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About loneliness…

Feeling lonely

When someone feels lonely is really because that person feels empty, even without knowing it, which means an intimate, individual purpose is lacking. See, loneliness does not come from an empty home, or from no people around, or from no special someone in your life.

Individual purpose

Loneliness comes because there is no real intimacy with yourself, which means your inner communication, kind and inspirational self-talk is not there. Try occupying your time to fix this, creating a personal purpose that does not involve others, designing daily behaviors that bring you more health of body and mind.


Stories to ponder.

Time to wake up

What is the secret to creativity, to love, to happiness, to a better and more talented you…??

What are dreams if not to be brought unto creation…??

Dreamers are the greatest, the visionaries, the more capable in their own lives. That’s vitality and intelligence. To dream is to create in your mind. The greater the creativity, the more able to understand yourself and the world; thus, the greater the capacity in you to become love and happiness in life. The greater the creativity, the greater the capacity to irradiate that love and happiness into another’s life as well. And reality is understood and lived by the dreamer, who not only dreams but creates in his mind and through his actions. How many people out there have addictions, and great greed, and lack of self-love and acceptance, and all kinds of self-inflicted hurt?? It is because reality is distorted by their anxious minds. Creativity’s growth is the cure.

This requires self-discipline, which means having a vision and not deviating from it, which means not giving in to impulses and foolish influences from society, from family, from friends, from traditions and culture. Life is asking you for this. If you fail in this, no matter your age, that is when you feel that everything is against you, that you are neglected, that your path in life has no meaning, that you are lost and lonely, and then you give up wholly. But all it takes is that you recognize this in yourself right now and change, become more disciplined and stop playing the game of copying others and matching their lifestyles, to then become more creative in your own life.

Life is not about following rules and copying what somebody else does without questioning yourself. I am not talking about any rebellious nonsense, nor about any conspiracy theory and philosophy of anarchy; but about self-inquiry to think deeply about why you think and feel the way you do, why you crave what you crave, what is the rationality behind your habits. I am talking about the increase of your self-knowledge and creativity, your mental expansion and your emotional capacity for creating your own thought and feel pattern. Not following news, politics, celebrities, the latest trends, what they do or don’t do; but it’s about individuality and your vision to create your own life and path in it. It’s time to wake up.

And it’s time for a good, old book-a-thon. Increase that creativity by reading great fantasy, sci-fi, horror, dystopia, romance, and discovering new thoughts, feelings, worlds:

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Simply love

What is the true meaning of Valentine’s Day beyond all the concepts, history, and society’s influences…??

What is love really…??

People all over the world, or in most of the world, are preparing for Valentine’s Day. They are going shopping, and reserving restaurant dates, and going on trips, and doing some kind of special gesture of love for another. Why…?? This is what society influences in you, right?? This is what brings anxiety to single people, and also anxiety to people in romantic relationships. The single one wants a romantic relationship and to be bought things and remembered this one day. The one in a romantic relationship already worries about buying something special, about some grand gesture to show some irrational concept of love in one day that, society has told him, is the most important day regarding love.

But is love celebrated one day a year…?? Is love a concept that says that you have to buy and do some great gesture on this exact day?? What is really love for you?? Love is friendship. Love is connection. Love is family. Love is acceptance. Love is truth. What does this mean…?? It means you are love, and your family is love, and all your loved ones, and those neighbors you don’t know. There is no special day, or person even; because love is in you, you radiate it, which means you must become loving with yourself and with others. All those troubles you carry, that mental anguish, those painful memories. These are to be transformed and embraced, daily; because true love begins in you.

Buying things, grand gestures, special trips. These do not really mean anything if you are empty inside and you do not carry love and acceptance for yourself. It should give you health of body and mind. It’s not about another, but about yourself. It’s also about the way you treat others daily. Forget special days. Show a great moral character daily. If love is to be true, then it must change you from within, not from without by making grand gestures to be seen and accepted by another. Not gestures to follow society and copy others. You feel lonely because you try to copy others, society and the concept they have of what “love” is.

