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The illusion…


-A thought is meant to be explored, analyzed, studied.  Don’t just follow thoughts, beliefs, ideas, opinions.  This thought will grow on you, create your feelings, create your character, and guide your choices and behaviors.  Realize this.

-A thought appears in your awareness.  What do you do…??  Knowing that this thought is there is your first clue to analyze it, without overthinking; just feel its presence, its motive and reason.  A thought makes you, makes your experience. 

-A thought begins everything in your life.  Life is but a thought which creates a stream of thoughts in your mind.  These thoughts create the world and all your experiences.  This thought is the illusion of this existence, but you must explore its content to be a better human being.


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Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Who you are.




There is nothing but your mind.  You may see the world, feel it, experience it; but you are in your mind seeing it, and everything else you see is in it too.  If it weren’t for your mind, what could you experience, what could you feel…??

The human being you are lives in your mind.  What is in your mind is who that human beings is.  If your mind carries drama and negativity, that is who you are.  If your mind carries inspiration and positivity, that is who you are.

You are different each moment–positive one moment, not too positive the next.  Do you want to see opportunity, feel joy, experience happiness…??  Then make sure, even though you change from one moment to the next, that you are developing and keeping positivity traits and attitudes.





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Anatomy and physiology of life Poetry and prose from the heart. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Free Will and Natural Law.

If I were to ask you if you are free to choose, what would you say…??  Let me guess: You would say ‘yes.’  In fact, everybody thinks they are free to choose. don’t they…??  But the human being works out of a program, and in this program they can only see what the content of that program is; therefore, they choose with the “freedom” they see in this program–in other words, they are fenced in or caged within this program, where they see and experience only its content and so choose based on this.  This program is their “I” and their illusion of freedom.

These human creatures work under the laws of their environments (outer pressure), and under the laws of their inner states of the “I” (inner pressure).  And because of this, the mind is blinded and distanced from Natural Law, their egos build a hidden but selfish desire in them to make their choice based on temptations and the programing they carry.  The truth, free will, divine illumination, is only known and experienced when the human being works under Natural Law; for Natural Law is not the “I” or the ego, Natural Law is the law of the divine beyond the laws of man/of the ego and its polluted programing.

The true spiritual path to illumination is Natural Law, and it must be freedom.  This higher path can be walked by man if there is only the true desire for goodness in him–but the question is who answers or tells that man what is good for him….??  If an ego entity does, then it is not good, it is not true freedom, it is not the path of the divine.  Do you eat meat…??  Do you tell “small” lies sometimes…??  Do you seek revenge…??  Do you argue with people to feel superior…??  Do you seek love and happiness in your family and friends/in the world of form…??  If the answer to these questions is ‘yes’–then you are not truly free, because you are choosing what is in the content of that program, and because these choices are attachment to that program.

Can you see that your selfish ego chooses all this…??  Can you see your own cage…??  Free Will only shines in man’s conscience, in his whole being, when he recognizes this and learns to step away from his own ego; because the path to illumination is absolute truth, it is a sacred path walked only under Natural Law.


The truth can only be known by the creature only when the mind is absolutely free from the influence of impressions–i.e., inner and outer pressures.


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