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All “God” really is…

All God, or divinity, really is then, is a set of…

Societies have distorted reality and truth of what is, of that cosmic force which gives birth to all life, to all experience; for humanity has given names, thoughts and feelings, expectations and qualities to divinity.  All that humanity knows and understands–the ego-mind, the compulsive feelings and ways to hate and love, the rational and irrational behaviors, etc–has been projected onto something which in reality is pure silence and energy; and as a result of this abomination we have God in many religions, each one of them with their own qualities and different ways of existence.

This gods expect things from you like to follow beliefs and dogmas, need things from you like worship and obedience, and threaten you with hell and various creative forms of torture.  Divine bullying anyone…??

But what if God is just “godliness”, divinity, harmony, morals and ethics in the human creature which exist deep in all of us…??  What if this divinity does not require you to fill your mind with beliefs, rules from religions, rituals of specific worship, and prayers directed to saints created by man…??After all, all love and happiness resides within you, deep inside, which you can access without help from any outside form.

Because divinity is just that, just the development of great MORALS AND ETHICS; for morals and ethics when applied to your life give you wisdom to create your individual path in life, intelligence to make better choices, mental health and harmony to understand yourself and others, and the love to accept the world with its flaws and ignorance without you being absorbed by it.


All God, or divinity, really is then, is a set of virtues that you must develop from within you every day; and so, the word “develop” here means “APPLY,” for without applying this, God, or divinity, does not exist and you are lost as a human being.



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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

5 replies on “All “God” really is…”

Hello, Having come across your blog, I am curious. If I take your quote above to be “an indisputable statement”; Is this to deny the existence of a Personal God? Doesn’t God then become an ‘impersonal force’? ‘Something’ rather than a ‘someone’ with which we all have a connection as the Source of our Being? I am not for arguing or debating that proposition, either way. Rather, I see God as ‘both’ Personal and Impersonal. Individually and Collectively experienced. And, ‘both’ Subjectively and Objectively encountered. God is ‘both’ Immanent, and yet Transcendent. Not bound by our concept of time and space, and thus not of “Human limitations”. Could God be the “Divine Human”? If that means “Divinity expressed through humanity” then I would say, maybe ‘saintly’ or ‘God-like’ BEHAVIOR, but certainly not while Ego and Self-will is not brought to an inactive, deathlike state. I do believe in the “saving work” of the Lord Jesus Christ. “God in the Flesh”. The Incarnation. But, I also respect those of different religious beliefs and persuasions. Your kind response to my comment would be much appreciated. Thank you. Timothy


You just expressed most of what I wrote here, except your mention “I see God as ‘both’ Personal and Impersonal. Individually and Collectively experienced.” In this statement you are making a duality. Personal and impersonal…?? Can God be both…?? Isn’t God Oneness….?? Thus, God is GODLINESS WITHIN (a divine process NOT OF THE MIND AND ITS EGO). God is the superior human being deep inside. The personal illumination in the conscience of each man guiding each man to higher moral and ethics. But God then is not a word, not a dogma, not a belief as the ego of man created it. God is illumination, Oneness. But, as we see, the ego creates God as a duality to fit its own superficial and philosophical agendas and selfish pleasures.

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To explain this concept of a Personal/Impersonal God, or that which is experienced both Individually and Collectively; I would need to only point out, that “historically speaking”, humanity thinks of God in these terms in nearly all the major world religions. Yes, I agree, duality is present in these identifying characteristics! Originally, mankind had a “Polytheistic” viewpoint of God. Then when the “Monotheistic” mindset was adopted, his ‘3D’, “humanly constructed” model was ratified. That “divine process”, as you state, or “illumination” was replaced by mythology, rationalism, and/or superstition. Your last sentence is correctly stated, but did the ego “create” duality? or, are we only attempting to “explain” things as we perceive them to be? Timothy


Divinity cannot be explained really, just like true love cannot; however, your ego, your mind can explain to me about romance, friendship, and all these concepts the mind created about love, but all this explaining is not the truth, is not the fact. Because love, as Divinity (or God), is AN ACTION and not a philosophical pursuit. So, pitifully, people, out of ego and confusion, fear of the unknown and also out of the urge to control the world around them, have created philosophies for what love is, for what God is, for what such and such is. But this has disturbed the reality of these profound things, and that is why there are wars, and jealousy, and different religions, and all sorts of misunderstandings. Everyone has a different understanding of love–i.e., nations think love is to protect their economy and way of living by killing other nations, and people think love is the paper of marriage and kids, and some others think love is to be jealous and possessive, and the nonsense goes on and on… And same thing with God–i.e., some people have different names for that person they created in the skies called God, and some others still have many gods they worship, and some others think God is to have blind faith and read the scriptures. But out of these, even though out of vain ego they swear they know, NOT EVEN ONE knows the reality of what God or Divinity is; for they seek on their outside, but the inside of them remains unexplored.

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Thank you again for your kind response. I am in total agreement with you here, and from the first of our correspondence. Like you, I too understand God beyond what others have “constructed” such to be. I don’t “box” God in. I am not your “typical” Christian believer. I adhere to the taught faith of my mother, yet I have come to ‘experience’ God on my own. Life has shown me, on my ongoing journey, of just how “it works”, and of how it doesn’t. This much, I feel you have come to know too. Please understand, because of my current need for friendships, I “fellowship” with others of Organized Religion. But, I do not feel “religion” is the answer. RELATIONSHIPS (First towards God, then towards others) is part of the answer to my life. Having to “re-invent” it is hard at the present moment after two very close deaths. Looking to God has to be, for me, from within. It is my daily discovery. You have blessed me. Timothy

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