But this does not help. But this only makes the loneliness heavier on you, and it brings you more anxiety, more jealousy, more heavy burdens to carry. If you can just remember that love is an essence in you, and that you transform yourself daily into love by accepting yourself and by becoming a moral person, then you can truly love whoever comes in contact with you. But no special day can do this, no special gesture; but only the commitment in yourself daily, and only everyday moral gestures beginning from yourself can.

So, what are you waiting for?! This Valentine’s Day, and every day, help yourself. Books! Books! Books! Expand your mind. Become more creative. Do it with these promos. Choose your books wisely.

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Why do you feel lonely…??

What is loneliness…??

What is that feeling of emptiness one tries to always escape…??

And why do people tend to do this over and over again??

It all stems from feeling lonely, even subconsciously. Humans have created a heaven, a hell, God, Satan, spirits and a spiritual realm waiting after this life, etc, because they feel lonely. Humankind feels lonely. This is also why everyone seeks relationships, even if they’re not ready for them. Violent arguments, wars, seeking to feel superior, richer and more prosperous than another, bullying, feelings of hate towards another. It is all about feeling alone, feeling isolated, feeling empty deep inside and putting on a mask to hide how they truly feel. So, in reality, this has nothing to do with the people around you, or the people that is not around you, or the things you’ve accomplished in life, or the things you haven’t accomplished in life. This is about becoming content, accepted, joyful in yourself, by yourself.

The worst mistake, the addictive drug, is when one feels lonely and immediately seeks other people, relationships, groups of any kind, money and position in society to escape one’s loneliness. This makes your anxiety and lack of self-love even greater in you. From my own experience, I can tell you that awakening, enlightenment, complete self-love, or however you want to call it, is about getting acquainted with your own feelings of loneliness. Escaping makes you weaker, more troubled, it diminishes your moral character towards yourself. Facing your fears of loneliness, you become your fears of loneliness; and soon afterwards, this familiarity becomes your normal.

And now you’ve become stronger, without having to run to somebody else for comfort or validation. Because if you really can make the act of being by yourself joyous and a source of happiness and love for you, then you get to strengthen yourself; and this is an inner strength which nobody, and no problem in life, can take away from you. When this magic inside you happens, from that moment on, you never give up, you never feel less, you never feel rejection, you never feel troubled or inferior to another. This personal process has made you a human being of greater moral qualities and character, and such is a human being who has enlightened himself, with complete confidence, with greater love and purpose, with a vast determination and self-discipline to be constantly happy in his life.

And because books expand your mind and help you with greater insights, I spread the joy of reading. Free and also discounted books. Choose the book, or books, which resonate more with you. So here are a few, sci-fi and fantasy book promos:

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Without End.


So, what part of you gets hurt, troubled, disturbed…??  Isn’t your ego the one which becomes attached to things and people??  And isn’t that attachment springing from fear of loneliness, fear of feeling neglected or inferior in some way, fear of being taken for a fool because you compare yourself to others who seem happier than you??

So, to be hurt, to remain depressed, to compare yourself with others, to feel angry and revengeful, is to be attached; hence, it is to live your life egoistically and immaturely.  Of course, you might want to deny this right now, but that is because your own immaturity currently makes you blind to the depth of it all.

To see beyond your own hurt ego in relationships, and in ALL situations in your life, is to acquire great understanding, which is to analyze yourself and realize that you can observe the ignorance of your own ego activity because you are above and beyond your own stupidity.

When you do this, when you access and expand your self-awareness, you become aware of another, even deeper, mental plane beyond that of your own egoistical vanity and beyond your own illusions of life and the relationships you have in life.

When you access or become aware of this other mental plane, which is harmonious and seeks no self-satisfaction, then you realize you cannot get hurt or “broken-hearted,” and you also realize you are the one who is in control of how you think and feel.

This powerful KNOWING brought by this inner realization brings you the eternal affair with life, such which goes beyond any desire and pleasure you might feel from time to time–i.e., love which never ends and never stops, and happiness which never ends and never stops.




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To make someone else truly happy.




Beyond the laughter this photo can give us, this is actually true as well.  Demodex brevis is a type of mite that lives in the oil glands of human hair follicles; it is actually healthy in moderation, but with accumulation one can develop Rosacea and other diseases.

