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The Return of The Gods

It was the possibility of darkness that made the day seem so bright. 

~Stephen King~

A little teaser of my upcoming fantasy/mystery book…

“…He took his time to respond, “Yes.” He then walked to the lip of the abyss and pointed to the misery below. “Ben, can’t you see it?? This is purity. There is nothing hidden here. I don’t hide my nature from you. Humans have war, and greed, and lies, and chaos everywhere. But they hide it behind a smile, don’t they??”

For a while, there was silence. The wails of the wind and the faint voices of sorrow were the only sounds echoing in the gloominess of it all. Ben was brooding over what The Lord of Darkness had said. It was true. All of it. But questions lingered.

“Why did you make me want to kill Jake…??” Ben finally asked. “Why did you send those voices to torture me like that??”

Lord Furvusmortem took a moment, then sighed, and then said, “Ah, but I didn’t make you feel rage and want to kill him. You did it all on your own. You cannot blame me for that, boy. That would be like blaming the water of a lake for following the natural process of vaporization and coming down as rain on you.”

“But the voices. They were not me. He was my friend. I would never kill him,” he protested while lost in thought. “We all have darkness in us. Darkness is a good thing. It keeps us honest, strong, loyal to our true nature. But the human mind gets bored, it seeks to disrupt this harmony; so it creates fear, rage, differences, and the burning desire in us to create conflict with others.” He then took a moment, then followed, “But, in you, the curse makes the voices more powerful, until they dominate your actions completely.”

There was a sudden wind picking up from the east, one which hadn’t been felt before. Then there was a flash of lightning bullying the dormant skies, and this one burned the whole firmament for a moment. Right after that, The Dark Lord stepped into the great chasm and used the wind as ground….”

This has been a little section of my upcoming book. This one is #2 in the series “BENJAMIN JONES.”

This has been “BENJAMIN JONES. The Return of The Gods.” Coming soon…

And, while you wait for my book’s release, here are some good, old promos for your enjoyment:

Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder.

Isolated and Angry.




Light and Darkness are the same, they make each other one whole–one couldn’t exist without the other.  Pain and joy are the same, just different degrees in this life of experiences.

The mind separates pain and joy, suffering and bliss; and when this happens the mind creates a duality, and you become anxious and frustrated because you compare the experiences.  Love one and hate the other.

People demonize pain, they crucify it, and always escape it like the plague; however, while doing this you are demonizing and crucifying yourself, because you are the duality you created.

Healing is facing whatever experience, whatever sensation or feeling you might be having.  Trying to escape only opens the wound and makes it vaster, stronger, more pungent; thus you become more desperate, traumatized, isolated and angry.





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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Observe The Darkness.




When the mind is rushing, thoughts are churning, anger festering, or anxiety overpowering your thinking, or when your ego is annoyed in any way, a relaxation is required, a whole moment of patience must be taken.

Reacting to your sudden impulses is what makes you volatile, attached to immoral behaviors and thoughtless decisions; and, as long as you keep doing this, you will remain immature and deluding yourself in your life, no matter how young or old you are.

Having a sincere dialogue with yourself, a tranquil and unexcited communication in your mind with yourself, before you react with your sudden outbursts will give you clarity on your decisions and on your daily behaviors.

Ask yourself why you react this way, how to be less rash or impulsive in your thinking, what is the best way to react in a relationship.  The way you think and behave will design your character, your personality; so, if you behave thoughtfully, morally, consciously, then you will be that in your persona and you will illumine your decisions in all aspects in life.


This seems intellectually proper and easy to do, even obvious; however, people do not actually do this in their daily lives though, because they choose to remain unconscious and attached to their old psychological patterns.

They do this as a subconscious way to deny their own darkness, immorality, weaknesses, and what they do not like about themselves.  But the reality is that you cannot evolve into a better human being until you recognize this darkness in yourself and turn it into light.




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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

In times of darkness…

The tests of every day must be allowed to open way for the divine light to enter into our lives, into the way we see ourselves and life itself; in this way we become masters instead of slaves chained to environment and the desires and outbursts of others.  And so we are elevated over the daily challenges we face.  Because most of us find it easy to be strong and positive in times of happiness and comfort, but the character of a person cannot be forged and elevated in these mentioned times of joy; the opposite is true, it is in times of struggle and hardship where the gold is, where the messages and lessons are hidden and waiting to be discovered by us.
Moments of darkness, of pain, of terrible loss, have a very important reason for existence in the midst of our lives, do they not…??


