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The growth of love

Respect & Commitment

Love is experienced by our minds as a process, and it must be respected and given time to bloom under nature’s law. Love only requires 2 main components from you: Respect and commitment to make it grow.

Respect the process

Rushing into it doesn’t really help it grow. Love in relationships is like a muscle: If you go to the gym a few times, you won’t see results because the muscle fibers are working under your skin.

But if you faithfuly stick to your gym routine weeks or months, you will start to see results because now you can see your actual biceps growing. So, quiet your anxious mind and respect the process, then remain committed to the task of growing that affection, that love.

How it conquers all

Even the most heartbroken, depressed and shy among us can grow love. It is for anybody willing to respect its process and commit to it. Persist through the tough times, through the moments of self-doubt, through the anxiety and panic your mind creates at times. That is how true love becomes stronger and conquers all.


Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Simple things…

The simplicity of things

Nothing beats the simple idea. Sometimes we put a lot of pressure on ourselves and think of the perfect gesture, or a great idea, or some specific way to think about something. Many times we complicate things and confuse and frustrate ourselves even more.

But most of the time what counts is the start of something, and that start should be simple. In simplicity we can envision better what we truly want. In simplicity lies the journey of understanding, because simplicity makes it easier and clearer for our minds to grasp our direction in life.

The journey must be simple

If it’s too complicated, the mind loses interest. For example, if someone starts exercise for the first time and it is too much too soon, then that someone will end up frustrating himself and quitting.

Or if someone likes someone else romantically and starts thinking of grand gestures and formulas to “show love”, then that someone will probably end up either scaring the other person or end up frustrated with himself.

Always simplicity. Think of little steps. Master patience. Life, and all the great events happening in it, is about persistence. Persistence means belief in yourself, in your capacity to achieve your passions and desires, to keep going steady, faithfully.


Anatomy and physiology of life Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Do we attract…??



Do you chase…??  Or do you attract??  Is your mind obsessed and fixed on something…??  Or are you a magnet in your personality of detachment towards life??  We are energies–psychological, emotional, spiritual energies.

We connect to whatever we think about with persistent feeling, as a long-time commitment.  What does this mean for you…??  Does this hold any real meaning in your life??


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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths.

As long as you breathe…

How can anything be over as long as there is life…??  What creates and guides your life is choices, whether you are aware of your choices or not.  Why would you give up or give in if you can make choices, whether small or big choices…??  Choices must be meditated and analyzed in order for you to see your life move in the right direction.
Once you see a challenge, a tragedy, a great loss which cripples you and forces you to deviate from your path, even in smaller things happening in your life, you might feel defeated, broken, depressed, and even begin to believe that all you have done until now has been for naught.  But why would you do that to yourself…??  You must look at life as the beautiful field where you come to learn, and it is why you must at some point encounter great tragedies and gargantuan problems which shall shake you violently; for you need pain and suffering to elevate yourself above it, and for that same matter to discover your bliss and create your heaven you have to learn to embrace pain and dwell in hell for a period.  Who are you to be above all pain and suffering…??  You are human, are you not….??

Whatever age, whatever situation, there is purpose, there is much coming for you; however, the secret of life is not to question or seek that purpose, for this shall bring you mental insanity, frustration, self-destruction.  The secret is to remain mentally on a good path but not to attach yourself to it, so when storms come–and they will come–and they deviate you, even pound you and cripple you for a while, you get back up and create yourself another good path.

In a World

“Do not judge me by my success, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again.”  ~ Nelson Mandela.


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