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Feeling grateful now

When it comes to being happy is always required to remember to be grateful for what you have. Being grateful puts you in a good mood, it gives you inspiration to keep going, and it humbles you in order to find joy in the daily experience.

There was a time in my youth when I was too worried about not getting what I expected out of life. I would focus more on what I didn’t yet have, and I would then lose the precious moment. But it took me years to finally understand that enjoying life is really about feeling grateful now.


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What it means…

What love means to me

A flower blossoming freely.
The sky above us blue and clear.
Birds singing in a meadow.
A mind liberated from anxiety.

Love is not a romantic thought in the mind.
Love is not a desire to possess or own.
Love is what is left when there are no words.
Love is what dwells only in the pure heart.

And of love I know because I live in joy.
And of joy I know because I'm in love.
Because it is what resides deeply in me.
Because it is what love means to me.