, because it is already there, who you are, what you are, inside you.  You discover it for yourself… alone… in silence…

To bring peace and harmony to your daily thinking, to see beauty and truth in the world, to know yourself as the energy and light you could bring out into your life, you must observe yourself from within and not just look at the reflection on your mirror or hear your name being called by someone you love.  To transcend, to see past your daily thoughts and feelings, you must discover the source of energy within you, the eternal one which gives birth to your whole humanity…

So, will you take the time and discover it for yourself…??


“Know yourself to improve yourself.”  ~ Auguste Comte; French philosopher.


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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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