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This is why freedom and truth and pure love cannot be accessed by your mind, because they go beyond mind, they go beyond duality and its machinations…

There are two sides of being human, aren’t they…??  There is Yin and Yang.  There is dark and light.  There is your opinion and that of others, and plain truth.  There is fear and its machinations, and there is pure love which only obeys to truth and facts.  Now, one thing to understand is that the only reason the world is in turmoil, in chaos, violent, fearful, and the rest, is because people live in the dream.  And what is the dream…??  The dream is the state of their minds, it is like a veil which covers their eyes in such a way in which they cannot see the truth, they cannot see for themselves, so they feel the need to follow others and claim to know the truth by popularity.
Since billions of people believe in this, society does this, books all teach this, the media says this, everybody eats this, then I will join in and follow, thus claim this truth for myself and choose to be free.  Choose to be free…??  So, what is freedom…??  Is it something you choose…??  Choice is of the mind, of the ego, isn’t it…??  Because freedom is truth, like the Sun’s rays give energy day and night and keep all life living and growing–i.e., the Sun’s rays are free and real whether you believe in them or not.  See, it is not about right or wrong, but about truth.  Being right or wrong are concepts society teaches and conditioned in the mind of the human being; however, this is an illusion, only truth exists–i.e., the eternal, pure love, facts which can enlighten someone’s life.
When someone leads his life by truth, not by right or wrong, then that someone is Enlightened, a Buddha, a Christ, truly free to choose health, to choose the right partner, to choose the right philosophies, etc. etc.  This is freedom.  So freedom is not a condition of your mind, like true love is not a condition of your mind, like truth is not a condition of your mind–i.e., your mind only knows duality, light and dark, right or wrong, agree or disagree.  Stepping out of your mind then there is a place, which is not biased or conditioned, which is not a program or a memory; and this place is where one can know freedom, and where there is no ego.  This is why freedom and truth and pure love cannot be accessed by your mind, because they go beyond mind, they go beyond duality and its machinations.
When you live every day, in every aspect of your life, based on this truth you are free, and when you are free you are Enlightened, truly Awakened.  Enlightenment is to see!  Enlightenment is seeing the truth and becoming the truth–in the way you think daily, in the way you eat, in the way you behave, you are able to be love and rise ever in love–i.e., you understand daily the difference between love and desire, and between intellect and intelligence, and between imagination and truth.


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By thegodwithinblog

“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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