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See Death for what it really is.

Thus the soul of the deceased continues to live within the superior dimensions of…

Death is something profoundly significant, a wonderful mystery; and it is by discovering the true meaning and wonder of death that we discover true life–i.e., the secret to bliss in life and the meaning of each moment we are alive (whether moments of joy or of sadness).  But that which we call “death” can ONLY be truly understood and accepted, welcomed and even loved, by a consciousness which is ABSOLUTELY free–i.e., by an awakened consciousness.
This awakened consciousness then is not under the tyranny of the ego, filled with beliefs and traditions, opinions and superstitions around death; hence, the content of the mind has gotten rid of fear and attachment, or transmuted them into pure love and understanding.

Why do people fear death…??  People fear and become violent to what they do not understand.  For example, many times it has happened to me here, and in my life outside here, that I have commented the truth of humanity’s behavior, but people seemingly paying attention to my words, in their vain egos, swallowed and enslaved by their egotism, have become defensive, reactive and event verbally violent.  Thus, in the same sense, people fear death because their minds are not free, their minds being obsessed and attached to their own material pleasures–i.e., attached to environments, to people, to activities, to thinking and feeling, to their own opinions and views (all causes of suffering trapping consciousness).

We all know that when the body ceases function, and so does the brain with its electrical conductivity, we die and later disintegrate in the grave; however, our consciousness (the conscious energy inside our disintegrated atoms) is now free from the mind and its ego, and so it travels or it goes back to the “luminescent origins.”  Thus the soul of the deceased continues to live within the superior dimensions of nature; and this means in fact that the disembodied souls can “see” the Sun, the Moon, the stars, the rivers, the valleys, the mountains, just like we, but in a more splendid manner.

So, you see, one must not fear death but seek to understand it, as one must seek to understand it all which is possible to understand, in order to expand our minds, free our consciousness, and become more confident, blissful, and less ego-driven individuals.




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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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