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All “God” really is…

Societies have distorted reality and truth of what is, of that cosmic force which gives birth to all life, to all experience; for humanity has given names, thoughts and feelings, expectations and qualities to divinity.  All that humanity knows and understands–the ego-mind, the compulsive feelings and ways to hate and love, the rational and irrational behaviors, etc–has been projected onto something which in reality is pure silence and energy; and as a result of this abomination we have God in many religions, each one of them with their own qualities and different ways of existence.

This gods expect things from you like to follow beliefs and dogmas, need things from you like worship and obedience, and threaten you with hell and various creative forms of torture.  Divine bullying anyone…??

But what if God is just “godliness”, divinity, harmony, morals and ethics in the human creature which exist deep in all of us…??  What if this divinity does not require you to fill your mind with beliefs, rules from religions, rituals of specific worship, and prayers directed to saints created by man…??After all, all love and happiness resides within you, deep inside, which you can access without help from any outside form.

Because divinity is just that, just the development of great MORALS AND ETHICS; for morals and ethics when applied to your life give you wisdom to create your individual path in life, intelligence to make better choices, mental health and harmony to understand yourself and others, and the love to accept the world with its flaws and ignorance without you being absorbed by it.


All God, or divinity, really is then, is a set of virtues that you must develop from within you every day; and so, the word “develop” here means “APPLY,” for without applying this, God, or divinity, does not exist and you are lost as a human being.



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Are you angry…??

Who is your anger affecting really…??  Is anger the solution to a problem…??  When you are angry can you think clearly and make rational choices…??

Anger is also a condition in ourselves, a brain conditioning, a personality condition to explode and kill all patience and deeper understanding.  Anger is a weakness, even though some ignorant people out there might think anger is a macho thing for the strong, and such is because anger robs us of all mental clarity and love to understand, compassion and humility to accept what has been and what it was; furthermore, anger is a weakness also because it is an intense feeling without control and without guidance, because anger destroys and it does not create.


Anger makes us ugly and powerless, it shows us how little we know about ourselves and about each other, and how immature and impatient we are; and so, it also disconnect us from reality to move forward, because anger leaves us stranded on a past memory, dwelling on it over and over again while we distance people.  And relationship building, a deeper connection with ourselves and with others, is what this life is about, is it not…??

Anger originates from fear, insecurity, frustration, lack of inner peace and confusion; furthermore, emotions drive us, they are the content of our personalities, so when those emotions are not explored, when you bottle those emotions deep inside or run away from them is when you become a ticking time bomb, ready to hurt yourself, even though you don’t consciously realize it, and ready to damage your relationships.


So, even though at the start is difficult, be at peace and breathe deeply before following intense emotions of memories or when interacting to the reaction of others; for patience is gained through practice, and it is strengthened through commitment to peace and harmony of mind, which is true self-love while you live the moment with acceptance.  This is real strength, to be in total control.

Are you strong or weak….??  And if you are weak, would you change your ways for yourself…??

“For every minute you remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson; American essayist, lecturer, philosopher and poet.


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