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Do you know divine sex…??

This is why the intimacy, the strong bond the mother has with the child cannot ever be compared with the one she has with her man or husband. This is why no woman in love only approaches sex…

Life is transformation, evolution, deeper unity, building relationships, the mystery to find Oneness, isn’t it…?? The vital and divine energy which gives your life its origin starts building the human experience in the womb of a woman and it continues until you physically leave your body. Most people call it sexual energy only when they relate it to the act of sex itself, and these are the concepts and ideas society has conditioned into you; but, however, the very act of divine life, of beautiful Creation, is divine sex as the sacred experience, and it is only your conditioned brain/your ego the one which sees sex as the physical act. But in order to love as One, the divine reason to build a relationship and a life together, a greater experience of divinity, we must understand the deeper and truly sacred meaning of sex:
The greater experience I am talking about brings a greater stability and energy to man and woman, to the household, to the relationship in general. Most of us may call it ‘a spiritual level’, although this is not a conceptualized sex but an experience of intimacy beyond flesh and thought. There is stability and no change here, but deep harmony and peace, and the greater sense of connection; because what brings passions, lust, and all the rest of the disruptions to connect at the deepest level is the identification and excitement with the flesh. Because this sexual experience is about greater connection and not the simple desire.

Do you realize that the unmatched and extremely strong love of a mother for her child is part of the true spiritual sex experience…?? Sex is the vital essence of life here, the deeper connection of the strongest bond uniting this two souls. But how is this possible…?? Think about it: A man and a woman who love each other meet for a moment and attain bliss, become one for that swift moment of true intimacy–if true connection is reached, they have experienced Oneness for that moment.

But doesn’t the child remain in the mother’s womb for nine months…?? The child breathes the mother’s air. The child’s heart throbs through the mother’s heart. Isn’t that experience in the womb true intimacy, true Oneness…?? During the nine months, the child is One with the mother. Oneness for nine months. A perfect bond no one can deny. So, the man and woman meet in Oneness for a brief moment; but the child and mother for nine months. Meditate on this…

This is why the intimacy, the strong bond the mother has with the child cannot ever be compared with the one she has with her man or husband. This is why no woman in love only approaches sex as just sex, but as the deeper intimacy of her own consciousness which seeks Oneness. And this is also why deep inside, subconsciously in most cases, no woman is fully content without becoming a mother, without that intimate bond of Oneness as dive and beautiful experience.
Of course, there are many more implications in this. But I just wanted to make you see the greater meaning and bond sex as the life energy may bring into the human experience…
“It is not sex per se, but your identification, your obsession, with the body is your impediment to spiritual growth.”  ~ Sadhguru; Indian yogi and mystic.


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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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