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The path to happiness

Beyond desire

I don’t think desire is enough. I do think is a start though. But going beyond desire is what will create the right action towards creating the life you want. For example, I desire to better myself, my health. So, I think about this desire more and more, and I make it stronger in me. Now I am passionate about my desire to be healthy.

So, I take the right steps towards making it come true. I choose an exercise routine I like, and I do it every morning. Maybe just 20 mins of sweat. And I also make sure I watch what I eat. I remain aware of what I put into my body. I seek the benefits of each food, I do actual research; and going from there I create a healthy eating habit.

The path to happiness

We all want to be happy, and for that we must feel well. Feeling well puts us in the best mood. Being in the best mood gives us joy to be positive. What is the origin of feeling well then…?? Health, obviously. A strong immune system. No fear of sickness. Feeling well when we have challenges in life. This is why health is king in my book, and it should be in yours too, my friend.


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About love & romance…

What is romance…??

Romance is a love connection, a poetic way to join us together. It is physical attraction, respect for one another, admiration for the personality of someone. And yet, it is a construct of society. It is an institution, honest, heartfelt; but no more than a tradition and a belief where sex has some importance.

Is romance love..??

Romantic feelings are strong. A strong desire to be with one another. A strong desire to connect through nice and poetic words. Love. But love is not “romantic love.” Romantic love is just another label. In all truth, love is a connection beyond labels. Love goes beyond the flesh and it has no thoughts of poetic nature.

What love is

Love is no label. When you see a beautiful horizon, or a beautiful woman, or a beautiful and innocent baby, or a stranger suffering in a war, or a whole nation in terrible pain from war.

In all this you feel empathy, a connection to the beauty, to the suffering, to the existence of love in you. Because love is a connection to all existence. It cannot be explained, because it is not of the mind. So when you love, remind yourself that love is pure empathy.


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I always loved you…

What is love…?? How do you love?? What exactly is it?? Society, friends, family, what we watch, listen, hear, read. It is all a haze. These steer us one way. They say this. They do that. Thought and words do not match people’s actions.

People love with hate, with selfishness, with stubbornness, with jealousy, and so on and so forth. But people still feel lonely though. Some others feel needy. Or neglected. Or anxious. Another group has lost all capacity and desire for love, to love, to be loved… This book is all about this, and more.

We delve into the depths of love, of natural magnetism, of intimacy with ourselves and with another; and we do it without excuses. Excuses are not allowed! This book studies the psychology, as well as the spirituality, in the human experience, in order to awaken the mind and bring light into our lives.

Get my book hot off the press!  “I always Loved you – Creatures of eternal love.”


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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!



Remove all expectations, demands, fixations, attachments to life, to people, to the future; and this will actually bring true harmony to your mind, freedom, and it will attract all that which is good and nurturing for your development.

If you seek someone, then stop seeking, direct your mind to something else, work on yourself, free your mind from the burden of obsession; and so, it shall be that whenever it happens it will happen for you with someone especial and which cares.

If you desire happiness, do not seek it, free your mind from this nonsense. Happiness is not a goal, is not an outcome of something, is not a byproduct of an activity; but happiness is in you, and you can only experience it if your mind stops seeking it and turns inwardly to truly feel it.

Success or failure must not stress your mind.  Things happen in life, period.  When you accept this, you become a magnet for positive vibrations which attract likewise.  When you do not accept this and fill your mind with obsession to seek and obtain, you become frustrated, anxious, and a magnet for the same.

Learn to be neutral in life.  Do not expect, obsess, and put all your energy into a desired outcome.  Do not deny what you want either, have desires but do not be attached to them.  Flow with what is, adjust to whatever happens, work with what you have right now.  That way your mind is free and clear, insightful and intelligent.




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Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Passion and Commitment to your Cause.

To be truly effective, to bring good change, to deliver with efficacy and integrity in life, one must be loyal to oneself and to one’s purpose; for it is not enough to desire something, because a mere desire is of the ego, thus weak and easily influenced and corrupted, and soon you may get distracted or even lose commitment to that same purpose.

So there has to be a higher level of loyalty and commitment in you in order to create great effectiveness in whatever you do.  Many who start a diet and eating healthy, for example, fail and soon return to their unhealthy habits.

And many who truly make an effort to love unconditionally soon collapse and find themselves not truly loving anymore, perhaps struggling to accept another and care for another and even oneself.

Same happens in any aspect of life.  You must develop clarity and understanding of the specifics of that purpose, and this will give you balance and strong commitment, which in turn will solidify your desire and transmute it into a burning passion.

