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The music we listen, the people around us, the things we watch, the situations in which we take part, as is the foods we ingest–it all gets introduced into us, it soon becomes a part of us for better or for worse.

Quite often you desire to be with a particular person, or be in certain situations, or to eat something you like, or so on and so forth; but this is your ego, your mind’s content, and it might not be wise for your own well-being to follow these cravings without questioning them further.

You must always remember that everything which enters your mind and body, anything which enters via your physical senses, is energy that will become who you are as a person–regarding your intelligence, your wisdom, your mental health, your understanding, and all that which is your physical composition.

You must choose wisely, putting aside your ego or your simple desires; and you must choose wisely the time and energy you give to the people with whom you engage.  It is not easy most of the time to choose the people in your life, like family for example; but as a mature adult you can indeed choose the conversations or activities to which you give your time.

It is about your mind and its content, and not about pleasing others or even pleasing your own ego; for it is about your maturity to choose better, which is the connection to your Higher Self.  Do not make excuses for this; for, if you do, you are just harming yourself and distancing from self-love and wisdom.  Avoid stress, frustration, sickness, and problems galore, by focusing on the right energies for your own personal growth.





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Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!


“Rhetoric, which is the use of language to inform or persuade, is very important in shaping public opinion.  We are very easily fooled by language and how it is used by others.”  ~ Ray Comfort; New-Zealand-American Christian minister and evangelist, television host, and author.

“The media’s the most powerful entity on earth.  They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power.  Because they control the minds of the masses.”  ~ Malcolm X.


What is a distraction if not an illusion or image guided to distance you or to deviate your attention from the truth or from the reality of a situation…??  And what is more tempting and enticing to the human ego if not the distraction or image built with more violence, complexity, a more verbose explanation, and built with more fuel for your set beliefs…??

Be vigilant of your ego and its agitation in this, because if you allow it to poison you by accepting everything you read and hear and see in the media, or even from neighborhood gossip, then you are really allowing yourself to be a target for hate and all sorts of prejudice. And precisely this is distancing yourself from all love you can feel and understanding you can embrace.
When this happens, you become truly the unwise fool who resides in a lie, thus making your reason, your rationale, your whole life, a lie.


Self-destruction and mental stagnation or mediocrity exists because the mind does not embrace truth in the everyday behaviors; however, this lower mind might understand some truth merely as an intellectual set of rules and philosophies, but this is nothing if the truth is not embraced and experienced in your untainted heart, and then applied in your daily behaviors.
You must be open-minded and never assume you have the right way or the truth; for the fool in his inferior mind has the belief that he knows all, but the wise man really is wise because his mind is always open to deeper understanding, thus the wise man’s mind becomes superior via understanding that he lacks understanding, so his mind becomes powerful and vaster to fit more love in the form of wisdom.


Never trust the media, or anything you read, because other minds, or most of them, are out to create wealth, admiration, or something which is in their own agenda, thus they are not interested in the truth because they are the fools dwelling in lies. 

Only the pure heart knows and understands the truth, but the complexities of the human mind, the agitation of the ego, is only interested in rebellious contention, foolish entertainment, and that which does not concern the truth or elevate the mind to the superior level of the wise man.

And when the mind becomes superior, then the wise man becomes dangerous to society; because he loses all interest in accepting wars, in buying what he doesn’t need, in supporting the causes of the selfish and inferior minds, in rebellions, in the foolish debates of politics, in TV and radio shows which do not elevate his mind, in holidays and mass shopping, etc. etc.

Be vigilant of the mediocre minds who try to rule you.


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