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The Great Deceit of Your Mind!

Realize that beauty has been introduced in you as a program, as a…

What is beautiful to you…??  Do you judge things, animals, people, on how they look–on your particular definition of beauty…??  Are you open-minded about beauty, or do you follow the standards of beauty set by your mental conditioning and all of society’s…??  Can you truly be honest with yourself about this…??
In many areas of Tajikistan the unibrow is a sign of extreme beauty; people here believe that the single eyebrow on a girl talks about her chosen destiny and luck.  In South Korea, I heard, plastic surgery is the norm, and clinics advertising in appearance correction hung everywhere; so, one of the finest features of the image of Koreans is believed to be the person with the face in the form of heart.  Residents of some African and New Guinea parts deliberately cover their bodies with numerous scars–in men this procedure is performed during a rite of initiation (a culture thing), and in women it is believed that the scar tattoos add beauty to them…  I am talking about the superficial beauty the eyes see and the ego full of beliefs creates as the norm for people.  Have you noticed that all this is following a belief, either a program since childhood in your mind or a belief in a culture that separates people…??

That is why it is not reasonable to judge people on looks.  It is not reasonable to allow your passions to fall in “love” with looks.  It is not reasonable to fear based on looks.  All is a belief!  And emptying the mind from beliefs and this programming is what one must do to wake up from the dream of “perfect beauty,” and also from the dream of fear.  What about animals–spiders, ants, rats, scorpions, snakes, beetles, etc:  these are labeled by people as disgusting and dangerous because of the belief programed in them also.  It is all their egos, they already have formed their ignorant ideas and labels of them based on fear and on the popular trend in our stupid society.

“All Black people are bad.”  “All immigrants come to take our jobs.”  “All white men have it easy.”  “All skinny girls are conceited.”  “All animals that look ugly are disgusting and dangerous.”  And the prejudice and the stupid beliefs go on and on…  Realize that beauty has been introduced in you as a program, as a belief; hence you are trapped in this selfish creed, and you make divisions–this is good, this is bad, she is beautiful, she is not, etc.  If you meditate, ponder deeply and realize this within yourself, then your mind will expand from its conditioned program and you will discover real beauty beyond what your physical eyes show you.  Do not take this lightly; for the world is what it is because there are beliefs of love and beauty–all created by a program, a conditioning…


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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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