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The Mind of Love.



Love is not man-made or a design of thought, but we must nurture it in our minds as well; and so in order to become understanding and experience its divine essence, its divine origins. To truly love ourselves, and another as well.

The intellect is ruled by concepts, philosophies, beliefs, opinions; therefore, all may form obsessions, stubbornness, goals. This can be good or bad for the evolution of our humanity; but it can certainly never be true love, for the intellect cannot know true love.

So, our minds must see beyond the intellect, beyond personal egos, to actually allow access to true love, to true connection from The Divine into the crudeness of our humanity, into the crudeness of our minds.

From there, it is all a question of keeping the intellect away from love.


The Mind of Love

O, the Mind of Love is gone from man!
Its divine grace and magic trampled.
How do I fly to the heights of heaven
When the intellect has stolen my wings …??
Just know the Father in God is wisdom,
And know the Mother in God is true love;
Both must be One Soul of Light in me,
As my being becomes freedom’s dove.

To rend a hundred veils and just be,
To do away with society and the world,
To acquire liberation from goals of “I”–
This is The Mind of Love of the lovers.
Within a silent mind, beyond petty time;
Within a simple gaze, the whole universe:
It is how The Mind of Love exists truly,
It is how our lives remain a poetic verse.




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What is conscience…??  What is understanding…??  Is understanding the philosophical comprehension of tolerance but then becoming intolerant in your everyday life with the people around you…??  Is understanding to have intellectual knowledge of love but then argue and become stubborn with others…??  Is TRUE understanding the freedom of the soul or conscience….??

What is to be god-like if not to possess great understanding…??  The divinity of things, of existence itself is in a deep understanding of nature and of the great things in life; however, this deep understanding is not based on memory, not based on knowledge–i.e., the past.  Knowledge is intellect you have acquired from the past, and intellect does not give you understanding to actually change your life.  How many people have great knowledge of divinity, love, myths, The Bible, The Kybalion, The Koran, the human mind, etc., and how many people actually are enlightened or awakened because of this….??

Knowledge, as important as it is, is of the mind, of the ego; but it does not change the behaviors of people, unless they apply this knowledge in their everyday behaviors.  Behaviors rich in higher principles, rich in morals and ethics; and this, exactly this, frees the soul, creates a superior human being.  Better, authentic behaviors are one with our soul, because to embody the soul and to free it from our vain egos and intellectual pursuits is to have greater understanding.

So, the excellence of the soul is this, to become us in the flesh through higher principles in our daily behavior, morals and ethics; opposite to this, to have great knowledge and speak it, to vainly read all day and then gloat about it, is indeed to remain asleep. 

To behave in a way that the soul can free itself is to liberate our conscience from the tyranny of the ego.



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Divine Behaviors.

Love is not a word.  Truth is not philosophy.  They are higher principles which must be lived if one is to truly be awaken and understand one’s own life and the world.  Principles must penetrate your whole body and become your everyday behavior, your purpose to live daily; but, not just for the sake of the superior human being within you, not just to embrace divinity, but also to guide the lives of others with the example of true awakening.  This is true love.


Out of vain drunkards spit words of law,
An elegant but dry philosophy from them;
For no one applies what their lips say,
For no one behaves in such a way.

The sanity has dwindled greatly thus,
And the people has fallen from Grace;
Morals are neglected, utterly denied,
Ethics are banished, not even tried.

The punishment is severe, indeed unjust;
Consciousness has been buried long ago.
Does anybody rules himself on principles….??
Do you know the substance of miracles…??

Once the truth is upon a mind which sees,
It cannot just be verbalized and forgotten;
For love and truth are actions you live,
As every day you feel your heart beat.



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All “God” really is…

Societies have distorted reality and truth of what is, of that cosmic force which gives birth to all life, to all experience; for humanity has given names, thoughts and feelings, expectations and qualities to divinity.  All that humanity knows and understands–the ego-mind, the compulsive feelings and ways to hate and love, the rational and irrational behaviors, etc–has been projected onto something which in reality is pure silence and energy; and as a result of this abomination we have God in many religions, each one of them with their own qualities and different ways of existence.

This gods expect things from you like to follow beliefs and dogmas, need things from you like worship and obedience, and threaten you with hell and various creative forms of torture.  Divine bullying anyone…??

But what if God is just “godliness”, divinity, harmony, morals and ethics in the human creature which exist deep in all of us…??  What if this divinity does not require you to fill your mind with beliefs, rules from religions, rituals of specific worship, and prayers directed to saints created by man…??After all, all love and happiness resides within you, deep inside, which you can access without help from any outside form.

Because divinity is just that, just the development of great MORALS AND ETHICS; for morals and ethics when applied to your life give you wisdom to create your individual path in life, intelligence to make better choices, mental health and harmony to understand yourself and others, and the love to accept the world with its flaws and ignorance without you being absorbed by it.


All God, or divinity, really is then, is a set of virtues that you must develop from within you every day; and so, the word “develop” here means “APPLY,” for without applying this, God, or divinity, does not exist and you are lost as a human being.



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Apply yourself.


