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One word: “FASCINATION.” Fascination which becomes…


It is truly important to understand that humanity is asleep, lives asleep, works asleep, forms families and grows old asleep, and finally dies asleep.  Living just like under a magic spell, it sounds funny but it is actually true; because they have created religions, different views of love, political divides and hatred, and each person or group has their own view of morality and of that which is divine–i.e., if people really consider anything in life to be divine, IN ACTUAL APPLICATION, not in philosophy and empty words.  And why are they asleep…??

One word: “FASCINATION.”  Fascination which becomes obsession and ignorance in their unruly minds without them knowing it.  People live fascinated and absorbed by the world, its attractions, and by their own selfish desires–which most of the time are not considered selfish by their egos:

The petty drunkard (including all kinds of drugs) lives fascinated by alcohol, women, parties, and all carnal and psychological pleasures.  The average woman lives fascinated by her own reflection in the mirror, and so she lives her life shopping and thinking about beautifying herself more in sheer vanity, while her mind suffers her neglect and remains empty her whole life.  The plain worker is honest and faithful, but blindly fascinated by his/her job and his/her family.  The religious person remains fascinated by his own beliefs, scriptures, rituals, and teachers.

Everybody lives in their own little world.  Everybody focuses on what is outside of them, like a little child in front of blinding lights they cannot deviate their attention from it.  Meanwhile, the consciousness, the true ticket to love, happiness, to divinity and understanding remains trapped behind their tyrannous ego full of themselves and their own beliefs and selfish views–all due to the fascination with the mundane world.


There must be a RADICAL revolution in the mind of each person in order to stop all this fascination and study the self.  A radical revolution is not just knowledge but the APPLICATION of this factual knowledge, as most people deceive themselves by thinking that knowing what is good makes them good; thus, a fool remains asleep by not applying the knowledge he acquires. 

And that is what you must do if you truly desire to awaken from this sleep:  Teach yourself.  Apply your knowledge.  Seek and empower yourself by becoming your knowledge.  Otherwise you cannot claim to be awaken.




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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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