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But the problem in relationships can be too much thinking. Thinking why she has changed like this. Thinking about what to do to avoid being hurt. Thinking about how to be better. How to do this and do that.

Even starting to see how others behave in their relationships in comparison to mine. Because the sole thinking and thinking brings the burden and makes loving the other person an obstacle. When relationships become this intellectual and egotistical, the purity of love vanishes.

Exploring one another

Say, for example, judging or analyzing everything the other person does. Just because we are in a relationship doesn’t mean we have to be exactly the same and have the same likes and dislikes. So, there has to be respect and that open-mindedness to explore and learn from each other.

The desire and passion for one another lies in this process of exploration. The exploration takes you to understand new things, to expand your awareness, to rid your mind from the frustration of judging him/her. So you become free. And this freedom brings you peace of mind.

And this peace of mind is what true love is. So, you see, if your mind is burdened by anything in the relationship, then you bury true love beneath all this loud and irritating ego. And that’s when the big problems and the dumb excuses begin. It’s then wiser to avoid these.

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The mistakes of life

Making mistakes

I have made great mistakes. But, throughout life, knowing these mistakes of the past, I have come to see that all of them are there for a reason. No one is perfect. Yes, these can be giant mistakes, terrible mistakes, very bad mistakes; however, they are also teachers, but to learn from them is up to us.

If we don’t learn, we keep repeating them. So, it is always wise to pay attention and not get so into grief and shame. Anxiety is not a good friend, it doesn’t let the mind truly learn from mistakes. And to create success, whatever success means to each one of us, we must be able to pay attention and learn.

Being humble

Of all those mistakes, we may feel the self-pity, the frustration, the anger with ourselves. This is something natural, healthy, and it means we have the capacity to recognize we are flawed–which makes us more human, more empathetic. But, truth is, mistakes are an important part of life; because, like I mentioned, they’re teachers.

But teachers can only teach if the student is receptive. Being receptive is being open to new ideas, suggestions, philosophies to improve ourselves and move on. Being receptive then requires our humility, to accept that we have to change and that we are flawed; and humility to accept as well that we can indeed change and get better.


Anatomy and physiology of life Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder.

What it means…

What love means to me

A flower blossoming freely.
The sky above us blue and clear.
Birds singing in a meadow.
A mind liberated from anxiety.

Love is not a romantic thought in the mind.
Love is not a desire to possess or own.
Love is what is left when there are no words.
Love is what dwells only in the pure heart.

And of love I know because I live in joy.
And of joy I know because I'm in love.
Because it is what resides deeply in me.
Because it is what love means to me.


Anatomy and physiology of life Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!


The better man.

What’s the essence of love?? ‘Empathy.’ Compassion for those around us. The better person connects through compassion, not intellect, not overthinking. Too much thinking leads to judging too much.

The person who seeks wisdom is always opening his heart to life, to people, to all creatures. Don’t let your past dictate the measure of your love in the present. That’s all we have, love and compassion; because if we don’t then we have the opposite, hate and pride.

Leading yourself.

It’s not about leading others, but about leading yourself. And we truly lead ourselves by moving on and opening our hearts. Opening our hearts to new experiences, to new people, to new habits, to new places. Being compassionate with yourself then is allowing yourself to love, so you can move on, and you can build the new, and you can be an example to others so they may lead themselves as well.


Anatomy and physiology of life Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Like swans in love.


  • Love is not about possession, because freedom is what any of us want.  Love is not about control, because what any of us seek is self-expression to be ourselves.  So love is about acceptance.  It is about choosing to see the positive in ourselves and in another.  Choose to do this whenever you feel overwhelmed by negative feelings whether from your own past or from your current situations in life.

  • Choosing this brings us joy, liberation, the capacity to feel empathy and the affection to trust ourselves and another.  My book, “I ALWAYS LOVED YOU.  Creatures of eternal love,”  goes deeper into this.  Because this is critical to get rid of feelings of loneliness, worthlessness, and so become a magnet for better things and relationships.

  • Check out my book to rise in love.



I base my life on self-development. I truly know life is much more than what our physical senses and society show us daily. Check out my revolutionary, self-help books to better your life.

Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

A Miracle Happens…


“Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”  ~ Jesus.

