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Mediocrity vs Genius

The art of your life

What true art is goes beyond established rules and norms. It’s about creating and pouring your emotions, your personality, the way you think; not about copying how others do it and following the rigid rules of a system. Whatever it is you do then, do not focus on rules and ways of old. The art of your life is unique to you.

Great art

There is art and there is great art. There is mediocrity and there is genius. What’s the difference..?? Mediocrity is doing something and following the established norm just to appeal to the masses and make money–most people do this. If you are this kind of artist, of course, I respect your chosen path.

Genius art is the path that only the brave and unique take, because in this path not many will accept you due to jealousy. Most would like to deviate from the established rules, but they won’t do it because fear of not fitting in will grip them.

But the true visionary does not care, because for us it’s all about expressing ourselves through our art, leading and creating new ways–a sort of rebellion against the rules and norms established by the society of mediocrity. So, to be a true artist, in whatever you do, you must be willing to deviate from the norm, be entirely you, and lose the fear of not fitting in.


Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

At your own pace

The speed does not matter

Sometimes we worry too much about achieving something. Perhaps we look how others are doing, and we desire to reach that status that they currently have. Maybe we believe that if we don’t rush or haste we will lose our window for success.

All this anxiety and frustration. This is not allowing us to see the truth, that speed does not matter, that only persistence does. As long as we work consistently on something, with real passion, giving our best, always aware of new ways, then we can be successful.

What is success…??

See, success is unique, because each one of us is unique. So, the success we can have at something cannot be compared to the success of others. We are all different. Go our different pace. Have different ideas. Have different dreams. Have different views on life.

So, success is about how you feel, not tomorrow but now. And you will feel successful as long as you persist and work hard at what you do. But if you start comparing, or becoming frustrated, or angry with how things are going for you then you won’t feel or be successful. Because success is always a state of mind.


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Being yourself.

The freedom is in this

Freedom is the most important in life. Without freedom, we don’t feel love. Without the feeling of love, we become miserable and thus make others miserable too. But freedom then lies in our minds, because it all starts in our minds. Letting go of what others say, I become free. Letting go of the past, I become free. Letting go of all expectation, I become free.

Freedom is being yourself entirely

So, letting go of all I have mentioned leads you to being unique. Being unique means finding yourself. Because only by letting go of all this you can have the time and the energy to actually look into yourself and free your mind from carrying the burdens from the past, from others, and from all pressure. And being free requires you to become free of burdens, friend.


Stories to ponder.

Time to wake up

What is the secret to creativity, to love, to happiness, to a better and more talented you…??

What are dreams if not to be brought unto creation…??

Dreamers are the greatest, the visionaries, the more capable in their own lives. That’s vitality and intelligence. To dream is to create in your mind. The greater the creativity, the more able to understand yourself and the world; thus, the greater the capacity in you to become love and happiness in life. The greater the creativity, the greater the capacity to irradiate that love and happiness into another’s life as well. And reality is understood and lived by the dreamer, who not only dreams but creates in his mind and through his actions. How many people out there have addictions, and great greed, and lack of self-love and acceptance, and all kinds of self-inflicted hurt?? It is because reality is distorted by their anxious minds. Creativity’s growth is the cure.

This requires self-discipline, which means having a vision and not deviating from it, which means not giving in to impulses and foolish influences from society, from family, from friends, from traditions and culture. Life is asking you for this. If you fail in this, no matter your age, that is when you feel that everything is against you, that you are neglected, that your path in life has no meaning, that you are lost and lonely, and then you give up wholly. But all it takes is that you recognize this in yourself right now and change, become more disciplined and stop playing the game of copying others and matching their lifestyles, to then become more creative in your own life.

Life is not about following rules and copying what somebody else does without questioning yourself. I am not talking about any rebellious nonsense, nor about any conspiracy theory and philosophy of anarchy; but about self-inquiry to think deeply about why you think and feel the way you do, why you crave what you crave, what is the rationality behind your habits. I am talking about the increase of your self-knowledge and creativity, your mental expansion and your emotional capacity for creating your own thought and feel pattern. Not following news, politics, celebrities, the latest trends, what they do or don’t do; but it’s about individuality and your vision to create your own life and path in it. It’s time to wake up.

