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Divine Behaviors.

This is true love.

Love is not a word.  Truth is not philosophy.  They are higher principles which must be lived if one is to truly be awaken and understand one’s own life and the world.  Principles must penetrate your whole body and become your everyday behavior, your purpose to live daily; but, not just for the sake of the superior human being within you, not just to embrace divinity, but also to guide the lives of others with the example of true awakening.  This is true love.


Out of vain drunkards spit words of law,
An elegant but dry philosophy from them;
For no one applies what their lips say,
For no one behaves in such a way.

The sanity has dwindled greatly thus,
And the people has fallen from Grace;
Morals are neglected, utterly denied,
Ethics are banished, not even tried.

The punishment is severe, indeed unjust;
Consciousness has been buried long ago.
Does anybody rules himself on principles….??
Do you know the substance of miracles…??

Once the truth is upon a mind which sees,
It cannot just be verbalized and forgotten;
For love and truth are actions you live,
As every day you feel your heart beat.



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By thegodwithinblog

“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

One reply on “Divine Behaviors.”

Whether we should call them “Divine Behaviors” or “Spiritual Disciplines”, the words mean essentially the same thing only approached from different mindsets. There are those individuals who find the term “behavior” to mean, just the way we intend to conduct our actions. They do not agree with any form of “behavior modification” practices. (Meditation, Yoga, etc.) There are others who shun all forms of “discipline” as being “strict legalistic conformity” to a set standard. (The Ashram, the Priesthood, the Military, etc.) Either way you want to describe it, these “attitudes” are what is so currently needed in our societies and world at large. I hesitated commenting, and hope you would not reject what I have to say ‘altogether’ as somebody’s “intellectual jibber-jabber”. Namaste. Timothy.

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