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Love is at the very core of life. No concepts from society. No concepts from our egos. Love is action. And if you feel true love for yourself, for others, for the world, then you become confident, you lose anxiety and drama in your life, you become the lover. A better and kinder lover. A lover of life.

Introducing “I ALWAYS LOVED YOU” now in audiobook. It is a book about becoming a lover in life, in your relationships, in all you go through. It is about becoming an individual, unique, yourself entirely without pretending, and not following or copying how others love in society. It is about learning relaxing your mind and easing you into the very core of the best life: Love.

“I ALWAYS LOVED YOU” is now on audiobook form.

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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Core of existence.


-Life is a myriad of things.  The phenomena of existence is wonderful yet mysterious.  But we lead our lives through our minds.  We know love in relationships through our minds.  What is love…??  Why decrease of self-esteem??  How to increase my presence, magnetism??  These and more are questions which may plague the mind from time to time.

-That is why to be positive, healthy, with goals, understanding that we are going through our own unique journeys of discovery, is vital for existence in this plane, for a good and productive life.  I have spent years and years asking these questions and more, trying to discover myself and access a deep understanding of existence.

-I have written a book about just this journey.   To intimacy with oneself, so to be intimate with others.  Because there are too many fights and too much suffering in relationships, in our own self-talk, in our own lives in general.  My book is about enlightening the mind into becoming a magnet for success in any aspect of our lives.


Non-fiction book about the dimensions of love, the feminine force, enlightenment, and other topics.  “I ALWAYS LOVED YOU – Creatures of eternal love.”

Anatomy and physiology of life Poetry and prose from the heart. The free mind of a human god!

Freedom to love.




Even with our loved ones.  We cannot truly love if we do not love being alone with ourselves without anxiety.  Without envying the love in others.  Without resulting to desperation to possess others.

It is the whole point in my book, “I Always Loved You – Creatures of Eternal Love.”  And it is also something I have very clear.  Attachment is just a desire born from a lack of self-love.

Attachment is the need to belong and to possess, thus stealing the freedom from someone else and from ourselves.  You might say ‘easier said than done.”  But unless our minds agree to actually change, our behaviors will be the same always.  It has to be about self-development, self-improvement.

Get my book, “I always Loved you – Creatures of eternal love.”

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Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

To know intimacy.


So is your mind.


The lack of deep and intimate relationship with your own nature is what makes you want to seek out there–seek philosophies, seek religion, seek God, seek validation from people, seek love, seek happiness, etc.

To know your nature is to be content, without seeking anything, and truly knowing that you already have everything you need.  Loss of intimacy with life results in trying to find answers, meanings, purpose for God, for your existence, for your emptiness.

Intimacy is to know yourself in deep, it is to go beyond the petty desires and conflicts of your mind.  Your mind is always seeking, attaching itself to ways of life, religions, and to human creatures close to you.

Leave your mind, because your mind does not know intimacy in life; and you must become intimate to truly love and be happy without addictions and dependencies to your outside.





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Anatomy and physiology of life Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

The journey that matters.




Life can seem complicated, and harsh, and even cruel at times; and the distractions, the anxious moments, the illnesses, the unfairness, something even “destined” for us.

But what hurts you, what challenges your lifestyle and mindset, what makes you question your life’s decisions is there for a reason.  It is telling you to stop living your life outwardly, always seeking and questioning what you like and do not like.

The discovery is in yourself.  To experience inspiration to love and live happily, you must deny the world your full attention; and so pay attention to yourself.  And it is a nourishing journey into yourself daily what will help you through life.

An illness, a hurt ego, frustration, anger, ambition, etc.–it is all given to you to be understood as you journey into yourself.  Nothing is more important than this in living a righteous and blessed life.





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Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!



So, I think that to understand what intimacy really is, one must go to the origins of it.  What is to be intimate…??  Where is this substance of intimacy created…??  Is it part of love, or a creation of society…??

Let’s see, love is deep connection and understanding, and it is dwelling within you; and to experience it in your everyday life you must make it conscious, you must create and bring this love into your mind.

Now, intimacy, being that love is intimacy itself, is also within you.  Intimacy then has nothing to do with sex, or a relationship with another.  Of course, you can bring intimacy into a relationship with another; however, intimacy, being love, must be first cultivated and developed within yourself, consciously in your mind.

Do you know why people have sex, get into relationships, get married, and still have problems which lead to separations, trust broken, and lots of pain…??  No intimacy.  And the problem is that they never developed intimacy within themselves first.

How can you truly love another if you do not know love….??  How can you cherish and respect another if you do not cherish and respect yourself first…??  How can you be truly intimate with another if you do not know intimacy…??  People fail in creating love within themselves, so they cannot, even if they try, truly love another.

Getting in touch with your emotions, integrity in character, accepting and respecting yourself–this creates intimacy in your mind.  Seeking love and happiness outside yourself because you feel empty and needy inside–this creates lack of intimacy, lack of love, and suffering which you bring to another in a relationship.





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Stories to ponder.

Do you know divine sex…??

Life is transformation, evolution, deeper unity, building relationships, the mystery to find Oneness, isn’t it…?? The vital and divine energy which gives your life its origin starts building the human experience in the womb of a woman and it continues until you physically leave your body. Most people call it sexual energy only when they relate it to the act of sex itself, and these are the concepts and ideas society has conditioned into you; but, however, the very act of divine life, of beautiful Creation, is divine sex as the sacred experience, and it is only your conditioned brain/your ego the one which sees sex as the physical act. But in order to love as One, the divine reason to build a relationship and a life together, a greater experience of divinity, we must understand the deeper and truly sacred meaning of sex:
The greater experience I am talking about brings a greater stability and energy to man and woman, to the household, to the relationship in general. Most of us may call it ‘a spiritual level’, although this is not a conceptualized sex but an experience of intimacy beyond flesh and thought. There is stability and no change here, but deep harmony and peace, and the greater sense of connection; because what brings passions, lust, and all the rest of the disruptions to connect at the deepest level is the identification and excitement with the flesh. Because this sexual experience is about greater connection and not the simple desire.

Do you realize that the unmatched and extremely strong love of a mother for her child is part of the true spiritual sex experience…?? Sex is the vital essence of life here, the deeper connection of the strongest bond uniting this two souls. But how is this possible…?? Think about it: A man and a woman who love each other meet for a moment and attain bliss, become one for that swift moment of true intimacy–if true connection is reached, they have experienced Oneness for that moment.

But doesn’t the child remain in the mother’s womb for nine months…?? The child breathes the mother’s air. The child’s heart throbs through the mother’s heart. Isn’t that experience in the womb true intimacy, true Oneness…?? During the nine months, the child is One with the mother. Oneness for nine months. A perfect bond no one can deny. So, the man and woman meet in Oneness for a brief moment; but the child and mother for nine months. Meditate on this…

This is why the intimacy, the strong bond the mother has with the child cannot ever be compared with the one she has with her man or husband. This is why no woman in love only approaches sex as just sex, but as the deeper intimacy of her own consciousness which seeks Oneness. And this is also why deep inside, subconsciously in most cases, no woman is fully content without becoming a mother, without that intimate bond of Oneness as dive and beautiful experience.
Of course, there are many more implications in this. But I just wanted to make you see the greater meaning and bond sex as the life energy may bring into the human experience…
“It is not sex per se, but your identification, your obsession, with the body is your impediment to spiritual growth.”  ~ Sadhguru; Indian yogi and mystic.


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