But this attitude and commitment to be effective in what you want or desire must also be based on integrity of character, on higher moral values; for higher moral values will keep that passion and commitment burning, for higher moral values are based on your inner joy and well-being and not on outside circumstances which can be outside your control.




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Man of Purpose.

A man without purpose is like a bird without wings.   And what business has a man without purpose in life…??  What business has a bird without wings in life…??  Neither of them can be free and discover what they love.  Neither of them can reach happiness.  Soon life turns dull and pointless without purpose for them.  Life calls for advancement, for progress, for new and better realizations, for greater evolution–in the psychological, emotional, physical, and, specially, spiritual realms of existence (being more spiritual means freedom to be).

Through ever higher and purer desires, through taming and guiding the tempting snake of desires, man and woman can achieve purpose; and so, the key to life is to always accept change within yourself and bring new purpose to conscious awareness–i.e., purpose which heals, purpose which provide strength of will and purity of mind, purpose which swims in the waters of progress and love.  Without this man and woman have no direction, and soon their minds become weak and easily bored, tempted by the snake of desire into fatal mistakes and corruptions.

Laziness and weakness, pride and jealousy come because man has no purpose.   But when one has a purpose, faith and loyalty then must be 100% gifted to that purpose; because if it is not a purpose kept with faith and loyalty, then you will become weak and lose that purpose, distracted and deviated by other meaningless things, without patience and determination to value yourself and your life.
The snake of desire must be tamed and guided in the man of true purpose to give great fruit/great achievements.


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Poetry and prose from the heart. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Deepest desire.

The intellectual creature must raise above simple desires, because this is the origin of the superior creature. One should not be so base as to fall into the abyss of temptations and ignorance, but to practice the transmutation of desires must be the constant key to living; for this is the Great Law, that one given to us to surpass the simple Adam and its “original sin.”
The deepest desire.”


There is nothing more powerful than my desire,
Such is my desire for individual growth and bliss;
And so, however rough the waters of this my life,
However suffocating and violent the storms of fire,
I must awake the great capacities within me hidden.
The desires of the animal cannot reach Divinity,
For this is my inferno–my lack of love and bliss:
These conniving desires must be transmuted.
The divine desire has indeed to be aimed higher
In order to transform the animal into the godly,
And so maintain strong vibration throughout.
As life is nothing but my thought vibrating higher,
Over storms of fire higher and higher a thought.

More intense desire, stronger wish given out;
The recesses of my mind hide the key then,
The levels of vibrating forms, the mental world.
Consciousness is the origin of energy of thought,
And the cosmic forces in me the greater desire–
What are the cosmic forces if not the god in me…??
What is a desire if not the fulfillment of a need…??
My need then must be the need for my better life,
Ascending over the torturing demons of thought;
And life is a thought which must vibrate higher
In order for me to reach the deepest desire yet:
The desire to ascend and become a divine god,
The desire to accept my divine nature eternally.



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Slave to existence.

Desire, and the roots of desire, is a big topic for all of us, even for those who do not consciously see it as a big topic; because desire is everything you are as a human being, it is how you can accomplish things, it is how you live day by day:  You desire to keep the passion alive in your relationship.  You desire to become a better person.  You desire to have more knowledge.  You desire to better your finances.  You desire to love yourself more.  And the substance of desire moves us forward from one minute to the next, acting consciously and subconsciously all throughout our lives.

Desire then, being the root of our day by day interactions, thoughts, feelings, fuel for doing everything, is also our downfall or destruction when it becomes too much desire/obsession:  You obsess over your financial situation.  You obsess over sex.  You obsess over knowledge.  You obsess over your appearance and your intelligence.  All this is desire uncontrolled, desire ruling you instead of you ruling it.  So, desire, the magic fuel of our very humanness, the heart of good deeds and of evil deeds as well, can become an obsession if unguarded, if there is no self-awareness.  It can enslave you with and without your knowledge, can it not…??

And why would you say that is…??  Because desire is the very root of existence.  In the story of Adam and Eve, Adam disobeys God and tempted by Eve eats of the forbidden fruit; so because of desire Adam and Eve disobeyed God – an unbalanced desire brought this.  Desire is then good, it is the fuel behind great things; however, it is desire unguarded that which destroys man, because desire unguarded brings great anxiety, uncontrolled passion, rebellious obsession, and all agitation to the mind.



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The Hell of Your Passions.

