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Letting go…

Letting go is to be highly aware of your memories and all thinking, to be aware of your own…


What is it which you seek to understand…??  Why do you always want that control…??–to always know everything, to always fix everything.  Can’t you see that freedom from all your pain, from all your problems, is in letting go…??

Your ego is not master of your house, only the moment is, the Now; thus, you must stop all thought and overthinking, allow the past to stay in the past, and you embrace the moment.  No pain or suffering, no confusion or frustration lives in the moment.  The heart lives in the moment.  Love lives in the moment.  And whatever lives in the mind, in the ego, as a thought or image, whether nice or not, is of time and space, chained to moods, likes and dislikes.  Whatever the mind can tell you is memories, knowledge, beliefs, deceits; and that is why the mind and overthinking is addictive, and such addiction is misery, is more thinking, is more slavery, is continuous attachment, is not letting go…

Letting go…

Whatever I know is what confuses me,
Whatever I seek is what escapes me,
Whoever I am is far beyond knowing;
My ego’s identity is always overflowing.
When my beliefs and fears arise I am not,
When words are appearing I am caught.
Why should I follow this false name…??
The vapors of the careless mind to blame.
The mind is misery away from a pure heart;
The process of letting go is the soul’s art
Through patience and faith I find me there,
And if I pay full attention love is everywhere.

Letting go is to be highly aware of your memories and all thinking, to be aware of your own ego and its ignorant activities, to not dwell on hurt.  You do not escape from memories, from thoughts, but you do not dwell and overthink either.  Why…??  Because you love yourself so much that you shall not allow an undisciplined mind to ruin your mood and depress you, but you allow love to expand in you by focusing on living the moment with joy and ideas to better your future.


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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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