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About confidence…

Associated with the Sun, a phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its weaker predecessor…

About confidence…
There are people who develop a false sense of confidence, because they still live in the grand dream of their own vanity and insecure egos.  Yes, I see them walking proudly, talking down to others, flaunting their feathers like peacocks, taking what they want from others, competing and singing loud tunes of tyranny, without a hint of love in their actions but pure obsession brooding in them.  But this is not confidence, O I know!, for inside they are terrified of losing, fearful of being less, empty and searching for ways to fill this great void they keep hidden from others.  What they carry so proudly is not confidence but fear of rejection and loss; for not being popular is the scorching hell of their superficial and misguided affairs with the ignorant world.

About confidence…
Yes, I can say that confidence is the result of the communion and harmony in you.  Real confidence which cannot be stolen, bought, or ever diseased.  For this confidence is divine and pure, love-based and not attached to anything or anyone at all.  The light I see and feel coming down from heaven into my conscience, yes, such is clarity and truth strengthening my resolve, and such evolves into confidence on which I can always rely and trust because it is me, the real me and not the masks I wear for them.

About confidence…
And who told you about confidence…??  Because they lied to you.  And who says you learn confidence from watching or reading others, or from desiring to be like others…??  They have said that to you because they do not know confidence themselves.  Confidence must spring from you, it must be clear like the most beautiful and untainted tropical waters, and it must be a realization within you.  Truth is not spoken, or heard, or read, or watched; but this is just the experience from others before you.  Truth brings confidence if you embrace your strengths and also your weaknesses.  Question is: Can you rise like the phoenix…??  Associated with the Sun, a phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its weaker predecessor.  The weaker you, the follower you, the lost you, the chained to the world you.  Truth brings confidence and it is inside yourself, for you initiate the eternal flame and rise from the old ashes like the mighty phoenix.  So do you know about confidence…??


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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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