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Isolated and Angry.




Light and Darkness are the same, they make each other one whole–one couldn’t exist without the other.  Pain and joy are the same, just different degrees in this life of experiences.

The mind separates pain and joy, suffering and bliss; and when this happens the mind creates a duality, and you become anxious and frustrated because you compare the experiences.  Love one and hate the other.

People demonize pain, they crucify it, and always escape it like the plague; however, while doing this you are demonizing and crucifying yourself, because you are the duality you created.

Healing is facing whatever experience, whatever sensation or feeling you might be having.  Trying to escape only opens the wound and makes it vaster, stronger, more pungent; thus you become more desperate, traumatized, isolated and angry.





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Anatomy and physiology of life Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

The Origin of Creation.

By living one’s moment in full, energetically and with determination, the present and the future may be reconciled, befriended, united in harmony.

Because the problem is that by being worried, stressed, anxious about an outcome or future, we are unknowingly dividing the present from the future–i.e., I ignore my present and imagine a future or possible scenario, and this duality brings some form of disorder and chaos in the mental plane.

This game of mental representation or imagination is truly pointless, because it steals you from the actual origin of the creation of a better future–i.e., the eternal moment you live now.  You unawares choose one false scenario and leave aside the real one.  How can this help you…??

In just a few instances this imagination, this mental representation can indeed help you prepare for a future or become acquainted with something that may indeed happen; however, most of the time, this is pointless, because the origin of the future is not the future but the present lived thoroughly aware.

Obsession, anxiety, excitement, attachment, expectation for something not yet here can have its poisonous effects on your very biology, not just on your psychological and emotional states but on your immune system as well.  All stress in time can turn out to be lethal.


The best thing you can do is to remain aware and planted on your moment, caring about what you do in the Now, working the best you can to build yourself and your life from the origin of Creation itself.

Beauty is in all things, from birth to death, from sunny days to an apocalypse, because beauty is the change which is brought by Natural Law; and this change creates evolution in existence, which goes far beyond the physical, of course. 
But for the human mind to respect and see the beauty in everything, the activities of someone’s rigid ego have to be realized, and in order to do this the mind must be clear of confusion, strict rules, dogmas, personal views and opinions, it must expand and reconcile with the whole of existence. 

For this, the mind must stay in the moment, reconcile with the Now, remain aware of what is currently happening–the experience whether pleasant or not. 🙏


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Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

The Very Ungodly Hour.

…So, man and woman were created, two essences from one, a very psychic and sexual duality, two extremes of the same pole in need of divine balance.   The temptations and The Gates of Hell were opened, there, unveiled for the eyes to see and the heart to feel; therefore, the world descended into the Third Dimension of suffering and ignorance–i.e., the dimension of Euclid, the dimension of the vain senses of the physical, the infernal and unconscious worlds, etc.

And so, the divine was lost to humanity…

The Very Ungodly Hour.”

First was Adam and he alone,
O, the divine, masculine form;
Then Eve was light from the first man,
She was his way to the divine plan.
The circle was beginning and He knew it,
The Elohim the sexual essence had split.
There was love, purity, virtue, ascension;
For The Eden was our Fourth Dimension.
But the land was cursed and man fell,
The Great Serpent had weaved the spell;
So the mind knew The Peak of Sex now,
The Devil was summoned somehow.

The world was unconscious, away from God;
For man and woman were wicked and proud.
The Sacred Cup of Hermes had been spilled,
Thus man and woman were never fulfilled.
The Seven Churches within man were lost,
The Sexual Science to the Inferno tossed.
Man had descended to The Third Dimension,
He had blasphemed without comprehension.
The Waters of The Earth are the Creative Power,
But The Veil is thick in The Very Ungodly Hour.
Does not the drunk animal need sobriety…??
Yes, the unconscious mind to wake up in piety.




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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

When you see it.

A world with magic, happiness, love, freedom to be ourselves, unique and creative.  Isn’t that what we all, at some level in our different ways, seek…??  And it seems far away, even impossible, doesn’t it…??  But what if you held the power though…??

People create their own hell and fall trap of their own blinding fear.  The divine in them cannot find a way to fill their minds with love and understanding if all it finds buried deep in the psyche is sadness, or contempt, or feelings of mistrust, or arrogance, or the sort of darkness which brings selfish addictions and vain thoughtlessness.  But none of us is doomed to the lower self, to dwell in negativity and worthlessness; but to rise and see what is beyond our ego and above our negative thinking, we have to accept that we cannot know everything, we have to accept that there are forces we have to trust–namely forces of nature.  What are these forces of nature…??   We may give them various names perhaps, but one that sticks to us as human beings above all others is Love.  This is real magic!  The universe runs on magic!  It is magic then because this is a force that exists inside each atom, eternally, throughout all, around us and in us, and as source of life itself; and all evil, misconduct, fear, misery, is because of love–it springs or branches out from it.

