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Isolated and Angry.




Light and Darkness are the same, they make each other one whole–one couldn’t exist without the other.  Pain and joy are the same, just different degrees in this life of experiences.

The mind separates pain and joy, suffering and bliss; and when this happens the mind creates a duality, and you become anxious and frustrated because you compare the experiences.  Love one and hate the other.

People demonize pain, they crucify it, and always escape it like the plague; however, while doing this you are demonizing and crucifying yourself, because you are the duality you created.

Healing is facing whatever experience, whatever sensation or feeling you might be having.  Trying to escape only opens the wound and makes it vaster, stronger, more pungent; thus you become more desperate, traumatized, isolated and angry.





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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Observe The Darkness.




When the mind is rushing, thoughts are churning, anger festering, or anxiety overpowering your thinking, or when your ego is annoyed in any way, a relaxation is required, a whole moment of patience must be taken.

Reacting to your sudden impulses is what makes you volatile, attached to immoral behaviors and thoughtless decisions; and, as long as you keep doing this, you will remain immature and deluding yourself in your life, no matter how young or old you are.

Having a sincere dialogue with yourself, a tranquil and unexcited communication in your mind with yourself, before you react with your sudden outbursts will give you clarity on your decisions and on your daily behaviors.

Ask yourself why you react this way, how to be less rash or impulsive in your thinking, what is the best way to react in a relationship.  The way you think and behave will design your character, your personality; so, if you behave thoughtfully, morally, consciously, then you will be that in your persona and you will illumine your decisions in all aspects in life.


This seems intellectually proper and easy to do, even obvious; however, people do not actually do this in their daily lives though, because they choose to remain unconscious and attached to their old psychological patterns.

They do this as a subconscious way to deny their own darkness, immorality, weaknesses, and what they do not like about themselves.  But the reality is that you cannot evolve into a better human being until you recognize this darkness in yourself and turn it into light.




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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

The Angel of Sun.

The ancients had a very different, spiritual and personal view of The Sun and its mighty light/energy. They recognized that God, that eternal essence of Creation, acted through The Sun; and rightly so, The Sun gives nourishment to our bodies and minds, even though most people forget this as they go about their business.

Nothing could take form, be accomplished, and manifest without The Radiant Sun; and that is why it is one of the most sacred angels. People tend to create their own angels out of people, individuals like them; however, how foolish is this, when that which gives you life should be given the utmost importance in prayer and in all manner of worship and study.


“The Angel of Sun.”

Oh, Angel of Sun, The Power and Force of God,
The bathing energy of The Timeless Mighty One,
It is in the vibrations of The Divine Law of Growth
Where I do keep in earnest love plighted troth.

Oh, Angel of Sun, who defeats the Dark One,
Who commutes with the divine spirit of truth,
You make universal things and creatures whole,
You bring clarity to my mind, heart and soul.

Oh, Angel of Sun, with you I enter The Eternal,
That which has been endowed in my very bones,
That which gives me ancient wisdom without bind;
For you’ve been here since the very dawn of time.

Oh, Angel of Sun, you bathe The Earthly Mother
And bless The Sacred Word of The Holy Father;
Thus your rays are gold and you bring The Fire
Of The Sacred Essence in man’s very own spire.

Oh, Angel of Sun, you guard The Tree of Life
Which lies in the very depths of every man.
And in your very presence all becomes pure,
And in your mighty wisdom I the path endure.




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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

In times of darkness…

The tests of every day must be allowed to open way for the divine light to enter into our lives, into the way we see ourselves and life itself; in this way we become masters instead of slaves chained to environment and the desires and outbursts of others.  And so we are elevated over the daily challenges we face.  Because most of us find it easy to be strong and positive in times of happiness and comfort, but the character of a person cannot be forged and elevated in these mentioned times of joy; the opposite is true, it is in times of struggle and hardship where the gold is, where the messages and lessons are hidden and waiting to be discovered by us.
Moments of darkness, of pain, of terrible loss, have a very important reason for existence in the midst of our lives, do they not…??


I do not believe higher awakening and divinity may happen in any of us if struggle, pain, loss, death, and the rest of these fears are not embraced, befriended, conquered, and surrounded by pure love.  An individual may be caring, utter nice words, mature in age and experiences lived, prayerful, and read many spiritual books, but he/she still might fear loss, death, and the rest, and so become reactive in times of struggle and pain.  He/she then may become of low morals and crooked character, even become mentally, verbally, and/or physically violent with others.  And so we can tell this person does not understand the higher nature of his/her own darkness, can we not…??   No, this person escapes the darkness and run towards the light in his/her ignorance, while he/she hides her real face behind the mask of moderation, intellectual and emotional prowess, and piety that he/she wears in public.