And it’s time for a good, old book-a-thon. Increase that creativity by reading great fantasy, sci-fi, horror, dystopia, romance, and discovering new thoughts, feelings, worlds:

Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Stories to ponder.

Faithful to the horizon.



  • I am all about letting go of the past.  About detachment from negative memories which bring self-pity and intimidation into our lives.  I write about this because life must be looked though positive and inspired eyes.  A life which is lived otherwise is a life which is painful, struggle, frustration, burden.

  • Each one of us is different, and that is our strength.  Each one of us suffered loss, heartbreak, tragedy, abuse at some level.  We must remind ourselves that we have done this, and that we are still going.  Let this be your inspiration  to keep moving.   
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Your Magic.




The way you live your life, your choices, your lifestyle, your behaviors, the ways you think and feel, must be a celebration of your individuality and uniqueness.  What is that mean…??

That means that as an adult you have to find within yourself the integrity and honesty to realize your own fears, and your own weaknesses, all your demons and the ways you choose to escape yourself, your loneliness, your emptiness.

Do not rely on others to give you love, happiness, enlightenment, or any way to freedom; but be your unique self, stand up and be curious to figure out your hidden self, so you can better your life and not just complain about it and bitch and moan like most people do.

‘NOBODY AND NOTHING EXISTS BUT YOURSELF.’  Understand this and you will understand the hidden parts of yourself, people around you, and the entire way Nature and The Universe works.

No one can give you this gift.  You may spend your whole life expecting it from others, from society and its system, and thus be always disappointed and confused, feeling worthless and frustrated.

Learn to see that you are the only one on whom you need to focus, and on whom you need to work; and then, if you do this honestly, everything and anything else will come into place and fix itself in your life, for this is your magic in life.




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Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths.

The ordinary behind.

What or who is the ordinary man…?? And why is this planet full with the ordinary…?? Society including all its institutions, thousands of years of it, programming minds by popular influence and “education,” growing weeds instead of superior human beings. Is this any surprise…?? “I fear this and that,” “I covet such and such,” “I was not born to accomplish more,” “I judge others based on my own ways of thinking and based on my lifestyle and beliefs,” “The true path of life is to be a perfect saint like Jesus or Buddha,” “It is absolutely necessary to send young men to protect our country by killing other young men.” This is the backwards society and its influence on the mind, perhaps on yours as well.


Why is this though…?? People pretend to be someone else, pretend to act like someone else, pretend to think like someone else, pretend to feel like someone else; and this is the sickness exactly, nobody stands out from the crowd and is truly him/herself. The program runs them like computers that age without even a new program. Idiots everywhere–nice ones claiming to be saints, claiming to live by the truth, claiming to be responsible; but it is all an act to be seen by others, to lie to themselves and keep their old programing. No one explores their subconscious and inquires why they follow and do things the way they do things. Do you inquire into yourself, or are you just another ordinary idiot claiming to be different…??

People claim to know love, compassion, tolerance, understanding, some sort of awakening; however, these same people are “compassionate” by supporting wars and eating animals, these same people also are “intelligent” by reacting like morons to any situation they encounter, these same people “love” by arguing violently and treating their partners like a toy which loses popularity and is tossed into the garbage, Mundanity fills their minds, and they wonder why life is what it is for them, and they complain and come back to make the same stupid mistakes over and over again. Mistakes are great, gold; but only if you truly dedicate time, remain self-aware, and learn from them–then this is how the human being grows and some illumination can bathe the mind. Life is to stop following, stand on your own, embrace the truth and create your unique path; not by asking and wondering and following still, but by inquiring and reaching deeper into yourself, and so being born again and leaving the ordinary behind.



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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Explore your very being…

Today I wanted to show you some of my paintings, because I was reminding myself this morning how important is to be creative and have an outlet–a source of your own where you can recharge and express yourself.  Whatever that is for you, learn to be creative in whatever you do, as simple and silly you think it might be; work at it, use the talents and intelligence you have to create, to inspire yourself and others, because that is where the key to being unique is found.

People tend to often live monotonous lives, and lives full of frustration and stress; the job, the kids, the relationship, the friends, the engagements, the idea I have to work on, the traveling, the rent.  But what about yourself…??  What about discovering yourself from the inside instead of engaging on activities solely on the outside…??  And people cannot find clarity and freedom in their lives, and this is because clarity and freedom come to your mind whenever this one is stress-free and calmed, peaceful and in love with yourself or with the person you are; thus free to be yourself and not follow a set pattern given by society.