It is truly important to understand that humanity is asleep, lives asleep, works asleep, forms families and grows old asleep, and finally dies asleep.  Living just like under a magic spell, it sounds funny but it is actually true; because they have created religions, different views of love, political divides and hatred, and each person or group has their own view of morality and of that which is divine–i.e., if people really consider anything in life to be divine, IN ACTUAL APPLICATION, not in philosophy and empty words.  And why are they asleep…??

One word: “FASCINATION.”  Fascination which becomes obsession and ignorance in their unruly minds without them knowing it.  People live fascinated and absorbed by the world, its attractions, and by their own selfish desires–which most of the time are not considered selfish by their egos:

The petty drunkard (including all kinds of drugs) lives fascinated by alcohol, women, parties, and all carnal and psychological pleasures.  The average woman lives fascinated by her own reflection in the mirror, and so she lives her life shopping and thinking about beautifying herself more in sheer vanity, while her mind suffers her neglect and remains empty her whole life.  The plain worker is honest and faithful, but blindly fascinated by his/her job and his/her family.  The religious person remains fascinated by his own beliefs, scriptures, rituals, and teachers.

Everybody lives in their own little world.  Everybody focuses on what is outside of them, like a little child in front of blinding lights they cannot deviate their attention from it.  Meanwhile, the consciousness, the true ticket to love, happiness, to divinity and understanding remains trapped behind their tyrannous ego full of themselves and their own beliefs and selfish views–all due to the fascination with the mundane world.


There must be a RADICAL revolution in the mind of each person in order to stop all this fascination and study the self.  A radical revolution is not just knowledge but the APPLICATION of this factual knowledge, as most people deceive themselves by thinking that knowing what is good makes them good; thus, a fool remains asleep by not applying the knowledge he acquires. 

And that is what you must do if you truly desire to awaken from this sleep:  Teach yourself.  Apply your knowledge.  Seek and empower yourself by becoming your knowledge.  Otherwise you cannot claim to be awaken.




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What is character…??  Is it only showing goodness to people, going out and doing charity work, giving blessings to everybody, showing that you care and that you are a saint…??  Is character something of your ego, something which may change at any given time–i.e., “I change my character with certain people,” “I love you but not them,” “I act this way now but tomorrow my character will change”…??

No, character is not something which depends on your environment or on the people around you, thus your character must not be corrupted by your emotional moods; so think of your character as something divine, unchangeable, because it really is–opposite to what most ignorant people think it is.

For example, you carry truth and you guide yourself by truth, thus you do not gossip, you do not blame and attack others.  But let’s say one day your friends are gathered doing just this, being obnoxious; and so they call you to be with them.  You do not start gossiping with them just because you want them to like you, but you embrace your divine character, the truth which guides your conscience.  You are your true self alone, with them, and with everybody.


And where does true character start strengthening itself and growing…??  It grows within you, when you are alone, stressed, moody, pressured by your life’s problems.  If you can build and strengthen character by yourself, alone, in your own mind, then, in all situations, you can be a light unto others and you will also remain true to your higher self.  Character is loving truth, loving yourself–not your ego, but the being underneath it.  Divine character is not a display of kind words and gentle activities with others, but it is how you carry yourself with yourself–i.e., how loving you are with yourself in self-talk, how truthful you are with yourself with matters of health and all morality, how understanding you are in life’s difficult situations, etc. etc…  A divine character is a strong character which will not bend or be corrupted by anything at all.  Can you understand this and put it into practice…??



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Memories exist for a divine reason.  Your childhood was what it was for a divine reason, however painful, miserable, complicated.  Your ego may choose to hate your past, hurt you further now as an adult, and make you hard because of your past; however, your ego is not divine, it does not understand why you lived what you lived.  You cannot find God through your ego.  You cannot find love through your ego.  And you cannot find peace through your ego.
You must embrace your childhood, your past, whatever you lived, and see the lessons with an untainted heart which knows no resentment and prejudice…



Do you know that rich earth and sacred sun…??
Do you know those little children having fun…??
Have you ever felt the mud here and there…??
What about such divine connection everywhere…??
Yes, I remember the land so beautiful and free,
O my body and soul give thanks to thee!
God spoke to me through ducks and cattle,
Love was born via innocent play and battle.
Days of wonder and joy built character thus,
Friends, games, waiting for the school bus;
Nights of weeping as I grew in responsibility,
Exams, anger, moments without tranquility.
What’s the world done, child, to hurt you so…??
Have you found the lessons in pain yet to grow…??
My youth was painful, difficult; but it brought light.
Have you questioned yours beyond the fright…??




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Divine fusion…

What creates dissension, wars, bullying, all aggression and neglect happening in the world today…??  What makes someone feel hate and feel threatened by someone else…??  Why is it that all mankind, but especially man, is reactive and stubborn, bellicose and unjust, towards other beings…??
The world is what it is today because of men which are filled with hatred and prejudice.  Women who follow these pitiful men are weak, but still they are not responsible for the origins of our hateful and ignorant society.  And men do not really feel connected to life, they believe themselves separated from other beings, they see what they want to see in their empty heads; and when there exists separation then fear appears.  When fear appears all sorts of problems arise in the mind–i.e., hate, envy, pride, stubborn views, and feelings of superiority.