Seeing through your own desires and passions (all products of your ego) is a challenge we all must face and overcome in order to see truth as it is.  In order to know true, everlasting love you must see beyond the burning desire, passion, and lust you feel for someone.  In order to know great health you must see beyond your selfish and capricious cravings for popular foods.  In order to really know God you must empty your mind from beliefs and literature and go beyond the popular mind of society.   In order to know freedom you must leave beliefs, traditions, and lifestyles taught to you by society–including family, religion and all unproven literature.
We may say all this is the inferno of the passions of the unawakened man, because this and more are blinding forms of self-destruction, self-imposed, which bring anxiety, stress, anger, fear, and confusion to mankind.  All this creates attachment in the weak mind–attachment to beliefs, ideas, lifestyles, views on life.  And whenever this clashes or is opposed by others, there is hell–there is contention, war, hatred, prejudice, jealousy, and the rest.  Can you see this for yourself…??  Can you see how the human mind is weakened by all this man-made knowledge and selfishness of the ego…??

To overcome all this is to rise from the inferno of your own passions, it is to stop thought and its ruling on your life, so you may be guided by the truth which lies beyond your desires and selfish passions.  And this is the whole purpose of human existence, this is why you have been endowed with self-awareness over other animals; so you may see these weaknesses in yourself, empty your mind and go beyond it, find your true self and rise over the inferno of your human desires and passions. 

All this so you can see through life and society, and so create a newer, more blissful life for yourself; thus, a life with no struggle, a life where you see the tricks of your own mind, a life where fear is no more, a life where you have much more intuition and empathy, a life where you are truly the god or goddess you seek, and a life where you are true love and so you bring exactly that into all your relationships

Life is full of challenges and situations which frustrate you and anger you so you learn to rise over the hell of your own ignorance, over your own passions and desires thus you can know love, God, harmony, freedom, and true happiness.



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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

As I woke up this morning…

As I woke up this morning… thousands of warm slivers of sunshine filled my room, Bobby, my little dog barked in the background, I got up and felt taken by the early morning’s energy.  Then, a particular thought came to mind:   ‘Freedom.’  Freedom…??…  I followed my morning routine, toothbrush and stretch, and I kept on hearing the little shrieking with which I had become so enamored by now.  Bobby wanted to be let out, enjoy the day and expand his own curiosity, thus immerse himself in the wonderful micro-world of smells.  I put his leash on and we started our routine walk, except this time we explored another part of the area.  While strolling and courting the sunshine spectrum we also felt the soothing morning breeze upon us, charmingly refreshing, almost magical, and to really be there was a wonderful experience on its own.  He was sniffing away as if possessed!  “Who knows what sorts of little worlds he finds among the blades of green grass,” I thought while smiling.

My Toy Poodle, Bobby, spotting a bug in our daily morning walks.

As I woke up this morning…  Then, the particular thought came to mind again, ‘Freedom.’  But this time I recognized it.  Bobby wants freedom!  You want freedom!  I want freedom!  We all want freedom!  But not superficial, not the facade of freedom; true freedom, a deeper freedom which has really to do with divinity and not with the flesh.  Although the ignorant mind thinks that it has to do with the flesh; but it does not, does it…??  Freedom from stress, freedom from concepts, freedom from this flesh, freedom from our everyday lives–  This is true freedom!  We all feel this nagging sensation deep inside of us each moment, then thought comes along and gives it a name–which could be ‘Violence,’ ‘Extra eating,’ ‘Sex,’ ‘Killing,’ ‘Bullying,’ ‘Warring,’ ‘Traveling,’ ‘Seek relationships,’ ad infinitum.  The ego is thought, and thought invades the human experience each second of each day, it is relentless, we need it and yet it brings poisoned ways to translate freedom into what we want.  It works subconsciously in the unawakened individual, it starts as a desire to do something, anything, than thought gives it a flavor, a name, an activity…

But it is all about freedom, all we do, all human experience we create in existence; because we all want to come back to Source really, come back to that state of godliness, that eternal essence, or however you call it.  But the ego does not allow us to see that all we want is freedom; that is why to be awakened is to know freedom, to be whole and embrace it…  Although, I have to say, we can become Enlightened, we can love purely, we can live truly free in our lands, self-sufficient; but we can never be 100% free unless no thought exists, no feeling drives us, and no flesh enslaves us.  And what is this absolutely free state…??:  Death.  Or what we call death, anyway…  Now, isn’t it interesting that people live unconsciously, seeking for freedom in all they do, but fearing what they call Death–i.e., fearing the same thing they seek, fearing freedom from all bondage…??…  It is the unknown, isn’t it…??:  Death…  But it is absolute freedom from this mundane jail of pleasure and pain called human experience, and your conscience deeply, beyond your ego, knows this.

Perhaps if we all understand that all we want is freedom, we won’t allow our own egos to drive us into self-destruction, and we won’t destroy the human experience of others by some selfish expression of our own egos.



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