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Man of Purpose.

A man without purpose is like a bird without wings.   And what business has a man without purpose in life…??  What business has a bird without wings in life…??  Neither of them can be free and discover what they love.  Neither of them can reach happiness.  Soon life turns dull and pointless without purpose for them.  Life calls for advancement, for progress, for new and better realizations, for greater evolution–in the psychological, emotional, physical, and, specially, spiritual realms of existence (being more spiritual means freedom to be).

Through ever higher and purer desires, through taming and guiding the tempting snake of desires, man and woman can achieve purpose; and so, the key to life is to always accept change within yourself and bring new purpose to conscious awareness–i.e., purpose which heals, purpose which provide strength of will and purity of mind, purpose which swims in the waters of progress and love.  Without this man and woman have no direction, and soon their minds become weak and easily bored, tempted by the snake of desire into fatal mistakes and corruptions.

Laziness and weakness, pride and jealousy come because man has no purpose.   But when one has a purpose, faith and loyalty then must be 100% gifted to that purpose; because if it is not a purpose kept with faith and loyalty, then you will become weak and lose that purpose, distracted and deviated by other meaningless things, without patience and determination to value yourself and your life.
The snake of desire must be tamed and guided in the man of true purpose to give great fruit/great achievements.


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