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What does it mean to be human…??

What does it mean to be human…??  Science tells us that if your DNA corresponds to that of the homo-sapiens you are human, which is true; but still a little rigid.  The message is still unclear, people’s minds take this as truth; however, this is half truth, for you may only know your humanity by a deeper, individually private exploration.  The true self is more mysterious than the loud ego, and is case why most of the world only knows their humanity through their egos; therefore, the faint voice of truth can only be heard in a state of tranquility and inward attention, while the ego is loudly seducing you all your waking hours–thus leading your life and painting a false picture of what it is to be human.  Do you follow this…??

What does it mean to be human…??  The struggling and demanding voices only get louder and louder in the dark dimension of your mind, and it can enslave a human being just living there every day hoping for life to get easier or to offer a mere break from suffering and monotony.  But living in a one-dimensional, or purely egoistical, mind cannot give you fruit more than the everyday grind of what happens in our society.  This living in your mind only blinds you to the depth and richness of life–living in your mind makes everything worse because the mind is a program, it is built to work based on a set pattern which decays and gets boring and is bounded to make you angry and frustrated.

What does it mean to be human…??  To be human is to realize for yourself that your tools for a better life lie beyond mind, that is beyond the struggle and the loud voices within the dark dimension of your mind.  It is as if we are many people inside our minds–i.e., the saint, the pervert, the crazy, the genius, the happy, the depressed, the lover, the hater, etc. etc.–and we get lost in the crowd; thus, confusion and frustration set in.  But the freedom, the answers, the constant happiness, the positive moods and attitude, the true love in all–these are indeed part of your humanity as well, spiritually, but human; but not many people find these because these are not in their minds full of noise and struggle, these are found only in the silent and sacred exploration of the self.




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