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Are you stuck in life…??




Resisting to any change, to any end of relationship, to any drama, to anything at all in your life, is to bring tension into your mind.  It is to keep a mind of anxiety.  Perhaps melancholy.  Maybe self-pity.

Or oftentimes we dwell on lost opportunities and wrong choices.  It is all resisting to change.  So let it flow, because change is the new you.  The old you is gone.  Move on.  Life is ever moving.

What do you have to lose…??  Why are you so afraid??  Who are you if you remain attached to the old??  Let it come as it may


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Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Let it go.




This is something I talk about in my book and try to bring to the attention of the reader, so they may apply it in their lives.  The importance of letting go.  The importance of detachment.  How this is crucial for learning to love your life, yourself, and others; because it is all about this.

If you let things go, if you detach yourself from prejudice and complaining, you will see more clearly and feel more liberated from your burdens.  Difficult times are not here to destroy you or to make you suffer, but they are here to give you the opportunity to challenge yourself and become a better human being.

But you have to see this yourself, so you can gain patience and confidence in your daily life.  Unless you see the wisdom in this, nothing can help you through your troubles.  So, step outside of your ego, of your personal opinions and prejudice; and stop playing the victim.  Rise up and realize this.  Allow your mind to be free from unnecessary drama.

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Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!





Its is a good reminder that each person lives in his own world.  Nobody, absolutely nobody, is the same.  Not even your sister, mother, friend, lover, husband.  You need to realize that people go through the roller coaster of emotions like you do.

Some are more conscious and awakened than others.  Some are more simple-minded and stubborn.  Different levels of awareness, consciousness.  So, in order to get along with everybody you meet and not lose yourself, you must stay with yourself.

Realize that your experience is not the same as another, even if you live in the same household. An experience is about your thoughts and feelings, not your environment; so we all have different experiences.

And childhoods are relevant in this as well.  Our past made the way we are.  Accept people for who they choose to be, and if you must then move on; but stay with yourself, do not get absorbed by another person’s drama.




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Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Who you are.




There is nothing but your mind.  You may see the world, feel it, experience it; but you are in your mind seeing it, and everything else you see is in it too.  If it weren’t for your mind, what could you experience, what could you feel…??

The human being you are lives in your mind.  What is in your mind is who that human beings is.  If your mind carries drama and negativity, that is who you are.  If your mind carries inspiration and positivity, that is who you are.

You are different each moment–positive one moment, not too positive the next.  Do you want to see opportunity, feel joy, experience happiness…??  Then make sure, even though you change from one moment to the next, that you are developing and keeping positivity traits and attitudes.





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People’s aggression.

Suffering brings certain reactions in the individual, either suffering due to our own ignorant choices or some subconscious conditioning programming our deep personas, and these reactions manifest violence most of the time, explosive, irrational, and prejudiced, because these are reactions based on fear.

Watch your thoughts and emotions when dealing with irrational people; because it is about your mental peace, so either observe their lunacy or just walk away…    “Weak people, revenge.  Strong people, forgive.  Intelligent people ignore.”  ~ Albert Einstein.

Fear comes along and the mind alters itself by the dark presence of it, and so this mind distances itself from clarity, harmony, love, deeper understanding; consequently, this mind, overwhelmed by fear, seeks security, it says, “Before somebody else hurts me or judges me in any way, I’ll do it first to them.”

Obviously, this mind is absurd and ignorant, without any rationale, it can only see the image of fear and suffering it has built; and so, it overtakes the whole being, which brings tension to the body, sicknesses, and patters of fog in the higher thinking process.
This mind, this individual is lost, and it is of great value to try and understand the psychology in his reaction; not put up with it, but not fall victim of his manipulation and violent reactions either.  Oftentimes it is better to walk away to keep our own peace of mind.
Fear has a way to overwhelm the mind of a person, just like fog overwhelms the pure air of a fresh evening near a beautiful  lake.  And this fear hides behind pride and heated, violent patterns of thoughts, crooked views which change the whole structure of the human being, at a point where the same fear, the same irrational and explosive persona takes hold and guides the person’s interactions.  But for your own sake and growth you must put it out of your mind, forgive and forget, move on, choose to not let it affect you.  Change your thoughts, work on something else, drive yourself to an inspirational, more productive task instead of dwelling on frustrating or angry thoughts towards what happened in the past.  Ask yourself:  Who is in control here…??  And what kinds of thoughts will help me move on…??

