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Have you considered real love…??

This seeking is the form of false “love” the ego has created in you, this fake “love” is…

If you want the moon, do not hide at night.  If you want a rose, do not run from the thorns.  If you want love, do not hide from yourself. ”  ~ Rumi.


To love oneself, the elevation of oneself, the true knowledge of oneself, must be the purpose of our individual existence; because if one does not truly and absolutely love oneself, then one cannot truly love another being.  And it is not enough to say in your mind “I love myself,” but it is in the small things of our daily living where we must show ourselves love–i.e., in the way we eat, in the types of food we ingest, in the thoughts we entertain in our minds, in cleaning our place, in cooking for ourselves, in exercising, in the things we read, etc. etc.

So everything starts in this love for ourselves.  If you cannot accept and love yourself, everything and anything you do in life is superficial.  Without self-love, you are forced to fall in the trap of seeking love and happiness outside of yourself–i.e., in relationships, in situations, in jobs, in travels, in cultures, in religions, etc..  This seeking is the form of false “love” the ego has created in you, this fake “love” is attachment.


As the darkness settled I felt empty,
A void and an abyss deep within me.
The people who were lost were plenty,
A vast wilderness where I could not be.

The hidden loathing was for the many lies,
Which I told to myself every waking day.
And I would not listen to the loud cries,
Ill by the pleasures of my body’s decay.

But as I saw I became one with the light,
For before true love I knew estranged;
The darkness in me had been my sight,
The emptiness within had now Changed.



Will you learn real love in you…??



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