To discover yourself you must then open yourself to new frontiers, to new paradigms, to new ways of exploring yourself.  So you can discover love and happiness in you as a trait of your very being…

“Everlasting beauty.”


“Set adrift.”


“Reconnaissance mission”


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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Wanderer, find your place.

You must understand that your mind as it is right now, stubborn, filled of lazy and comfortable thinking, attached to people and things, lacking in conscience of truth, is your own prison, your own source of frustration, your own hell.  The fact that you have financial difficulties, relationship problems, problems with the law, neglect by people, an unhealthy lifestyle–these are nothing compared to your mind, and these are even worsened by you mind.  And your mind is the content of your everyday interaction with society–its influence on foods, on clothing, on beliefs, on “truth,” on “love,” on sex, on happiness, on creativity, on freedom. 
Nothing is unique, but everything is taught by others–i.e., given to you consciously or subconsciously.  To acquire a conscience you must walk away from all this influence.  You must eat what is better for your health, not for your ego.  You must love without expecting and without fear, always remaining opened emotionally and without following a set pattern on what society says love is.  You must stop before you react emotionally, be patient, really inquire and meditate on what you are about to say and do.  You must accept that all sentient beings’ life is in their emotional bodies, not on how they look and not on their intellect; so, a pig, a cow, a dog, a Muslim, a Christian, you, me, is all the same life–all feel neglect, all feel lonely, all feel hated, all feel pain, all feel happiness, all feel love.  And you must understand that freedom is not measured or created by your environment or by your rights in the constitution, or by your culture or government, or by any other scheme outside of you or even any scheme created by your own thinking.
Remember an untamed mind is your prison, always will be.  It is designed to be that way, so you can go beyond mind and discover what freedom really is.  Don’t seek it in society.  Don’t seek it in people.  Don’t ask over and over again where to seek it.  You know where it is!  Leave all of society and its influence and you shall be illumined to heights you do not even understand right now.
Once your body and mind become stronger and healthier and you follow only truth within yourself far beyond your ego’s schemes, then you will wander like a lonely beggar no more and you will really understand all that I write to you here.

You tend to seek out there, wander in the world and follow society and all their structures without questioning and without knowing the truth–you wear what they wear, you eat what they eat, for you love is whatever others believe love is, you want to be rich and popular like others, etc.   This ignorant activity creates masks, and below you hide your demons–your anger, your frustration, your jealousy, you lack of love, etc.  You must take care of your own demons instead of following society and focusing on being like them.



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Business mind. Self-help life truths.


“Life has no limitations, except the ones you make.” ~ Les Brown; American motivational speaker, author, radio DJ, former television host, and former politician.

“When you look in the mirror, what do you see?  Do you see the real you, or what you have been conditioned to believe is you?  The two are so, so different.  One is an infinite consciousness capable of being and creating whatever it chooses, the other is an illusion imprisoned by its own perceived and programmed limitations.” ~ David Icke; writer, public speaker.

Focusing on the problems brings more problems to the mind, not less.  The mind tends to limit itself, become narrow and obsessed, and it affects the whole perception of oneself and life; but what the mind needs is to be open, under guidance, it must stop focusing on problems and how big they are, and it must focus instead on the strength to get over them.  Problems are challenges to make you stronger and to help you become what you really are underneath the self-pity and all conditioned fear introduced in you by family, friends, religions, and society overall.

Being unique is a celebration of your inner strength, where you express yourself and free your soul from all those muddy layers of the ego which limit you and tell you that you are not good enough or that you are not meant to be happy.

Courage then is to allow yourself to explore that inner strength in spite of all the people putting you down, in spite of your culture and traditions, in spite of your past memories and bad experiences, in spite of all the fears and confusions; furthermore, courage is to do over and over again through fear and confusion without losing enthusiasm for your own development, for your goal, for your life.

Why are you here if not to be truly the best you can be…??  And why would you allow your mind to be always in constant fear when you deeply know what your heart desires…?? 
You need to decide who you are going to listen for the big choices in your life… either your loud ego and the limitations it designs, or your heart and its Infinite Intelligence without limitations…  So decide.

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