I do not believe higher awakening and divinity may happen in any of us if struggle, pain, loss, death, and the rest of these fears are not embraced, befriended, conquered, and surrounded by pure love.  An individual may be caring, utter nice words, mature in age and experiences lived, prayerful, and read many spiritual books, but he/she still might fear loss, death, and the rest, and so become reactive in times of struggle and pain.  He/she then may become of low morals and crooked character, even become mentally, verbally, and/or physically violent with others.  And so we can tell this person does not understand the higher nature of his/her own darkness, can we not…??   No, this person escapes the darkness and run towards the light in his/her ignorance, while he/she hides her real face behind the mask of moderation, intellectual and emotional prowess, and piety that he/she wears in public.

There is no measure which is higher and more meaningful than to be a man or woman who stands alone with power and confidence in moments of difficulty, and who shares his/her wise wealth with others suffering necessity and their own moments of darkness.  It is precisely this then what gives character and power to a person to celebrate the magnificence of life…  Remind yourself then to remain strong and confident in times of pain…



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Illuminate your conscience.


Sex transmutation is a focusing of sex energy into other channels where it adds immeasurably to one’s power of achievement.  It is not in any way a lessening of sex energy but rather a shifting of that energy into higher conscience, into higher understanding, into ways of wisdom poured into all behaviors.  This is why the world is in such a lost state with wars, prejudice, anger, criminal activity, lies, etc.; for the world does not know sexual transmutation or sex energy transmutation, but its energy is not elevated and purified–i.e., people do not know the terrible things they do, they are overwhelmed by the polluted energy, they use it for terrible darkness.


The great worth and value in living is in the mysteries and lessons yet to uncover and learn, so do not suppose for a second that life is to remain dull and in the same circumstances as right now; for this is the great folly and ignorance veiling the higher conscience of mankind.  Life is evolution and destruction of the old, further development and creation of the new; and what is yet hidden to you–the future relationships, the future situations, the future environmental catastrophes, your future health, etc.–is to be given either light or darkness depending on the divine use of your inner divinity by attention and meditation upon yourself and upon those things which you do.  For if you do not see the importance of meditating and bringing light onto each situation in your life, then who will…??


All your energy is the energy of life, the energy of sex, the energy of eternal existence and physical birth, the energy given to you by the eaten Fruit of Knowledge from Eden, and the energy which lights your conscience; so you must remain self-aware in all you think, feel, and do, you must transmute into higher understanding and wisdom.  Do not allow your dull situations to take you over and bring you down in that abysmal depression, while you forget the higher transmutation of your conscious energy; but be joyous in all you do, hopeful and confident in that light after dark, because the way to reach a better life is to allow the light in your heart to shine ever brighter and reach your very conscience in dutiful meditation, in order for your energy to be cleansed and made purer and see through the veil of your mundane senses.

Transmutation of lower into higher, of misery into joy, of temporal pleasure into eternal happiness, of darkness into light, must be the process akin to breathing; thus, you cannot live without breathing, and you cannot be happy without always transmuting.



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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Ways of The Light…

What is it that moves man beyond his intellectual education and given environment into greater heights of achievement…??  What is the difference between people who do and people who do not do, or between people who fight and people who give up…??  What is the way of life, or the wholly blissful experience of this divine condition we call life…??

The ego possesses the common man in a way which fogs reality and gives concepts and ideas to everything which happens in life, so we can say that this mind is tense and frustrated, joyful at times but easily overwhelmed by worry and stress.

This creates fear, conscious or subconscious, which gives man a false sense of experience, mental images of gloom and doom where suffering is all they see as reality; thus, man experiences chaos and negativity, and this brings pessimism and hopelessness in powerful bouts–sometimes long periods of depression and moods which injure the mind in question.

This process of pessimism and hopelessness makes the mind weak and susceptible to all kinds of illnesses–i.e., it lowers the immune system, it stresses the nervous system, it creates cancers, it makes us repellents to better opportunities in life.

That is why the way to health in all aspects, the way of life, is being positive, being optimistic; which is not being attached to a particular outcome but being brave enough to keep a positive and faithful attitude even in the middle of chaos or crisis.

This is indubitably the greatest tool in the arsenal of the strong warrior, because it takes a highly intelligent and strong man to remain positive in the midst of the storm; consequently, knowing that he can indeed survive and come out triumphant is what drives him forward with a true and powerful heart.