It is certainly enlightening to see the truth of it and understand the mind in this process, because in our daily lives we might be interacting with these persons; so, to avoid to get sucked into their dramas, and often perhaps to help them see this, is a great trait to master and practice to better walk the path of our lives.
“Don’t Take Anything Personally.  Nothing others do is because of you.  What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream.  When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.”  ~ Don Miguel Ruiz; Mexican author of Toltec spiritualist and neoshamanistic texts.


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Anatomy and physiology of life

Spirit of the scenario.

“Drama is life with the dull bits cut out.”  ~ Alfred Hitchcock.

‘Drama’ is indeed derived from the Greek word for ‘Action.’  Drama in your story must be like your life, without the boring parts–for example, you are waiting for the bus, which is boring and has no point of tension, so in your work that part must be taken away and not showed at all, unless something of drama extremely conducive to the story is added.  Then, of course, the essence of drama is crisis; however, there is two kinds of crisis, “the hero crisis,” and “the natural crisis.”  The hero crisis is, for example, in “Mission Impossible” or “Batman,” where the hero has great abilities, sometimes fantastical and superhuman, something that you do not experience every day in your own life. The natural crisis, for example, in “Office space” or “Manchester by the sea,” where the main character or characters have really normal lives like you and me, but something happens in their normal lives which turns into drama and tension, maybe a bit of chaos and lessons from the story’s character development the audience can learn from.
So, when you are involved in your writing or somehow creative endeavor, remember that drama must keep some kind of tension to grab the audience’s attention, and this at all times; whether little tension or beastly tension, and whether a roller coaster of tension, drama is all tension, the action which absorbs the attention of the viewer or reader.  And I repeat the word ‘tension’ because this is a MUST DO in any creative endeavor.  Also, remember that you can pick between the two crisis to make tension fit in your story and genre; this reasonable and wise choice will make your story stand out and create reality, even if it is a fantastical story–i.e., reality is about how well the details and the carrying out of the story is evoked in the mind of the viewer.
A great formula for explosive drama is this one:  When it comes to the situations or the plot of the story surrounding the protagonist–  As the protagonist in your story, for example, becomes less active and more passive, less certain of his inner strength and positive purposes, so it is the ambitions, the behaviors, the wickedness and intentions of those who surround him who now have another characterization in your story.  The common compromise here is when the protagonist appears undecided and emotionally deterred for the first three quarters of the piece or art, but then that same protagonist is forced into a definitive commitment in the final quart, a positive action.  The protagonist goes through all this hardships and struggles within himself so he can learn strength and wisdom to conclude in a positive note–for example, one of my favorites, as in Rocky, where he is a nobody and really feels like a nobody, but at the end gets inner strength and great love to finalize as a champion off the hard streets.
But more complex and hard to understand for the ‘Unsophisticated audience’ is the drama where the completely passive, undecided and purposeless protagonist does not have any major change of heart.  There is always danger of this kind of story not being too popular for the masses; but, on the other hand, there is a depth here that the avant-garde types or more ‘Sophisticated audience’ will admire as true artistic innovation, mostly because it manages to avoid the obvious and delves into the deeper, emotional issues of the human being, as in “The mirror” (1975 Russian film) or “The seventh seal” (1957 film)–i.e., these films, are more philosophical in nature and try to delve into the experience of being human, the beliefs, the judgments, the essence of the mental and emotional conflict these movies, as well as books since it is about all stories in any art form, invite a lot of questions; they do not sermonize nor belittle any specific demographic but instead, it just state different opinions and let’s the audience discuss its deeper meaning and the meaning they will take away for themselves.
So whatever is your drama type, always remember tension and adapt the action to your story.

Drama is a word derived from the Greek word for 'Action._Whatever the plot or the genre is the tension must be continuous.

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Anatomy and physiology of life

Light of the story.

“I think the best stories always end up being about the people rather than the event, which is to say character-driven.”  ~ Stephen King, American author.


