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Their business…

Because they live in the dream as well, and if you found a…

Some of you still belong to religions, I am sure of this, your minds still attached to these beliefs and dogmas designed by men with a selfish purpose–a purpose which has nothing to do with truth or God.  In their sheer ignorance they believe they are spreading knowledge of truth and God.  But if this is so, tell me, and tell yourself: Why there are so many religions dividing people…??  Why is there not peace in the world yet…??  Why have you still got problems in your life…??  Why is your mind still confused about God, love, peace…??  Why do you still seek answers…??  Why do you still suffer the slavery of your own ego…??  Why can you not ascend mentally yet…??  And the questions keep going forever…

All that religions have done was to take Enlightened men, like Jesus, like Buddha, and put them as the main attraction, as the mere figureheads of their blasphemy; they mock these Enlightened men by using their names on their garbage institutions which do not really teach you to be enlightened like they were–they do not help you see your own ego and wake up from the dream.  Because they live in the dream as well, and if you found a way to see beyond the dream you would rise up and become free; and freedom of thought, self-discovery–that is not good for your religions business.  And you do understand religions are a business, like the business of foods or houses…??  Religions deal with your hopes, dreams, desires to know love and God and truth–they sell you all these, and trust that you are ignorant enough to buy from them.  Are you still buying from them, or have you woken up…??

Because religions are institutions created by the ego of man.  Religions want control over the masses, to grow the institution, to create a legacy, to rule over all activities of man, to amass material wealth through not paying taxes and getting free money and gifts from members/from faithful but ignorant followers.  But God, love, truth, peace–these are not found in the ego of man, no institution can actually give you these; hence religions cannot either.  These can only be discovered in man’s soul, by himself, through aloneness, through meditation, through self-discovery and self-knowledge…


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By thegodwithinblog

“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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