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The Hell of Your Passions.

And this is the whole purpose of human existence, this is why you have been endowed with self-awareness over…

Seeing through your own desires and passions (all products of your ego) is a challenge we all must face and overcome in order to see truth as it is.  In order to know true, everlasting love you must see beyond the burning desire, passion, and lust you feel for someone.  In order to know great health you must see beyond your selfish and capricious cravings for popular foods.  In order to really know God you must empty your mind from beliefs and literature and go beyond the popular mind of society.   In order to know freedom you must leave beliefs, traditions, and lifestyles taught to you by society–including family, religion and all unproven literature.
We may say all this is the inferno of the passions of the unawakened man, because this and more are blinding forms of self-destruction, self-imposed, which bring anxiety, stress, anger, fear, and confusion to mankind.  All this creates attachment in the weak mind–attachment to beliefs, ideas, lifestyles, views on life.  And whenever this clashes or is opposed by others, there is hell–there is contention, war, hatred, prejudice, jealousy, and the rest.  Can you see this for yourself…??  Can you see how the human mind is weakened by all this man-made knowledge and selfishness of the ego…??

To overcome all this is to rise from the inferno of your own passions, it is to stop thought and its ruling on your life, so you may be guided by the truth which lies beyond your desires and selfish passions.  And this is the whole purpose of human existence, this is why you have been endowed with self-awareness over other animals; so you may see these weaknesses in yourself, empty your mind and go beyond it, find your true self and rise over the inferno of your human desires and passions. 

All this so you can see through life and society, and so create a newer, more blissful life for yourself; thus, a life with no struggle, a life where you see the tricks of your own mind, a life where fear is no more, a life where you have much more intuition and empathy, a life where you are truly the god or goddess you seek, and a life where you are true love and so you bring exactly that into all your relationships
Life is full of challenges and situations which frustrate you and anger you so you learn to rise over the hell of your own ignorance, over your own passions and desires thus you can know love, God, harmony, freedom, and true happiness.



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