As you start to plan a story in your mind, a powerful desire to create rich plot and characters is born, something which can get your interest and burn passionately inside you, to thus motivate you to do your best all the way through the story, from start to finish but to enjoy the creative journey.  A very wise and professional way to do this and be successful at any form of storytelling, indeed emotionally connected, is to mentally personify key elements in that story, to pour and spread yourself in that story; therefore, the most important aspects of that story will be enriched if you write about things and experiences from your own life, and if each character, or at least the main character, has some features belonging to your persona, in order to make the story emotionally rich and real to the reader or audience.  Because there is no more emotion and reality you can talk about than the ones in your own persona and experience.

If you wish to create a character that is really different from you and that has no qualities which can be found in yourself, this is fine also if you have some experience watching people and understanding the psychology of others so you can make this new character pop up in your story; however, your main character (protagonist) will make or break your story, no matter how good the plot is and how much fantasy or action there is, so you will have to extend yourself into this particular character, embody this character in the flesh, know how he thinks and feels, his beliefs and his intentions (you must do this with all characters in your story, but most importantly with your main one).  This is the key to your story’s success, so do not ignore it.




In the world of film-making, screenwriting mostly (the story’s true creator), it has been stated that invention is often memory in disguise.  And this means that true emotion and connection shall emerge from something you know by heart, perhaps some hint of a experience you had or some trait you have gained from your past.  See, the writer must perform in his mind, be God and be everywhere, rapidly shifting points of view that look at different characters at different moments.  The point here is to create something rich which can really move you and build a passion in you, and at the same time create something which can also move the audience and connect them to you through your work; but, obviously, if you are not successful in this process, it does not matter the wonderful scenarios depicted in your work, your art will suffer and people won’t connect to it.

I have written a screenplay, in early states of production now, called: “Michael Vega: Loose Damned.”  And for the purpose of demonstrating further, I would like to share some lines here.  I have written the main character, Michael Vega, based on me, or at least some traits:

FADES INTO BLACK, we hear rattling of chains and screaming.


The same disheveled and burned-up man comes out crawling from the quiet waters, breathing heavily while in pain.  He staggers up, looks around confused and lost.

CAMERA FOLLOWS FROM MAN’S POV, right side straight into emptiness, then left side to overlooking empty road.  On post, he sees a sign:


Michael (V,O- Voice Over)

           “Hi, my name is Michael Vega.  That much

          I do remember…  And I’m not ordinary nor


CAMERA SHOWS HIS FULL FACE AND TORSO NOW, he looks 35 years old, wears the cool black, face significantly scarred.  He limps to rock and sits, sees visions (flashes) of flames and hears chains rattling, cackles and slaves being whipped.  Flashes stop and he agonizes in silence.  Clutches head.

(Side note:  A little explanation.  Notice how Michael is depicted here; this is basically me, because I am also 35 years old now, love wearing black jackets, and Michael also has endured a tough and “hellish” life, just like me in my real life.)


Michael (V.O)                       

          “I did something not many do to get here.

          I’m looking for someone.  But this is all

          I will tell you for now, you don’t need

          to know more.  Just remember, I’m not

          ordinary nor pathetic.”

CAMERA PULLS OUT AND FADES IN TO BLACK, all silent except for rattling chains and screams of pain.


CAMERA FOLLOWS MICHAEL’S POV, only his heavy breathing and pained grunting are heard.  Straight view of the overlapping empty road, we see nothing but pavement, clear skies and side empty fields for a while.

CAMERA’S ANGLE CHANGES DRASTICALLY, now we see the road and his ominous shadow limping for drama scene, exhausted, about to…


CAMERA SHOWS HIS SIDE BODY COLLAPSING, then zooms to face on the ground.  Centers on eyes squinting and bleeding blood.

CAMERA PULLS OUT AND FADES IN TO BLACK, all silent except for rattling chains and screams of pain…

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Magic Book.”

Characters, plot, subplot, tension;
All human experience, emotional connection.
What does magic have to do with storytelling…??
Well, it is all about creating worlds, human compelling.
And why does it have to be richly character-driven…??
Because rich characters create that world, that is a given.
Great movies show and then tell, never the other way around.
Excellent novels free the mind to dream and become spellbound.
I find stories and things coming alive wherever I look,
As soon as I wake up I get lost in my magic book.

~ By Asa Rodriguez



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