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The eagle who didn’t know itself.

“In a forest an eagle lived on a tree, and it had built a nest wherein to lay its eggs; there the eagle would…


“In a forest an eagle lived on a tree, and it had built a nest wherein to lay its eggs; there the eagle would hatch its eggs all throughout the day.  Under the same tree there lived a hen, and this particular hen had also laid eggs during the same period when the eagle had laid its own eggs.  One day, while the eagle had gone for hunting, a bear climbed up the tree to eat the eagle’s eggs.  The bear had finished three of the eggs soon, when the fourth one slipped off its hands and fell into the hen’s nest; on returning, the eagle could not find her eggs, and so feeling terribly upset she decided to leave the place.

The hen which lived under the tree saw the eagle’s egg by the side of her eggs, so she felt pity on the eagle’s egg and decided to hatch it as well.  After a few days, the hen’s chicks hatched.  The eagle’s chick hatched, too.  And the hen would feed all the chicks, including the eagle’s chick, as if it were her own.  Soon the chicks began to grow.  The young chicks would listen to their mother’s sounds and try to imitate her.  The eagle’s chick also picked up the hen’s sounds, because that is all it heard.
The chicks would all play together and make lots of noise.  Within no time, the hen’s chicks, as well as the eagle’s chick, grew up to their full size.  The eagle’s chick never realized that it was an eagle and not a hen; so, considering itself a hen, the eagle would eat hen’s food, would walk and run like other hens and would make sounds like hens.  The eagle never learnt to fly like other eagles and lived its whole life like a hen only.”

Your parents were probably loving and did their best, like mine did also; however, this is not enough to illumine your conscience and wake up from the veil cast by society, specially as an adult who needs this illumination and wisdom in his/her own life.  As the little eagle growing up as a hen in the above-mentioned story, you might be still surrounded by people who are weaker of mind and ignorant of the deceit of their own egos, and you must see this yourself; for you probably feel sometimes confused, overwhelmed, lacking confidence, mentally weak to do something because this is your environment, your mental program, and the people with whom you interact daily.

Growing up and experiencing this is surely painful if you believe it, if you believe you are the hen instead of the mighty eagle; so, as an adult it is extremely important that you choose your situations and the people to whom you give your time and your energy.  Because, after all, your mind will absorb the influence of your environment and of the people around you–their moods, their characters, their ideas, their intentions.  This energy will affect you, whether you want it or not.  So, choose carefully…


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