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Simple things…

The simplicity of things

Nothing beats the simple idea. Sometimes we put a lot of pressure on ourselves and think of the perfect gesture, or a great idea, or some specific way to think about something. Many times we complicate things and confuse and frustrate ourselves even more.

But most of the time what counts is the start of something, and that start should be simple. In simplicity we can envision better what we truly want. In simplicity lies the journey of understanding, because simplicity makes it easier and clearer for our minds to grasp our direction in life.

The journey must be simple

If it’s too complicated, the mind loses interest. For example, if someone starts exercise for the first time and it is too much too soon, then that someone will end up frustrating himself and quitting.

Or if someone likes someone else romantically and starts thinking of grand gestures and formulas to “show love”, then that someone will probably end up either scaring the other person or end up frustrated with himself.

Always simplicity. Think of little steps. Master patience. Life, and all the great events happening in it, is about persistence. Persistence means belief in yourself, in your capacity to achieve your passions and desires, to keep going steady, faithfully.