Our minds create the duality, but still the magic reigns.  But have you seen how a smile, kindness, goodness, thoughtfulness, attracts…??  It unites.  Magic creates, unites.  But in order to be love, rise in love, patiently find a partner, become this connective tissue of eternal friendship, you must rise to the challenge, believe in love, trust it–even though you may feel worthless or miserable, rise to this challenge.  Be magic, which means believe you are magic; just because you are–and your mind is the only one which does not truly know what you are, it might know concepts and philosophies but it doesn’t fully grasp your magic.  So, you must be ready at all times to smile, to be kind and gentle, to see the good in the bad, to turn a bad mood into a good mood, and to remain faithful in the midst of your own mind’s negligence.

Believing in magic, like when you were a child before all the corruption and dullness of adulthood filled your mind, is the only way to be magic, to be love and understand that there are forces in nature you must trust. Whether you seek a partner, a better financial situation, a better understanding, a more creative and positive personality, you must be magic first; allow love to rise in you by doing all those things that get you closer to love. Practice until you become it!



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Anatomy and physiology of life Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!


There are two sides of being human, aren’t they…??  There is Yin and Yang.  There is dark and light.  There is your opinion and that of others, and plain truth.  There is fear and its machinations, and there is pure love which only obeys to truth and facts.  Now, one thing to understand is that the only reason the world is in turmoil, in chaos, violent, fearful, and the rest, is because people live in the dream.  And what is the dream…??  The dream is the state of their minds, it is like a veil which covers their eyes in such a way in which they cannot see the truth, they cannot see for themselves, so they feel the need to follow others and claim to know the truth by popularity.
Since billions of people believe in this, society does this, books all teach this, the media says this, everybody eats this, then I will join in and follow, thus claim this truth for myself and choose to be free.  Choose to be free…??  So, what is freedom…??  Is it something you choose…??  Choice is of the mind, of the ego, isn’t it…??  Because freedom is truth, like the Sun’s rays give energy day and night and keep all life living and growing–i.e., the Sun’s rays are free and real whether you believe in them or not.  See, it is not about right or wrong, but about truth.  Being right or wrong are concepts society teaches and conditioned in the mind of the human being; however, this is an illusion, only truth exists–i.e., the eternal, pure love, facts which can enlighten someone’s life.
When someone leads his life by truth, not by right or wrong, then that someone is Enlightened, a Buddha, a Christ, truly free to choose health, to choose the right partner, to choose the right philosophies, etc. etc.  This is freedom.  So freedom is not a condition of your mind, like true love is not a condition of your mind, like truth is not a condition of your mind–i.e., your mind only knows duality, light and dark, right or wrong, agree or disagree.  Stepping out of your mind then there is a place, which is not biased or conditioned, which is not a program or a memory; and this place is where one can know freedom, and where there is no ego.  This is why freedom and truth and pure love cannot be accessed by your mind, because they go beyond mind, they go beyond duality and its machinations.
When you live every day, in every aspect of your life, based on this truth you are free, and when you are free you are Enlightened, truly Awakened.  Enlightenment is to see!  Enlightenment is seeing the truth and becoming the truth–in the way you think daily, in the way you eat, in the way you behave, you are able to be love and rise ever in love–i.e., you understand daily the difference between love and desire, and between intellect and intelligence, and between imagination and truth.


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Anatomy and physiology of life Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Are you suffering…??

Whatever suffering you are going through right now, whatever issue you have, whatever memory pains you, it feels so deep and constant, buried into your thoughts and overwhelming your whole body as you bring memory of it, because in reality there is no separation; but it is your ego, your intellect, the one which tells you to run away from it or to fill your life with ways to ignore it, which thus builds the illusion of being two–i.e., you and suffering.  This is why life is experienced as duality and Oneness seems to be just a nice concept; for thought, the ego, makes it all dual in order for us to choose between two, form different human relationships, and see differences in this physical world.

But underneath the myriad of structures of this world, underneath your joy and your suffering, there is only one essence which is the experience, neither positive nor negative… just an experience… just an experience your ego chooses to translate into joy or suffering… and which becomes the dual experience of your humanity… the differences you think and feel every single day…
Being human means duality, which is moments of joy and moments of pain, pure and impure thoughts, feelings of confidence and feelings of worthlessness; and so, all these are us, are part of our humanity.  And because it is part of our humanity this dual process, then we must embrace and acknowledge whatever we go through, not ignore it or escape it.  But we must welcome it and accept it, not dwell in it and not relive it over and over again; so, you are to feel it, explore that feeling, accept, and move on with your life, and for that you MUST forgive yourself and others.


Two are One.  One and the same.  When you run away from something you feel, for example suffering, you run away or ignore yourself; and because of this deep process of neglect upon yourself by yourself, then suffering comes back strong and never leaves you–i.e, as a form of self-punishment or self-slavery, one may say. 