If you actually felt the hurt of another person in yourself, would you bring that same hurt still upon him….??  If you actually felt the pain in your words within yourself, would you still tell those hurtful words to your wife, to your child….??   What if you were connected to another being in a way where you would feel the same joy or pain, happiness or misery, that being feels…??–Would you feel happy when that other being is joyful…??–Would you weep when that other being suffers…??  (Be honest with yourself, because you can lie to others but not to yourself; so do not let your ego make you feel superior in your own lies.)

If you can feel this then, not sometimes, not when you want, not with people and animals you like, but with ALL beings, then you have achieved the greatest state of empathy only Enlightenment brings.  And this means you have truly mastered yourself.  When you truly feel this, things change for you because fear does not grip you anymore; thus, politics and its nonsense becomes uninteresting to you and irrelevant to your happiness, you cease to build walls of prejudice and hatred in your own everyday life, religion is seen as the ignorance of fear, you become wise and understanding of how others think and feel…  Now, you entered a path of bliss where you connect to nature, to the simplicity of it, to the divinity of it…


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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Love Like A God.

Girlfriends girls only love quote inspiration God la s

Do you truly love, or do you just read about love, see others love, and so repeat it like a parrot…??  How do you love…??  If you love like a corrupted and flawed human your love will be vain, superficial, you will hate, envy, become violent at times, become controlling, attached and desperate; therefore, live like a human, experience, discover, learn, find the right path for yourself.  But remember love is not human, true love is above the tyranny of the physical senses which bring violence, judgement and flaws, for true love is divine so do not lower it to your humanity; but when you love, love like a god, because love is the power of a god when is divine and true, and this true love has no flaws, no despair, no envy, no judgement.
And you may be saying right now:  “Easy to say!  How do you love like a god being a flawed human…??  It all comes down to self-love, to embracing the power and gift of being alone with yourself.  You see, love is an essence of purity, it really is above all our human weaknesses and ignorance; but the problem is that you see people around you “love,” you see the idiotic example of society, and their love is a disease–i.e., they break up and get back together over and over again after a desire vanishes and then desire is felt again, they argue and become violent, they get into nasty and vindictive divorces, men have multiple wives in some countries displaying merely control and desires of the flesh, kids are produced from couples just like toys in a factory, etc. etc.  You see this and think is true love, do you not…??
You say to yourself that even though they do this, hate each other at times and then become passionate with each other again, they truly display love, right…??  And so, this is your obstacle, you see this “love” love through this ignorant screen.  But, you must understand, these flawed people “love” like this because it is all they know, they do not know that love is silence, that love is meditation; furthermore, this means that love is a state of innocence and purity untainted by thought. Love is known only to a god, the rest only attempts to “love” with their egos because they live superficially and never meditate; so a god is a human being who has awakened to truth, such truth which is ‘silence brings intuition, instinct, love, harmony, wisdom’ to the human mind.
And the human mind needs indeed silence of meditation because it is always chattering and hates being alone, it fears aloneness; and fear you must embrace lest you fall into the abyss of fear…  If the mind has any fear, then love is not…


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Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder.

About confidence…

About confidence…
There are people who develop a false sense of confidence, because they still live in the grand dream of their own vanity and insecure egos.  Yes, I see them walking proudly, talking down to others, flaunting their feathers like peacocks, taking what they want from others, competing and singing loud tunes of tyranny, without a hint of love in their actions but pure obsession brooding in them.  But this is not confidence, O I know!, for inside they are terrified of losing, fearful of being less, empty and searching for ways to fill this great void they keep hidden from others.  What they carry so proudly is not confidence but fear of rejection and loss; for not being popular is the scorching hell of their superficial and misguided affairs with the ignorant world.

About confidence…
Yes, I can say that confidence is the result of the communion and harmony in you.  Real confidence which cannot be stolen, bought, or ever diseased.  For this confidence is divine and pure, love-based and not attached to anything or anyone at all.  The light I see and feel coming down from heaven into my conscience, yes, such is clarity and truth strengthening my resolve, and such evolves into confidence on which I can always rely and trust because it is me, the real me and not the masks I wear for them.

About confidence…
And who told you about confidence…??  Because they lied to you.  And who says you learn confidence from watching or reading others, or from desiring to be like others…??  They have said that to you because they do not know confidence themselves.  Confidence must spring from you, it must be clear like the most beautiful and untainted tropical waters, and it must be a realization within you.  Truth is not spoken, or heard, or read, or watched; but this is just the experience from others before you.  Truth brings confidence if you embrace your strengths and also your weaknesses.  Question is: Can you rise like the phoenix…??  Associated with the Sun, a phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its weaker predecessor.  The weaker you, the follower you, the lost you, the chained to the world you.  Truth brings confidence and it is inside yourself, for you initiate the eternal flame and rise from the old ashes like the mighty phoenix.  So do you know about confidence…??


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