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What is being filled right now…

…the beauty of a red apple which perhaps is rotten and filled with worms inside…

What are you allowing yourself to be each moment you live, right now, for the next situation which arises, for this and the next thought…?? You choose how you project yourself and how you behave in each moment, do you not…?? What percentage of you is love, understanding, and moral character, would you say…??–And do you act or behave accordingly in all situations (not in the situations which you like, but in all of them)…??

Your moods, your mental stress and frustration, your indecision, your poor choices–they all are about you, about the essence you allow to fill your mind.  Of course, life challenges you, you feel pressures, you feel loneliness, neglect, the past coming back to you; however, all that you are as a human being is your own mind, so you allow yourself to be love and live or to be fear and die in your mind.  For example, I may regret my marriage, or my hurtful words to someone, or my overall poor education, or my current health status, but what defines me is really my mind right now preparing for my next step, my next choice. 
That is, what defines me is my present mind content, my present feel, my present behavior; because all this is the content that will project me and take me onto a better behavior in the next step I take or situation in which I will be.


The proportion of your being, of your humanity, of your character, is measured by what fills your mind right now, either fear or love; and so, that is why self-awareness is so important, because you must know the very content of your own mind in order to be truly free.  If you neglect to fill your own mind with love and understanding each moment and so choose to allow your outer circumstances and situations to dictate your mind’s content instead, then you will make terrible mistakes and fail over and over again–and, worse, you will be confused as to why your life is not progressing and you are suffering.

You are what your mind is at this moment, so remember that all the time:  You may lie with your words to someone, you may even tell yourself that you are fine, perhaps you smile all day and show yourself nice to the public, you may go to group meditation and follow all the nonsense they teach you there; however, this is superficial, a pitiful front, a mere facade, the beauty of a red apple which perhaps is rotten and filled with worms inside…  Don’t wait for a better situation in your life to fill your mind’s content with love and understanding; life is right now, your mind must be right now…
Every situation, every second you live is measured and dependent on what your mind contains right now, thus your life is right now.  Forget and forgive what happened a moment ago, if you do not it can only infiltrate your mind and corrupt the next moment you live.  Learn to fill your mind with a rich content of greater love for what you do and a deeper understanding of your happiness right now.  Not a moment later, not when things get better, RIGHT NOW.


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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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