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The Angel of Sun.

They recognized that God, that eternal essence of Creation, acted through The Sun; and rightly so…

The ancients had a very different, spiritual and personal view of The Sun and its mighty light/energy. They recognized that God, that eternal essence of Creation, acted through The Sun; and rightly so, The Sun gives nourishment to our bodies and minds, even though most people forget this as they go about their business.

Nothing could take form, be accomplished, and manifest without The Radiant Sun; and that is why it is one of the most sacred angels. People tend to create their own angels out of people, individuals like them; however, how foolish is this, when that which gives you life should be given the utmost importance in prayer and in all manner of worship and study.


“The Angel of Sun.”

Oh, Angel of Sun, The Power and Force of God,
The bathing energy of The Timeless Mighty One,
It is in the vibrations of The Divine Law of Growth
Where I do keep in earnest love plighted troth.

Oh, Angel of Sun, who defeats the Dark One,
Who commutes with the divine spirit of truth,
You make universal things and creatures whole,
You bring clarity to my mind, heart and soul.

Oh, Angel of Sun, with you I enter The Eternal,
That which has been endowed in my very bones,
That which gives me ancient wisdom without bind;
For you’ve been here since the very dawn of time.

Oh, Angel of Sun, you bathe The Earthly Mother
And bless The Sacred Word of The Holy Father;
Thus your rays are gold and you bring The Fire
Of The Sacred Essence in man’s very own spire.

Oh, Angel of Sun, you guard The Tree of Life
Which lies in the very depths of every man.
And in your very presence all becomes pure,
And in your mighty wisdom I the path endure.




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