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When you see it.

A world with magic, happiness, love, freedom to be ourselves, unique and creative. Isn’t that what we all, at some level in our different ways, seek…??…

A world with magic, happiness, love, freedom to be ourselves, unique and creative.  Isn’t that what we all, at some level in our different ways, seek…??  And it seems far away, even impossible, doesn’t it…??  But what if you held the power though…??

People create their own hell and fall trap of their own blinding fear.  The divine in them cannot find a way to fill their minds with love and understanding if all it finds buried deep in the psyche is sadness, or contempt, or feelings of mistrust, or arrogance, or the sort of darkness which brings selfish addictions and vain thoughtlessness.  But none of us is doomed to the lower self, to dwell in negativity and worthlessness; but to rise and see what is beyond our ego and above our negative thinking, we have to accept that we cannot know everything, we have to accept that there are forces we have to trust–namely forces of nature.  What are these forces of nature…??   We may give them various names perhaps, but one that sticks to us as human beings above all others is Love.  This is real magic!  The universe runs on magic!  It is magic then because this is a force that exists inside each atom, eternally, throughout all, around us and in us, and as source of life itself; and all evil, misconduct, fear, misery, is because of love–it springs or branches out from it.

Our minds create the duality, but still the magic reigns.  But have you seen how a smile, kindness, goodness, thoughtfulness, attracts…??  It unites.  Magic creates, unites.  But in order to be love, rise in love, patiently find a partner, become this connective tissue of eternal friendship, you must rise to the challenge, believe in love, trust it–even though you may feel worthless or miserable, rise to this challenge.  Be magic, which means believe you are magic; just because you are–and your mind is the only one which does not truly know what you are, it might know concepts and philosophies but it doesn’t fully grasp your magic.  So, you must be ready at all times to smile, to be kind and gentle, to see the good in the bad, to turn a bad mood into a good mood, and to remain faithful in the midst of your own mind’s negligence.

Believing in magic, like when you were a child before all the corruption and dullness of adulthood filled your mind, is the only way to be magic, to be love and understand that there are forces in nature you must trust. Whether you seek a partner, a better financial situation, a better understanding, a more creative and positive personality, you must be magic first; allow love to rise in you by doing all those things that get you closer to love. Practice until you become it!



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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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