“Being the valley of the world, eternal virtue will never desert you, and you become like a little child anew.”  ~ Lao Tzu.




The adult loses empathy and creativity, harmony and innocence, as he grows up.  He loses the child-like mind.  Why…??

Because, sometimes unconsciously so, everything he/she thinks is allowed to be egoistical and selfish.  And The Bible’s nonsense gets into the growing mind.  And the domination of politics forms the character of the adult.

And the likes and dislikes become a part of his delusion and influence from society.  All due to knowledge, the content of the adult’s mind is polluted, his brain not working properly but obeying a new structure.

Due to the adult’s habits the chemistry of the brain is different, intelligence is overpowered by absurd intellect, no compassion exists unless it brings self-satisfaction.  And what about obsessions and fears??  They are now the whole life of the unconscious ones.

So, to go back to the child state is to choose empathy over ego, and to choose freedom over beliefs and knowledge, and to choose health over selfish desires.  When you do this, the adult brain transforms and a miracle happens.  To find out what this miracle is, whether you understand it or not, is why you are here.


Stop imaging.  Start being through better behaviors.



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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Inner traits.

The psyche is mortal, dual, material, obtuse, and in denial of itself; thus, of the two forces man contains within, one is developed stronger than the other, either that of the feminine or that of the masculine.  The mind then is its own ruler, sick or healthy; therefore, the mind creates the violent and absurd man, the warmonger, the unfaithful lover, the saint, the peaceful, the homosexual, the lesbian, the heterosexual, the libertine, the enlightened one, the wicked one, etc. etc.  But the successful and blissful life is attained once you have reached beyond this rigidity of mind–  Can you not see that yourself…??

The higher moral character, the divine traits of the innermost, the most decent and truly superior human being is embraced and it takes over when you go beyond the programming of your own mind–i.e., beyond the absurdity of the unholy and reactive mind.  This is for women and for men.  But it is specially a duty for men to awaken from slumber, because men tend to be in most cases the troglodytes who worship the knowledge of the mind and its delusional beliefs.

It is necessary, absolutely vital for any true enlightenment, to reach within and bring the divine traits of the feminine to the surface; thus, you must unite the sacred knowledge of the mind with that essence of The Divine Mother.  You will not feel whole unless this happens as an experience within you.

  Honest, creative, compassionate, empathetic, trustful, teachable and humble, patient under suffering, individual in thought–these are the traits which reside deep within each person (woman and man), and the traits you must strive to embrace and make conscious each day of your life.





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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

The prayer of Enlightenment.

If I watch somebody else’s suffering, whether a human or animal or a tree being destroyed, and I feel as One with great empathy in my heart towards that being’s suffering–that is a prayer.  If I keep a clear and truthful mind which sees through my own ego’s selfishness and frustrations–that is a prayer.  If I consider my own body and mind sacred as the temple of the true God in me, so I eat healthily and feed my mind with compassion for others and for myself–that is a prayer.  If I control my emotional reactions towards others and accept my own flaws and work on them–that is a prayer. 

This is an example of what prayer really is.  Because the ignorant people of the world believes prayer is a ritual, whether kneeling and repeating like a parrot stupid words or thinking about some saint and holding some religious object; however, this is the fantasy and ignorance of the ego, this is blasphemous and based on fear.  The real prayer is Enlightenment, it is based on love, pure love for yourself and for all beings; therefore, the real prayer begins as a thought in your mind, then it turns into your better behavior–you eat right, you take care of your mind, you love yourself in all aspects, and thus this love expands onto others (thus it blesses others).  Have you ever known real prayer then…??  Or are you still stuck in the prayer of the ignorant followers of the world…??


When you start living based on truth and see through the laziness and conditioning of your own ego, you will know true prayer; but until then you are bound to rituals, to empty words and religious views.  Perhaps you are not religious per se, but still the influence of religions in this world is so vast that you see people kneeling and chanting mantras, baptizing themselves in some holy water nonsense, humiliating themselves in front of a crucified Jesus figure, or talking to some fantastical god in the clouds, and your own mind starts believing these forms to be prayers. These may fill the people with faith and good feelings, but these are just based on fear–they do this because everybody does it, they do this because it makes them feel superior as saints and good people, there is a selfish sentiment there, “I am doing it so people see me,” “I am a good person, a good saintly person,” “Look how devout I am, I deserve blessings!”

