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This is not guiding you to light and to a solution, but this is just…

The aim of any true philosophical endeavor or intellectual pursuit must be the birth of reason and conscience in one’s mind, one must seek to resolve and harmonize one’s situation instead of overthinking and obsessing with it.  It seems alluring as a conditioned program to stay with the same thoughts over and over again, fixed on a past memory, reliving a situation, making oneself a victim and wallowing in the painful problem like pigs wallow in filth; however, this intellect creates its own hell out of pure egotism, it actually distances itself from reason and truth.

Why…??  Because the brain gets poisoned by this obsessive thinking, the nerves fry in time, our whole body weakens and we invite more suffering because of this.  The mind, anguished by the suffering brain, gets more confused, ego hides reason and truth as it grows, and obsession and overthinking distorts reality in our life.  This is not guiding you to light and to a solution, but this is just blinding you more and more as your mind gets anxious and frustrated with the problem or challenging situation.

The brain needs to be free from obsessing and trying to fix everything, allow time to breathe and focus on something else.  Rest your brain activity.  Thus the mind must become emptied of anxiety and stress, because to see reason and truth, to find solutions and guidance one must keep one’s mind in harmony and allow negative and dark vibrations to leave your awareness.  Filled with positive energy then, peace and order shall reach your mind and let some clarity to brighten your thinking.



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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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