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As I woke up this morning…

As I woke up this morning… thousands of warm slivers of sunshine filled my room, Bobby, my little dog barked in the background, I got up and felt taken by the early morning’s energy.  Then, a particular thought came to mind:   ‘Freedom.’  Freedom…??…  I followed my morning routine, toothbrush and stretch, and I kept on hearing the little shrieking with which I had become so enamored by now.  Bobby wanted to be let out, enjoy the day and expand his own curiosity, thus immerse himself in the wonderful micro-world of smells.  I put his leash on and we started our routine walk, except this time we explored another part of the area.  While strolling and courting the sunshine spectrum we also felt the soothing morning breeze upon us, charmingly refreshing, almost magical, and to really be there was a wonderful experience on its own.  He was sniffing away as if possessed!  “Who knows what sorts of little worlds he finds among the blades of green grass,” I thought while smiling.

My Toy Poodle, Bobby, spotting a bug in our daily morning walks.

As I woke up this morning…  Then, the particular thought came to mind again, ‘Freedom.’  But this time I recognized it.  Bobby wants freedom!  You want freedom!  I want freedom!  We all want freedom!  But not superficial, not the facade of freedom; true freedom, a deeper freedom which has really to do with divinity and not with the flesh.  Although the ignorant mind thinks that it has to do with the flesh; but it does not, does it…??  Freedom from stress, freedom from concepts, freedom from this flesh, freedom from our everyday lives–  This is true freedom!  We all feel this nagging sensation deep inside of us each moment, then thought comes along and gives it a name–which could be ‘Violence,’ ‘Extra eating,’ ‘Sex,’ ‘Killing,’ ‘Bullying,’ ‘Warring,’ ‘Traveling,’ ‘Seek relationships,’ ad infinitum.  The ego is thought, and thought invades the human experience each second of each day, it is relentless, we need it and yet it brings poisoned ways to translate freedom into what we want.  It works subconsciously in the unawakened individual, it starts as a desire to do something, anything, than thought gives it a flavor, a name, an activity…

But it is all about freedom, all we do, all human experience we create in existence; because we all want to come back to Source really, come back to that state of godliness, that eternal essence, or however you call it.  But the ego does not allow us to see that all we want is freedom; that is why to be awakened is to know freedom, to be whole and embrace it…  Although, I have to say, we can become Enlightened, we can love purely, we can live truly free in our lands, self-sufficient; but we can never be 100% free unless no thought exists, no feeling drives us, and no flesh enslaves us.  And what is this absolutely free state…??:  Death.  Or what we call death, anyway…  Now, isn’t it interesting that people live unconsciously, seeking for freedom in all they do, but fearing what they call Death–i.e., fearing the same thing they seek, fearing freedom from all bondage…??…  It is the unknown, isn’t it…??:  Death…  But it is absolute freedom from this mundane jail of pleasure and pain called human experience, and your conscience deeply, beyond your ego, knows this.

Perhaps if we all understand that all we want is freedom, we won’t allow our own egos to drive us into self-destruction, and we won’t destroy the human experience of others by some selfish expression of our own egos.



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