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This deep inquiry.




Welcome your troubling memories and accept the life you have for what it is, because these are a blessing in disguise.  Suffering is the same as happiness, as joy; but just distorted and made traumatic by the limited mind.

Don’t fear the difficulties and challenges in your midst, because if you did not have them then you could not grow and become stronger, wiser, and with the capacity to understand your own path in life.

Each morning after my meditation, in that place of sweet surrender and exquisite silence of my mind, I think about my past troubles and every challenge I faced.  I wouldn’t be who I am today without them.

Have you ever thought about your own suffering…??  Why you have it??  What is the true reason for life to give that to you??  Truth is in this serious and deep inquiry, and not in escaping it.

You and your suffering, your anxiety, your anger, your troubles are one and the same; but your mind distorts that truth.  Don’t allow it to remain arrogant and steal that truth from you.





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Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Slave to existence.

Desire, and the roots of desire, is a big topic for all of us, even for those who do not consciously see it as a big topic; because desire is everything you are as a human being, it is how you can accomplish things, it is how you live day by day:  You desire to keep the passion alive in your relationship.  You desire to become a better person.  You desire to have more knowledge.  You desire to better your finances.  You desire to love yourself more.  And the substance of desire moves us forward from one minute to the next, acting consciously and subconsciously all throughout our lives.

Desire then, being the root of our day by day interactions, thoughts, feelings, fuel for doing everything, is also our downfall or destruction when it becomes too much desire/obsession:  You obsess over your financial situation.  You obsess over sex.  You obsess over knowledge.  You obsess over your appearance and your intelligence.  All this is desire uncontrolled, desire ruling you instead of you ruling it.  So, desire, the magic fuel of our very humanness, the heart of good deeds and of evil deeds as well, can become an obsession if unguarded, if there is no self-awareness.  It can enslave you with and without your knowledge, can it not…??

And why would you say that is…??  Because desire is the very root of existence.  In the story of Adam and Eve, Adam disobeys God and tempted by Eve eats of the forbidden fruit; so because of desire Adam and Eve disobeyed God – an unbalanced desire brought this.  Desire is then good, it is the fuel behind great things; however, it is desire unguarded that which destroys man, because desire unguarded brings great anxiety, uncontrolled passion, rebellious obsession, and all agitation to the mind.



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