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Awakening of conscience.

I am talking about an emotional understanding which is not guided and ruled by…

Whatever we do not tolerate, or find truly annoying or disruptive in others, is a mirror to ourselves, it speaks to our higher conscience, it tells us that we must adapt, tolerate, or just walk away.  A mirror to ourselves is a reflection of something WE have to change within ourselves, something that we see in others and annoys us (annoys our ego); but, of course, the ego, which is always seeking to blame others and seeking to feel comfortable itself, as a measure of security, conditioning, will tell us that we must not change but that others must change to fit our own lifestyle or own daily living.
Your mind, your ego, is the one which finds faults in others, and which feels frustration, and which feels anxiety and all anger, is it not…??  You are in charge of your ego, are you not…??  So, change!  Take responsibility for what you think, for how you feel.  Your mind expands with understanding, and in understanding and accepting others you are understanding and accepting yourself.  Can you see this yourself…??  “We are one” is not just some spiritual or New Age philosophical saying or romantic phrase that’s popular.  Have you ever thought about it in deep…??  I know you have heard about “we are one.”  So what does it mean then…??

How did Osho, or Jesus, or Buddha, or any Enlightened Master talked to a group and yet the message felt as if directed to each individual…??  They only knew themselves, they didn’t know you; and yet they knew you and all of society from all ages.  How…??  With observance of others, with tolerance and appreciation of others’ flaws and strengths, the conscience becomes illumined, the ego is thrown off its throne, you become patient and realize that in others you see your own thoughts, your own feelings, your own soul.  If you truly observe the behavior of others without ego, without the voices in your head which complain and bring anger when something irritates you, you will realize what I am saying here, you will come to a deeper understanding than any intellectual one can give you. 
I am talking about an emotional understanding which is not guided and ruled by your ego.  I am talking about an emotional mirror where you can actually see your own faults and the changes you must make within yourself when you truly observe others.  Your ego fights, argues, gets irritated, blames others, and so it depresses you; and if you step out of your ego then a deeper understanding of yourself will light your conscience–i.e., an awakening of conscience.
Relationship is our human lives.  Relationship is all there is, with ourselves and with others.  Relationship with others is a perfect reflection of the inner relationship we have with ourselves; thus, when you hate or get irritated in relationship with others is because there is something nagging you inside, your own ego disrupting your peace of mind–which you must realize within yourself and change yourself.  This brings you a deep understanding of you and everybody else.  This brings you an awakening of conscience.


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