But instead of ignoring or running away from it, you must acknowledge and accept, just be, welcome it and do not react to whatever you feel… because in time you will feel the Oneness in you… because in time your mind and your body will become one and you will not suffer what before troubled you so… because in time you will embrace the love of acceptance and your mind will stop dwelling on past memories while resisting to leave…


“Buddhism teaches us not to try to run away from suffering.  You have to confront suffering.  You have to look deeply into the nature of suffering in order to recognize its cause, the making of the suffering.”  ~ Thich Nhat Hanh.


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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Freedom from the enemy.

Is the word, opinion, judgement, or idea which appears in the mind, the actual experience…?? Does a word have reality which can actually hurt you, or is it a word a form of duality from what is actually happening…?? How can anyone really be free and independent if one does not meditate on this deeply…??

Words are powerful constructs in the mind, mechanical, patterns of conditioning mostly; especially negative words which condemn or judge, because these words analyze experiences as they might go for us, as they might be for us, and not experiences as they really are–i.e., “She will break up with me,” “I won’t be good enough,” “I will faint in front of them,” “I will get sick,” “I am not awakened enough to become that,” and so on and so forth.  All thoughts not based on reality.


But all words, negative and positive, are of time, are they not…??  They either describe the past or the future.  You are looking at a flower, you see its colors, its form, you feel mystically enthralled by it or not; so, then comes thought, a word or phrase which says “It is a beautiful flower” or “It is a horrible flower.”  But as soon as these words come into the mind, you are distancing yourself from the actual experience, the actual Now moment, you are labeling the experience as you wish, you are focused on the words and not on the actual substance which connects you to the flower–namely love, which is pure silence.

Words judge for good or bad, they create a description which is not the actual experience; there is an image of the flower in your mind now, that image attracts you to the flower’s form or it repulses you.


This is how all fear, and its many forms of attachment, is born, by a thought which judges and creates a distance between this same word and the actual experience which does not need words.

But by just observing fear, without judging or naming it, you go beyond it, beyond thought, beyond time itself; consequently, you dwell in this silence of the mind which is beyond thought, and this silence is rich, vital, energizing, dynamic, without judgement of any kind, where there is ABSOLUTE freedom from fear–unlike any concept of freedom the intellect or the ego understands.

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“Fear is the main source of superstition, and one of the main sources of cruelty. To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom.” ~ Bertrand Russell; British philosopher, logician, mathematician, historian, writer, social critic, political activist, and Nobel laureate.


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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

In perfect balance…

In our society is easy to see the two conditions of life divided in the human being, such conditions which are The Divine Feminine and The Divine Masculine; therefore, we see purely intellectuals, purely emotional and spirituals, purely greedy and obsessed, purely religious and indifferent from the world, etc. etc.  We see men with stubborn minds of knowledge who work hard and remain distanced from their own emotions.  We see women who only have romance and the desire to have kids in their minds.  All this is the very fragmentation of the mind, from which all suffering and differences arise in the world.


Wars, for example, are started due to greed and hatred, fear born in insecure minds; insecure intellects which create war for financial purposes and to establish power as a nation or group.  This is the intellect of man/the ego of man guiding the individual.  When either one, the intellect or the emotions guide humankind we are unbalanced, we are dual, we are attached to suffering and pleasure; thus, the never-ending roller coaster of the unawakened individual, where true happiness cannot exist.  This not maturity, for maturity is to balance both, the intellect and the heart, the ego and the emotion. As Buddha says, ‘The Middle Way.’ Balance.

“Maturity is the ability to think, speak and act your feelings within the bounds of dignity.  The measure of your maturity is how spiritual you become during the midst of your frustrations.” ~ Samuel Ullman; American businessman, poet, and humanitarian.


We are beings which carry both substances, which in reality are one; but thought, which lives in time and names everything, comes along and says “Feminine” or “Masculine”, and so we choose because thought also says “One is weaker” “The other stronger.”

But the human mind, if it is to elevate itself to the heights of all illumination, must embrace both and merge as one, accept the role of both intellectual and emotional, of analysis and heart.  Only this balance, this divine merging, this enlightening Oneness, can bring about peace and harmony in the mind and reflect an outer world of equal peace and harmony.



True transmutation is the balance of the two,
The balance of the two is the wellness of life;
This is the wisdom of the ages which were,
Such which lives in the Light of Conscience.

Without light man dwells in darkness,
Without seeing man seeks and seeks;
With pride in the search he fills himself–
Doesn’t he know that he has no eyes…??

Eternal children of both raised by one,
The One became the two and it began;
The miraculous purpose is laid unto him,
As the pendulum swings about his life.

The Source be man, man be the Source,
As the many be one, one be the many;
Rose from darkness to all of society be,
To find the balance which is the true way to be.


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