Being optimistic is not being naive and closed to reality, but the opposite–being optimistic is having the inner strength to quiet your own ego, your nagging thoughts and feelings tugging at you and making you see the worst scenario possible.   Being optimistic is allowing yourself to actually create your own experience and not allowing your outer environment and what your eyes see to tell you how to feel and lead your life.   To create beauty and good opportunities for yourself in this life, you must be able to envision good things in your mind first; but, furthermore, you must also be able to keep seeing good things in your mind constantly, patiently, faithfully, committedly, because otherwise you are just a mechanical tool of society/of your environment. 

…So, who are you–someone who creates his/her own life, or someone who follows the rabble and mechanically complies with whatever randomly happens…??  …  Think about it deeply for the answer…


“Pessimism leads to weakness, optimism to power.”  ~ William James; American psychologist, philosopher, educator, and writer.


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Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

The Entity Under Shadows.

“I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness because it shows me the stars.”  ~ Og Mandino; American author and businessman.

The Entity of Darkness is not your Enemy.

This is how life gets to be rich and valuable to us:  OppositesHow can you elevate your mind if there are no challenges for you to endure and overcome…??  How can you learn to embrace the wisdom within you if you do not have the ego covering it…??  How can you work harder in your life if you never knew struggle in your life…??

Darkness, Demons, The Devil, Evil, etc.–these are all human concepts describing one unity; like love, peace, harmony, freedom, happiness, etc., is all one unity as well.  We must not get lost in the myriad of human concepts, in order to see and understand what makes us human and capable of becoming better, capable of overcoming great obstacles and adopting a confident and brave character in the face of fear in our unique lives.

Thoughts are powerful energy, light and dark ones, positive and negative ones, the ones of love and the ones of pure ego.  They are all needed to be us and to progress, because human evolution is different for each of us.  And they are what we have as tools every single day, except most people do not see them as mere tools, but they see them as themselves.

This is why most people live in fear and mental and emotional misery and anger, because they think they are these dark thoughts popping up in their consciousness, so they become angry for no logical reason, they protest and become violent towards others, they follow their thoughts and neglect their families and even themselves over their ambitions, they commit all sorts of crimes, they get surgeries and alterations done to their own bodies, etc. etc.
However, even though these dark thoughts are part of our humanity, they are mere mental objects the real you can watch appearing in your awareness.   So, if you indeed watch these dark thoughts popping up or appearing in your consciousness, then you yourself become the watcher, thus the Master.

Once you become the Master, life does not challenge you anymore because it respects your mastery.  Life is ongoing progress, so you still are tested to elevate yourself, but the tests life give you do not deter you because you have now become the Master.

Darkness is not your enemy


Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!


“In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present.”  ~ Francis Bacon; English philosopher, lawyer, statesman, scientist, jurist, orator, and author.


All you see and all you know is here because of darkness, thus light was given its qualities–i.e., warmth, clarity, the enlightening of all reason in the mind, the pleasures of this physical life, human love, etc. etc.–because it sprung from darkness.  This is the duality we have to deal with and enjoy every day of our waking hours, and if it weren’t for this duality the ego-mind wouldn’t have been born, thus we couldn’t exist in physical form, we couldn’t have anything that we know now, think, and feel.

Most people in the world do not realize that which enlightens the mind and frees the human spirit to soar into the skies to be whoever they want to be–i.e., a successful businessperson, a scientist, a service provider of some sort, a wise spiritual teacher, an artist, etc..  Most of humanity escape from their darkness, from their past memories of pain and regret, from looking into themselves and getting in touch with their own subconscious, from the misery and poverty they see around them, from all the ignorant “evil” in the world; but this is life and we have to learn to accept it the way it is, instead of running away from it and put resistance to it.

Light and all goodness in life elevate the human condition, yes; however, is the painful challenges and all darkness in our lives the one essence from which light emerges.  A woman needs a man to birth life, goodness in the heart of man needs darkness in the heart of man, human evolution (governments, societies, commerce, genius of innovation, and so on and so forth) needs opposition to develop itself and raise above its own mediocrity.  It is all meant with divine purpose to always move forward and not backwards, because it is all Oneness (one and the same, just different ends of the same pole, different experiences, different events, different views of the mind).

When you see misery, sadness, chaos, failure, destruction in your own life, it means The Universal Law or God is preparing the terrain for you to become better and excel at whatever you put your mind and heart, but you need to be patient and faithful in the process of this evolution, the new creations and all success in your life will come.  There are no coincidences, all is a divine plan. It is just that our limited minds do not quite understand evolution as it is.
Remember to embrace the darkness in you and in the world you see, for this is the very heart of the divine plan, of Creation.  Do not stress yourself and allow your mind to be seized by fear because of your life in chaos or because you see misery around the world.

Remind yourself that darkness is a necessity for all evolution.


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