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The Illumination!

Illumination is the lighting of your human conscience, no more and no less. It is started or experienced in…

What is being a whole human being if not embracing all you are, including all your experiences–good and bad…??  If you hate something in your past, doesn’t it mean you hate some part of you…??  If you hate some part of you then, can you truly know and embrace yourself…??  The memories you have, the cruel past, the joyful past–it is all you are as a human being, is it not…??

I have said many times before, as a human being all you are is your mind, and that is a bundle of memories–i.e., you think and live the way you do because of the influence and things taught to you by family and society, you like what you like because you have been programmed subconsciously since childhood, you react emotionally the way you do because you have learned from others.  All this is you!  The past has shaped you into who you are today.  Your character, your beliefs, your traditions, your lifestyle, the way you handle your hurt, the way you handle your joy, etc.—it is all borrowed.  Unless you are truly awakened, truly enlightened, you remain attached to all this–or maybe to some part of it.  Realize this within yourself through self-analysis and wisdom.  Do not agree or disagree with me about this; it is irrelevant if you do, for only truth matters, not opinions.  Opinions are of the ego; truth is of the heart or of that which is eternal in you.

If you are, as a human being, memories and all past experiences, does it truly make sense to hate or fear any memory or experience you have lived…??  The death of my father is why I am who I am today; if he was alive I would still be religious and my mind still would be confused and lost.  If you got divorced–that experience helped giving you lessons.  If you got sick–that leads you to overcome that pain, the aim is to make you wiser and stronger.  If you still pay school and you never finished–that is a lesson as well.  In order to understand your difficult or cruel past, or any past at all, you must love it, you must love the whole of you; opposite to this, if you try to escape it or fear it, talk badly about it or hate the experience, then you will remain broken, in pieces, not whole.

Accept that as a human being you are your past and the memories and experiences which shaped you, so then you can entirely love who you are and who you have become…  When you entirely love who you are and who you have become, then you shall hurt no more and great and divine understanding will illumine your conscience…
Illumination is the lighting of your human conscience, no more and no less. It is started or experienced in you when you forgive your past and see or realize that all you have gone through–whether it was forced upon you or not–serves a purpose. Once you truly realize and embrace this you become whole–which means you do not see memories as hurt anymore, you love your memories because you understand that you are them as a human. And so, now you are not confused and damaged by your past, there is no pain in you and no more superficial masks to hold for yourself and for others–because you are free to be yourself 100%. Emotionally free! Psychologically strong! Spiritually illumined!


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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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