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The filter of your mind.




You forgive for you.  You move on for you.  You clean your mind, your body, from the anxiety and frustration which comes from holding on to a grudge or anger.

Forgiveness is love.  To truly love is not for the weak.  To hate, to give in to anger, to keep a grudge, is what the weak of mind does.  Are you weak…??

You must worry about your own state of mind, because this is what creates your experience in life; thus, you see life through the filter of your mind.

If that filter is filthy or stained with the colors of anger and frustration, with pain, then you will experience life in those terms.  When this happens, your mood changes and your life choices get affected as well.





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Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!






Don’t ask what makes you weak, mediocre, immoral; for you already know.  You may lie to yourself and say that you do not know, and then play that intellectual game of always seeking and seeking answers to escape the truth; but you do know deep inside.

Extra fatty foods, physical laziness, gossip, hiding the truth, clinging to past memories, attachment to expectations, impulsive reactions, chasing money desperately, and so on and so forth.  Don’t you know then…??

What is your life if not greater development, always moving forward in you, through your better health, through your rational ideas, through your moral behaviors…??  And what are you if not your life, which is how you think and feel–so your developing experience moving forward…??

Anything that makes you weak, lazy, stubborn, envious, angry, unhealthy, etc., must not be made part of you; because, in very fact, whatever you add to you, in thinking, feeling, eating, certainly becomes you.

And you cannot live a happy life, in love with it each day, if you become weak in this aspect.  Weakness brings suffering, confusion, immorality, wrong decisions, delusions in your ways of thinking; thus, it slowly destroys your life, it slowly destroys you.




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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Your sickness…

Loneliness does not really exist, it is a creation of society, a machination of the ego; and it exists in your mind because your mind has been conditioned so–i.e., man and women form relationships and get married all around you, you must work all day for money, you have to join religious and spiritual collectives and cultures, your family tells you, your tradition tells you.   Your mind is weak and you follow, you feel pressured so you accept what everyone does and says you should do; and then your ego tells you this is love, thus your brain accepts that loneliness is a sickness which can only be healed by being with another–in sex, in friendships, in marriage, in a political group, in a religion, etc.
You seek for company out there, don’t you…??  But isn’t that the real sickness though, always trying to appease the emptiness you feel within you by neglecting your true self and living in frustration like the rest of the mediocre rabble…??  Loneliness is a disease of your mind, and this disease keeps you distanced from true love, from God, and from the truth; and loneliness keeps you chained to sadness also, it steals your creativity and positivity to see life as it is. When you feel lonely you become frustrated because you envy others and you feel worthless or somewhat rejected by others, so your expression suffers, your energy becomes dark and corrupted, you do not shine and attract better opportunities and good people into your path. 
But loneliness comes about and it is popularized because man does not have knowledge of himself; he might be full of book knowledge and desire to love another, but he has not found the expression of himself yet–that freedom which liberates him from always seeking in desperation out there. 
But when you find yourself and practice and accept being with yourself, you begin to love the process because you find out that there is no other person in the world to love but yourself.  This is true love!  And as you discover true love within you, your strength to express and create flourishes, life brightens, and loneliness disappears from your mind.


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Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Are you angry…??

Who is your anger affecting really…??  Is anger the solution to a problem…??  When you are angry can you think clearly and make rational choices…??

Anger is also a condition in ourselves, a brain conditioning, a personality condition to explode and kill all patience and deeper understanding.  Anger is a weakness, even though some ignorant people out there might think anger is a macho thing for the strong, and such is because anger robs us of all mental clarity and love to understand, compassion and humility to accept what has been and what it was; furthermore, anger is a weakness also because it is an intense feeling without control and without guidance, because anger destroys and it does not create.


Anger makes us ugly and powerless, it shows us how little we know about ourselves and about each other, and how immature and impatient we are; and so, it also disconnect us from reality to move forward, because anger leaves us stranded on a past memory, dwelling on it over and over again while we distance people.  And relationship building, a deeper connection with ourselves and with others, is what this life is about, is it not…??

Anger originates from fear, insecurity, frustration, lack of inner peace and confusion; furthermore, emotions drive us, they are the content of our personalities, so when those emotions are not explored, when you bottle those emotions deep inside or run away from them is when you become a ticking time bomb, ready to hurt yourself, even though you don’t consciously realize it, and ready to damage your relationships.


So, even though at the start is difficult, be at peace and breathe deeply before following intense emotions of memories or when interacting to the reaction of others; for patience is gained through practice, and it is strengthened through commitment to peace and harmony of mind, which is true self-love while you live the moment with acceptance.  This is real strength, to be in total control.

Are you strong or weak….??  And if you are weak, would you change your ways for yourself…??

“For every minute you remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson; American essayist, lecturer, philosopher and poet.


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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Ways of The Light…

What is it that moves man beyond his intellectual education and given environment into greater heights of achievement…??  What is the difference between people who do and people who do not do, or between people who fight and people who give up…??  What is the way of life, or the wholly blissful experience of this divine condition we call life…??

The ego possesses the common man in a way which fogs reality and gives concepts and ideas to everything which happens in life, so we can say that this mind is tense and frustrated, joyful at times but easily overwhelmed by worry and stress.

This creates fear, conscious or subconscious, which gives man a false sense of experience, mental images of gloom and doom where suffering is all they see as reality; thus, man experiences chaos and negativity, and this brings pessimism and hopelessness in powerful bouts–sometimes long periods of depression and moods which injure the mind in question.

This process of pessimism and hopelessness makes the mind weak and susceptible to all kinds of illnesses–i.e., it lowers the immune system, it stresses the nervous system, it creates cancers, it makes us repellents to better opportunities in life.

That is why the way to health in all aspects, the way of life, is being positive, being optimistic; which is not being attached to a particular outcome but being brave enough to keep a positive and faithful attitude even in the middle of chaos or crisis.

This is indubitably the greatest tool in the arsenal of the strong warrior, because it takes a highly intelligent and strong man to remain positive in the midst of the storm; consequently, knowing that he can indeed survive and come out triumphant is what drives him forward with a true and powerful heart.

Being optimistic is not being naive and closed to reality, but the opposite–being optimistic is having the inner strength to quiet your own ego, your nagging thoughts and feelings tugging at you and making you see the worst scenario possible.   Being optimistic is allowing yourself to actually create your own experience and not allowing your outer environment and what your eyes see to tell you how to feel and lead your life.   To create beauty and good opportunities for yourself in this life, you must be able to envision good things in your mind first; but, furthermore, you must also be able to keep seeing good things in your mind constantly, patiently, faithfully, committedly, because otherwise you are just a mechanical tool of society/of your environment. 

…So, who are you–someone who creates his/her own life, or someone who follows the rabble and mechanically complies with whatever randomly happens…??  …  Think about it deeply for the answer…


“Pessimism leads to weakness, optimism to power.”  ~ William James; American psychologist, philosopher, educator, and writer.


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