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The magical journey…

So, let us reach freedom, which indeed can be reached, even though perfection in…


So, there are thoughts in you which drive you to make bad choices, mistakes, to feel bad, to feel worthless, to design all sorts of fear-based behaviors.  We all have these, of course; otherwise, physical existence, matter formation, the pursuit of the better life here wouldn’t be accessible to us or even of value.

We learn from these thoughts, we either raise ourselves above them or die with them by slow self-destruction.  That is the great and wonderful challenge we all face, isn’t it…??

Imagine if all you had all the time were constantly perfect, blissful, inspiring, clean thoughts.  This would mean no ignorance exists in your mind, this would mean no duality signs, and this would mean no challenges and no opportunity to become a better person, no darkness to give birth to light.  Would you find value in this perfect scenario…??

So, let us reach freedom, which indeed can be reached, even though perfection in thoughts cannot be.  Freedom is the liberation of your consciousness from the imbalance of your ego.  Because obviously the ego (the content of your mind) serves a true purpose in shaping your consciousness and put it to good use in this physical experience, to create physical reality.

But the problem is when the ego has no balance, then it happens that consciousness remains trapped in a polluted mind which is filled by ignorance and darkness, which brings us confusion, fear, depression.

And this imbalance of the ego occurs due to our daily thoughts, which are influenced by the energy in foods, by the things we allow ourselves to watch, by the people and the environments given our attention, etc. etc.

These negative energies enslave our minds, trap our consciousness behind steel bars of much ego activity which distorts our reality; so, this takes one to make bad choices, and to commit serious mistakes, and to fall prey of fears and miseries in life.  The whole journey of life must be then to raise oneself above all this.




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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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