Do you see the mindset of these man-made creations…??  These people “pray” like this, as empty, as repetitive, as mere followers of some popular trend, and then what…??  They go home and treat their own bodies (their temples) as amusement–they think negatively, they argue, they eat greedily and unhealthily, they hate each other, they support wars and prejudice amongst different peoples, etc.  Think about it carefully, answer yourself:  Is this really praying…??  Do you pray like this…??



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Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder.

Do you really know justice…??

What is justice…??  Is it the pompous and rash healing of resentment and anger…??–“an-eye-for-an-eye” type idiocy…??  Can justice become an art if we use greater empathy and less anger, if we follow truth and not society’s conditioning of what the proceedings of justice should be…??  Are you truly just in your everyday situations and relationships…??  Is justice born out of your ego or out of absolute truth (beyond any ego, revenge, or anger you may harbor within)…?? 
Society has taken sacredness and serious matters into mockery and corruption, like God, truth, love, freedom, peace, and justice; and so, this corruption has been conditioned into the weak minds of people like yourself, and now their meanings, their depth is lost and vanished for you, so you follow the news, the media, your family, your own ignorant and crooked beliefs on all of these.  Individual thinking is no more, and yet you desire to be awakened, illumined without emptying your mind from all this nonsense; and so, you expect that by reading and hearing enlightening words you will become awakened and just in these matters.  Is this your foolishness…??  Are you lying to yourself about this even now…??

“She hurt my feelings, so I must hurt hers!”  “He cheated on me, so I am free to cheat as well and hate him forever!”  “Immigrants are ‘stealing’ our jobs, so throw them out with ‘humane’ violence and break their families!”  “My heart must be hardened when treating with any sort of crime.”  “Animals are ours to eat and do whatever we want with them, they are not human beings like us so they do not deserve the same justice.”  “My family does not have the same views I have, so I am building my own life away from all of them!”  And more nonsense fill the minds of the stubborn, old fools who follow their egos and the garbage society has introduced in them since childhood. 
And this is because societies, your family, you, have built and kept all justice distanced from truth and deeper understanding, thus you use your intellect/your ego to create meaning; consequently, you lose all empathy and understanding in love, in justice, in truth, thus you are confused and lost without the enlightenment of your very conscience.  Is this the way you choose to live then…??  Nothing real in you, but everything borrowed and dead…  Whoever amongst you understands this, do not just agree with me but CHANGE!  Become better!


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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Divine fusion…

What creates dissension, wars, bullying, all aggression and neglect happening in the world today…??  What makes someone feel hate and feel threatened by someone else…??  Why is it that all mankind, but especially man, is reactive and stubborn, bellicose and unjust, towards other beings…??
The world is what it is today because of men which are filled with hatred and prejudice.  Women who follow these pitiful men are weak, but still they are not responsible for the origins of our hateful and ignorant society.  And men do not really feel connected to life, they believe themselves separated from other beings, they see what they want to see in their empty heads; and when there exists separation then fear appears.  When fear appears all sorts of problems arise in the mind–i.e., hate, envy, pride, stubborn views, and feelings of superiority.

If you actually felt the hurt of another person in yourself, would you bring that same hurt still upon him….??  If you actually felt the pain in your words within yourself, would you still tell those hurtful words to your wife, to your child….??   What if you were connected to another being in a way where you would feel the same joy or pain, happiness or misery, that being feels…??–Would you feel happy when that other being is joyful…??–Would you weep when that other being suffers…??  (Be honest with yourself, because you can lie to others but not to yourself; so do not let your ego make you feel superior in your own lies.)

If you can feel this then, not sometimes, not when you want, not with people and animals you like, but with ALL beings, then you have achieved the greatest state of empathy only Enlightenment brings.  And this means you have truly mastered yourself.  When you truly feel this, things change for you because fear does not grip you anymore; thus, politics and its nonsense becomes uninteresting to you and irrelevant to your happiness, you cease to build walls of prejudice and hatred in your own everyday life, religion is seen as the ignorance of fear, you become wise and understanding of how others think and feel…  Now, you entered a path of bliss where you connect to nature, to the simplicity of it, to the divinity of it…


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