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Energy to transform

I think very strongly about why each one of us can achieve what we want. And, even though I do not know you, I know you can too. We all have a past. We all have learned from it–whether learned a little or a lot. So, this past, which was probably very difficult at times, may bring us pain or strength in our minds.

And what this pain and strength mean, in all honesty, is the same energy. Energy that, through self-awareness, you can use to your advantage, to better your overall thinking, feeling, behaving. This is why we have experiences in life.

Into good fuel

Experiences in life are like fuel. You can create good fuel or bad fuel from them. So, let’s realize that we must create good fuel out of our experiences to achieve what we want. Nothing can be really achieved with bad fuel.

You cannot feel love, happiness, success, if you run on bad fuel–if you are depressed, if you feel victimized, if you are angry or frustrated in life. And even other people and better opportunities in life won’t come near you if you allow yourself to run on this bad fuel. So, for a better you, for a better life, the best fuel out of your experiences.


Anatomy and physiology of life Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Transmutation of impressions.

To transform one’s life is a revolution only achieved individually, it is the greatest transmutation of the godly, natural elements residing within one’s soul from gross to pure; and, of course, it is logical to say that transformations within matter exist, for physical life is all about change from the crude into the divine, from low-vibrating-ego existence into higher dimensions of vibrating thought forms: For example, sugar is transformed into alcohol and the latter is then converted into vinegar through the action of fermentation; and so, obviously this is the transformation of a molecular substance.  One knows about the chemical life of elements, for example, when radium is slowly transformed into lead, etc.

Transmutation circle.

Transmutation, transformation, change, adaptation to new forms and ways must become your everyday worship, your very purpose for evolution in life.  And can you truly see why…??  In Gnosis, you must consider the human being to be like a factory with three floors which normally demand or need three types of nourishment:  The first floor is a very important nourishment for your existence, your stomach absorbs what you eat and drink.  Second floor being the air you breathe, your lungs must be properly nourished for the better living and enjoyment of your physical existence.  And third, very important, your brain–its chemistry and overall function must be pristine through positive thinking and the building of impressions based on facts/on truth you can fully trust to elevate your conscience,

The transformation or transmutation of impressions in the human being is essential for the access to the secrets to a better living; thus, the better and higher-vibrating energies introduced into the system, into the human machine, must match the depth and richness of the divine in life.  This calls for a change in lifestyle in every aspect, one such lifestyle away from egoistical views of conformity.  Because if you do not take the lead in your own life, then your understanding of it and of your own situations will be very poor indeed.



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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

The transmutation most pure.

The path to awaken from the slumber of thousands of years is not to fill the mind with knowledge and the experience of others, but it is the transition or passage from living in your mind to becoming acquainted with your emotional body. The body has intelligence, but the mind is only a bundle of memories without intelligence–it is the past and also the imagination of a future. To live in the head is what most people do in the world today, and as a result the same world is chaos–i.e., wars, religious and political division, intolerance, no comprehension of what love really is, etc. etc.

To see this in oneself and change! Change without a second thought or stubbornness. Change without blaming others. This is moving from your head/from your ego to your body/to your pure emotional content. And greater empathy and understanding shall fill your whole being then…

“The transmutation most pure.”

Of the earth I was once born
And to the earth I shall return;
Like the seed deep in the soil,
As the seed forms into a flower–
But what happens in between,
What occurs as my mind develops,
What befalls the blooming flower…??
Under time, self-awareness every hour.

Thus an awakening of the whole human being,
An elevation of the very mind I must be seeing;
For the mind is the greatest challenge to endure,
For Awakening is the transmutation most pure.
From the head to the heart, from ego to spirit,
As I carry my burdens and seek my answers,
It is the manifestation of love without fear,
It is the mystical path which brings cheer.




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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. The free mind of a human god!

Illuminate your conscience.


Sex transmutation is a focusing of sex energy into other channels where it adds immeasurably to one’s power of achievement.  It is not in any way a lessening of sex energy but rather a shifting of that energy into higher conscience, into higher understanding, into ways of wisdom poured into all behaviors.  This is why the world is in such a lost state with wars, prejudice, anger, criminal activity, lies, etc.; for the world does not know sexual transmutation or sex energy transmutation, but its energy is not elevated and purified–i.e., people do not know the terrible things they do, they are overwhelmed by the polluted energy, they use it for terrible darkness.


The great worth and value in living is in the mysteries and lessons yet to uncover and learn, so do not suppose for a second that life is to remain dull and in the same circumstances as right now; for this is the great folly and ignorance veiling the higher conscience of mankind.  Life is evolution and destruction of the old, further development and creation of the new; and what is yet hidden to you–the future relationships, the future situations, the future environmental catastrophes, your future health, etc.–is to be given either light or darkness depending on the divine use of your inner divinity by attention and meditation upon yourself and upon those things which you do.  For if you do not see the importance of meditating and bringing light onto each situation in your life, then who will…??


All your energy is the energy of life, the energy of sex, the energy of eternal existence and physical birth, the energy given to you by the eaten Fruit of Knowledge from Eden, and the energy which lights your conscience; so you must remain self-aware in all you think, feel, and do, you must transmute into higher understanding and wisdom.  Do not allow your dull situations to take you over and bring you down in that abysmal depression, while you forget the higher transmutation of your conscious energy; but be joyous in all you do, hopeful and confident in that light after dark, because the way to reach a better life is to allow the light in your heart to shine ever brighter and reach your very conscience in dutiful meditation, in order for your energy to be cleansed and made purer and see through the veil of your mundane senses.

Transmutation of lower into higher, of misery into joy, of temporal pleasure into eternal happiness, of darkness into light, must be the process akin to breathing; thus, you cannot live without breathing, and you cannot be happy without always transmuting.



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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

The Light in Conscience.


The light of your conscience can only be experienced through self-discipline and creativity, such self-discipline to keep your eyes alert and your heart alive and passionate, such creativity to see through your darkest hours with good cheer and vision.  You cannot allow yourself to fall into depression and obscurity but you must keep your heart beating and your mind sharp, passionate and strong to see beyond your sorrow, beyond your failed attempts and the hurtful memories.  What is the value of a human being if not to find a way to shine in darkness…??


Through Alchemy the ancients transmuted lesser energy of thought into higher energy of thought, a hell into a heaven, misery into joy, weakness into strength, condemnation into salvation; and through self-discipline and creative meditation into oneself one reaches this superior height, and so you have to do the same in your life.  Is there anyone else in the entire universe who deserves it more than you do…??  To whom does your life belong…??

You have no truly blissful life if your mind does not carry self-discipline and creativity, because you have struggle and issues coming up, pain and misery coming up, disappointments and confusion coming up, and you cannot avoid this because you cannot avoid yourself; being human is going through all this, flawed and ignorant, it is falling, hurting yourself, being rejected, ignored, mocked, deceived, “heartbroken”–thus self-discipline and creativity are the ways to endure all this and learn its lesson with dignity and with a sincere smile upon your face.

…Learn to welcome the darkness in you, the struggle in life; thanks to this activity of acceptance you can turn on the light in your conscience and experience a greater love/a greater wisdom…


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