But still, why feel lonely though…??  Loneliness, in all its concepts and names, is really something which society invented.  The sole fact of comparison taught by society designs the thoughts and feelings of loneliness in you.

You see people on TV forming relationships, you hear of marriage here and there, your family tradition is having a big family perhaps, you have been told growing up that that is what you must do.  So you envy, and compare, and feel without value without another, and suffer this illusion designed by society.

You are slave to all this because there is no self-love active in you.  Until you accept that, you will feel miserable and compare your life to the life of others.  This is not being an individual.

An affair, love, relationship, passion for living, must first be developed in you, with you.  I know that you must read that often, but it is actually the basics in better living, the essence of physical life which is relationship.  But not with another, with yourself; learn to be alone with yourself, accept the way you think and feel, embrace your strengths and weaknesses, thrive in silence.

After that has been assimilated in your mental state, you can actually become love and happiness, then brighten your character and naturally attract others without confusing love with attachment.

And now you can actually love another with wisdom and understanding, and without any desperation, prejudice and attachment.  And because you are experienced and truly understand love now, as you have already become love and mastered relationship within yourself, you are ready to make someone else truly happy.



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The Seashell.

Ever feel lonely and seek distractions out there, solutions to this nagging feeling…??  When the seeking is pointless, which you must see; for the seeking can only exacerbate the illness brooding in you, thus create more desire over and over again as it consumes your very soul–i.e., your sane rationality, your honest hopes, your vital dreams, your own affections…


The seashell.”

I found a seashell in the fair sands
Gleaming under the warmest light;
In it I found the whisper I thought lost,
In it I discovered what I had tossed.

The seeking had been the dark abyss,
It had polluted my soul in darkness;
I had lost myself in the empty desire
Of a capricious nature–indeed so dire.
O how barren what I saw in the world!
Loneliness, frustration, anger held me;
For I truly observed my own reflection,
So I cried all the time without affection.
But O how blind and lost in the senses!
You were there all along, patiently waiting,
Gleaming under the very warmest light,
Blessed by Divinity–such glorious sight.

I finally stopped the search and contemplated
The many tears in me–the suffering, the misery;
Whatever held me hostage was my choosing,
I stubborn was in my desire–how confusing!
There was no end to the allure of the rabble,
Empty words of romance and promises broken;
Society had me as I desired what they had,
But I saw through the vain deceit–I am glad!
And it was the friendship with my very tears
The one which liberated my trapped soul;
And it was the seashell found under the sun,
Yes, listened I the whisper–O misery undone!




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Your sickness…

Loneliness does not really exist, it is a creation of society, a machination of the ego; and it exists in your mind because your mind has been conditioned so–i.e., man and women form relationships and get married all around you, you must work all day for money, you have to join religious and spiritual collectives and cultures, your family tells you, your tradition tells you.   Your mind is weak and you follow, you feel pressured so you accept what everyone does and says you should do; and then your ego tells you this is love, thus your brain accepts that loneliness is a sickness which can only be healed by being with another–in sex, in friendships, in marriage, in a political group, in a religion, etc.
You seek for company out there, don’t you…??  But isn’t that the real sickness though, always trying to appease the emptiness you feel within you by neglecting your true self and living in frustration like the rest of the mediocre rabble…??  Loneliness is a disease of your mind, and this disease keeps you distanced from true love, from God, and from the truth; and loneliness keeps you chained to sadness also, it steals your creativity and positivity to see life as it is. When you feel lonely you become frustrated because you envy others and you feel worthless or somewhat rejected by others, so your expression suffers, your energy becomes dark and corrupted, you do not shine and attract better opportunities and good people into your path. 
But loneliness comes about and it is popularized because man does not have knowledge of himself; he might be full of book knowledge and desire to love another, but he has not found the expression of himself yet–that freedom which liberates him from always seeking in desperation out there. 
But when you find yourself and practice and accept being with yourself, you begin to love the process because you find out that there is no other person in the world to love but yourself.  This is true love!  And as you discover true love within you, your strength to express and create flourishes, life brightens, and loneliness disappears from your mind.


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