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What happens under that Bodhi Tree…??

You practice over and over again; that is how you become a Buddha and achieve a constant state of Illumination–i.e., you do not run away from the demons of…

You know you’re eating too much and the wrong foods for your health.  You do realize that you always try to win instead of seeing the truth and learning from it.  You recognize your own stubbornness and yet you keep doing the same old things and remaining with the same thoughts and behaviors.  And you do a lot of other nonsense you are aware you do, but still you tell yourself lies to cover your own weaknesses, don’t you…??  Why do you keep doing this over and over again, and then you read about how to be better, you watch enlightening videos, you talk about love and the things you have read, you share this stupid knowledge with people and arrogantly you make yourself a Buddha…??

Why…??  I mean, is this to be truly intelligent…??
You do everything, you seek everything out in the world–you go to yoga class in groups, you go to church, you read so-called “spiritual” texts, you buy the latest from the spiritual teachers in literary form, you ask people you trust how to live and decide better in your own life; but you never actually go to the root of the problem beyond your own ego–because all this knowledge you acquire from the world, as nice as it can be, goes to your mind, to your ego.  But the ego does not know truth, love, or divinity–all that information you have is the program that enslaves you, that stops you from going inwardly.  But you don’t think it does, do you…??  And that is exactly your greatest weakness, your downfall.
The sacred road to self-discovery is the best and the most intelligent one can take in life, because life is all about inner growth, through self-awareness, by watching and realizing the activities of your own ego keeping you from experiencing true love, happiness, the truth in all things. 
But not just self-awareness, which is the easy part; but by serious meditation through focusing on your breath with no-thought; for only meditation can bring you in touch with what lies beyond all that information/all that ego you have.  Meditation shouldn’t make you feel like you cannot do it, for this fear is what keeps you away from ever starting; through meditation you must be patient because your rushing mind must get used to it first.  You practice over and over again; that is how you become a Buddha and achieve a constant state of Illumination–i.e., you do not run away from the demons of boredom and anxiety taunting you and trying to deviate you from deep meditation and from staying on your breath.
Everything and the most important things, the basic things for a good existence as a human being–i.e., true love, wisdom, peace, harmony, freedom, great understanding–are inside you, not out there–i.e., not in religions, scriptures, governments, family, relationships, group classes of any kind. If you approach all these things without embracing the important things that are discovered inside you, then your life will be a hell, a confusion on true love and happiness, and all sorts of mental demons will cloud your thinking and behaving.
But you persevere, and persevere, and persevere… Don’t be a naive fool and think outer achievements, outer seeking, will make you a better, wiser human being, but meditate as the Buddha under that Bodhi Tree; and during your active day learn from your mistakes, pay attention to all you do to rise as a new being of illumination, as a very god of wisdom and great understanding.


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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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