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And where does true character start strengthening itself and growing…?? It grows within…

What is character…??  Is it only showing goodness to people, going out and doing charity work, giving blessings to everybody, showing that you care and that you are a saint…??  Is character something of your ego, something which may change at any given time–i.e., “I change my character with certain people,” “I love you but not them,” “I act this way now but tomorrow my character will change”…??

No, character is not something which depends on your environment or on the people around you, thus your character must not be corrupted by your emotional moods; so think of your character as something divine, unchangeable, because it really is–opposite to what most ignorant people think it is.

For example, you carry truth and you guide yourself by truth, thus you do not gossip, you do not blame and attack others.  But let’s say one day your friends are gathered doing just this, being obnoxious; and so they call you to be with them.  You do not start gossiping with them just because you want them to like you, but you embrace your divine character, the truth which guides your conscience.  You are your true self alone, with them, and with everybody.


And where does true character start strengthening itself and growing…??  It grows within you, when you are alone, stressed, moody, pressured by your life’s problems.  If you can build and strengthen character by yourself, alone, in your own mind, then, in all situations, you can be a light unto others and you will also remain true to your higher self.  Character is loving truth, loving yourself–not your ego, but the being underneath it.  Divine character is not a display of kind words and gentle activities with others, but it is how you carry yourself with yourself–i.e., how loving you are with yourself in self-talk, how truthful you are with yourself with matters of health and all morality, how understanding you are in life’s difficult situations, etc. etc…  A divine character is a strong character which will not bend or be corrupted by anything at all.  Can you understand this and put it into practice…??



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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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