There is no measure which is higher and more meaningful than to be a man or woman who stands alone with power and confidence in moments of difficulty, and who shares his/her wise wealth with others suffering necessity and their own moments of darkness.  It is precisely this then what gives character and power to a person to celebrate the magnificence of life…  Remind yourself then to remain strong and confident in times of pain…



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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. The free mind of a human god!

Illuminate your conscience.


Sex transmutation is a focusing of sex energy into other channels where it adds immeasurably to one’s power of achievement.  It is not in any way a lessening of sex energy but rather a shifting of that energy into higher conscience, into higher understanding, into ways of wisdom poured into all behaviors.  This is why the world is in such a lost state with wars, prejudice, anger, criminal activity, lies, etc.; for the world does not know sexual transmutation or sex energy transmutation, but its energy is not elevated and purified–i.e., people do not know the terrible things they do, they are overwhelmed by the polluted energy, they use it for terrible darkness.


The great worth and value in living is in the mysteries and lessons yet to uncover and learn, so do not suppose for a second that life is to remain dull and in the same circumstances as right now; for this is the great folly and ignorance veiling the higher conscience of mankind.  Life is evolution and destruction of the old, further development and creation of the new; and what is yet hidden to you–the future relationships, the future situations, the future environmental catastrophes, your future health, etc.–is to be given either light or darkness depending on the divine use of your inner divinity by attention and meditation upon yourself and upon those things which you do.  For if you do not see the importance of meditating and bringing light onto each situation in your life, then who will…??


All your energy is the energy of life, the energy of sex, the energy of eternal existence and physical birth, the energy given to you by the eaten Fruit of Knowledge from Eden, and the energy which lights your conscience; so you must remain self-aware in all you think, feel, and do, you must transmute into higher understanding and wisdom.  Do not allow your dull situations to take you over and bring you down in that abysmal depression, while you forget the higher transmutation of your conscious energy; but be joyous in all you do, hopeful and confident in that light after dark, because the way to reach a better life is to allow the light in your heart to shine ever brighter and reach your very conscience in dutiful meditation, in order for your energy to be cleansed and made purer and see through the veil of your mundane senses.

Transmutation of lower into higher, of misery into joy, of temporal pleasure into eternal happiness, of darkness into light, must be the process akin to breathing; thus, you cannot live without breathing, and you cannot be happy without always transmuting.



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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

The Light in Conscience.


The light of your conscience can only be experienced through self-discipline and creativity, such self-discipline to keep your eyes alert and your heart alive and passionate, such creativity to see through your darkest hours with good cheer and vision.  You cannot allow yourself to fall into depression and obscurity but you must keep your heart beating and your mind sharp, passionate and strong to see beyond your sorrow, beyond your failed attempts and the hurtful memories.  What is the value of a human being if not to find a way to shine in darkness…??


Through Alchemy the ancients transmuted lesser energy of thought into higher energy of thought, a hell into a heaven, misery into joy, weakness into strength, condemnation into salvation; and through self-discipline and creative meditation into oneself one reaches this superior height, and so you have to do the same in your life.  Is there anyone else in the entire universe who deserves it more than you do…??  To whom does your life belong…??

You have no truly blissful life if your mind does not carry self-discipline and creativity, because you have struggle and issues coming up, pain and misery coming up, disappointments and confusion coming up, and you cannot avoid this because you cannot avoid yourself; being human is going through all this, flawed and ignorant, it is falling, hurting yourself, being rejected, ignored, mocked, deceived, “heartbroken”–thus self-discipline and creativity are the ways to endure all this and learn its lesson with dignity and with a sincere smile upon your face.

…Learn to welcome the darkness in you, the struggle in life; thanks to this activity of acceptance you can turn on the light in your conscience and experience a greater love/a greater wisdom…


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The free mind of a human god!

Beings of light.

“Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life.”  ~ Buddha.


We are a species of energy and light wrapped in deceiving thought-forms and aging flesh, we are that which illuminates the mind and the cells of our body in order to think and move; however, what is reflected in our mirror, what the physical eyes see is merely the shell, the wrapping of what we truly are.

You can know this for yourself in many ways, by the many expression of the human being, and you can absolutely know and experience this when you truly fall in love.


But even so beyond all romance (which is just a small conduit of love), the expression of love is universal, and it is communicated through many forms–i.e., self-love (the biggest and most important expression, the one upon which the other expressions are based), art forms, kind gestures, protection of other species inhabiting earth, etc.

People tend to see this as human beings having a spirit, instead of the spirit having or allowing the human form to experience life.  And this is the problem in the world today, because people obey their ego-mind thinking it is the main entity, instead of the spirit which is certainly the energy giving life to the ego-mind; however, the ego is merely a thought-form which is bound to birth and death like our aging flesh.

Obeying and following the ego-mind is sure to design the illusion which will separate us from all reality, such reality which leads to bliss and wisdom. 

This is something upon which we all must ponder in order to elevate the mind.



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