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In times of darkness…

The tests of every day must be allowed to open way for the divine light to enter into our lives, into the way we see ourselves and life itself; in this way we become masters instead of slaves chained to environment and the desires and outbursts of others.  And so we are elevated over the daily challenges we face.  Because most of us find it easy to be strong and positive in times of happiness and comfort, but the character of a person cannot be forged and elevated in these mentioned times of joy; the opposite is true, it is in times of struggle and hardship where the gold is, where the messages and lessons are hidden and waiting to be discovered by us.
Moments of darkness, of pain, of terrible loss, have a very important reason for existence in the midst of our lives, do they not…??


I do not believe higher awakening and divinity may happen in any of us if struggle, pain, loss, death, and the rest of these fears are not embraced, befriended, conquered, and surrounded by pure love.  An individual may be caring, utter nice words, mature in age and experiences lived, prayerful, and read many spiritual books, but he/she still might fear loss, death, and the rest, and so become reactive in times of struggle and pain.  He/she then may become of low morals and crooked character, even become mentally, verbally, and/or physically violent with others.  And so we can tell this person does not understand the higher nature of his/her own darkness, can we not…??   No, this person escapes the darkness and run towards the light in his/her ignorance, while he/she hides her real face behind the mask of moderation, intellectual and emotional prowess, and piety that he/she wears in public.

There is no measure which is higher and more meaningful than to be a man or woman who stands alone with power and confidence in moments of difficulty, and who shares his/her wise wealth with others suffering necessity and their own moments of darkness.  It is precisely this then what gives character and power to a person to celebrate the magnificence of life…  Remind yourself then to remain strong and confident in times of pain…



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