The free mind of a human god!

Beings of light.

“Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life.”  ~ Buddha.


We are a species of energy and light wrapped in deceiving thought-forms and aging flesh, we are that which illuminates the mind and the cells of our body in order to think and move; however, what is reflected in our mirror, what the physical eyes see is merely the shell, the wrapping of what we truly are.

You can know this for yourself in many ways, by the many expression of the human being, and you can absolutely know and experience this when you truly fall in love.


But even so beyond all romance (which is just a small conduit of love), the expression of love is universal, and it is communicated through many forms–i.e., self-love (the biggest and most important expression, the one upon which the other expressions are based), art forms, kind gestures, protection of other species inhabiting earth, etc.

People tend to see this as human beings having a spirit, instead of the spirit having or allowing the human form to experience life.  And this is the problem in the world today, because people obey their ego-mind thinking it is the main entity, instead of the spirit which is certainly the energy giving life to the ego-mind; however, the ego is merely a thought-form which is bound to birth and death like our aging flesh.

Obeying and following the ego-mind is sure to design the illusion which will separate us from all reality, such reality which leads to bliss and wisdom. 

This is something upon which we all must ponder in order to elevate the mind.



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